By: Jennie M.
Momentum Janitorial
Let me first put out the disclaimer that when we were taking bids for the commercial office cleaning at our Irvine and Anaheim locations that Momentum Janitorial was not our first choice. Simply put we had an agenda from the finance dept to cut cost and go with the lowest price which is what we did and that's why we didn't originally choose Momentum. What a HUGE mistake and if I can help anyone avoid the same issues we went through that would be great. The adage goes you get what you pay for and it couldn't have been more true from our experience with choosing the cheapest vendor. Everything from not showing up the first day, excuses, bad cleaning, old and broken down supplies, to just poor attitude. We finally had enough and decided to give Momentum Janitorial a try and it has been a complete reversal. This company while not the cheapest they are professional, responsive, courteous, and they do a wonderful job cleaning both of our locations. I would give them a 5 star but i docked a star for pricing. Bottom line is if your tired of janitorial companies that give half an effort tnhen call these guys and you won't regret it.
By: Caroline L.
Momentum Janitorial
I was very turned off by the whole process of hiring and firing janitorial companies after going through 5 companies in 2 years. We had originally received a proposal from Momentum Janitorial about 1.5 years before hiring them but we were told from the higher ups to go with the cheapest price. Finally now having learned our lesson we reached out to Momentum Janitorial and they were not only quick to respond but very professional and easy to deal with. They seemed very confident and proud of their work and it showed through their enthusiasm. After meeting with them again we decided to go with them even though they were a little higher then what we were paying before. I usually don't write reviews but I felt it was the right thing to do here and I am very thankful for all the hard work they have been doing for us over the past 8 months. It's been 8 months since they took over the cleaning at our office and our office looks as good as it did when they started. I love Momentum Janitorial they are hard working, honest, reliable, and they really do care about their work and we are happy to have them.
By: Josephine H.
Momentum Janitorial
When our long serving commercial office cleaner decided to retire and close his office cleaning company it had been more than 12 years since we needed to look for a janitorial service for our Irvine office. We were able to find Momentum Janitorial because they service the building next to us. We also took a few quotes from other commercial janitorial companies but Momentum just stood out from the rest due to their professionalism and enthusiasm with how they handled the process. We've had Momentum now for 5 months and the service has been excellent. We have quite a large facility so while issues do come up from time to time they are usually minor issues and the management team at Momentum does a wonderful job taking care of those right away. Very pleased with their janitorial services!
By: Esmeralda F.
Momentum Janitorial
We have a medium size 55,000 sq.ft office building in Irvine that requires daily cleaning. We recently choose Momentum to take over the janitorial operations and we were quite pleased with them over the entire process from the walk thru all the way to delivering on the first day which they called the initial cleaning. My only complaint would be that they brought in 6 staff members the first night and still were not able to get the job done. I understand that the cleaning had been neglected for some time but they said they would bring it up the first night and they did not. In all fairness though there was a lot of work to be done including carpet cleaning and windows and they did finish the next day. Other than that they are reliable and provide a quality professional service.
By: Laurie B.
Janex Office Cleaning Services
We stumbled upon Janex Cleaning Services online while looking to replace our current janitorial service who we've had for way too long and just never got around to letting go. I have to say getting a proposal from them was quite easy all we did was filled out their online quote form and John contacted us with a few questions about the size of the building and how many employees we had but within a couple days we had a professional proposal and the price was very competitive. We are very happy with the entire process and have now been working with this company for over 2 months and have no issues. If your looking for a new commercial cleaning company for your office you can do a lot worse than this company. Thank you Janex Cleaning Services keep up the good work!
By: Henry J.
Momentum Janitorial
We are very happy with the service that Momentum Janitorial provides us. They come in nightly Monday to Friday and provide a full office cleaning. We have about 80 staff members here and our office is about 50,000 sqft and they do a fantastic job of keeping it looking clean day in and day out. There are tons of commercial office cleaning companies on here and we know because we've been through half of them. If your like us and your tired of going through janitorial companies every 6 months and instead your looking for a company that hires good people, takes pride in their work, and a management team that is pro-active then you should hire this company they are really good at what they do!
By: Isabelle F.
Momentum Janitorial
We are extremely happy with the quality of service that Momentum Janitorial provides. But for us it's not just the office cleaning services but their overall approach on how they run their company that has really left an impression on all of us here. They seem to genuinely like what they do and the management team is as experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable about cleaning offices as any vendor we've had walk through these doors since I've been here. We are extremely happy and grateful to finally have a professional commercial office cleaning company that truly cares and does what it says it will do. Good work Momentum keep it up!
By: Carolina G.
Janex Office Cleaning Services
We've gone through a few commercial office cleaning companies over the past two years and have learned that we need to be more selective on who we hire.We couldn't be more pleased with Janex Cleaning Services and the service they provide. From start to finish they have been wonderful. We filled out their online quote form and immediately received a response and not too long after that we got our proposal. They come in every night to clean our office and haven't missed a day. Very pleased with this company Janex Cleaning Services, Thank You and keep it up!
By: Jonathan M.
Momentum Janitorial
We have 3 facilities throughout Orange County and Momentum Janitorial does a very good job providing us with the office cleaning for each location. Some issues do come up from time to time but I guess that's just unavoidable on such a large scale. I must say we do appreciate the effort that's put forth by the management at Momentum Janitorial whenever something does come up and we are impressed with the quality of staff they have provided for us. Hands down one of the better commercial office cleaning companies we've dealt with.
By: Joseph F.
Momentum Janitorial
As the person responsible for securing the office cleaning and janitorial services for our office I am also the one getting all the complaints from my coworkers when the cleaners don't do their jobs. Ever since we have hired momentum janitorial those complaints have now turned to compliments and our office has never looked better. We are very pleased with the quality of service and attention to detail from the cleaning staff and the overall professionalism and enthusiasm with which the management carries itself.

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