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By: Steven N.
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
An Inglewood school is one of the top 10 independent charter campuses among more than 800 statewide, according to a report released last week by USC. The USC School Performance Dashboard, put out by the university's Center on Educational Governance, is a comprehensive report on the performance of charter schools. In its fifth year, the report ranks schools on 12 indicators, including financial resources and investment, school quality, student performance and academic productivity. Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter was highlighted as the 10th of 10 top charter schools, as measured by the highest combined ratings. It was the only school singled out from Los Angeles County, which has the greatest concentration of charter schools in the country. The largely African-American school is a K-8 campus that opened in 2003. The school is on North La Brea Avenue.
By: chesterr254
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
I am a parent (a very involved parent) with two children attending Wilders Prep. I highly recommend Wilders. I get a real sense of community and close net-ness (if that's a word) from the students and founders. As with all great things comes challenges and if I had to give the school a challenge it would be the administration. The administration has not quite gotten their groove. I simply adore my teachers this year, and for my grades I have not seen any turnover. My best advise for someone interested in Wilders is to look at the surroundings and you will see this is a 'diamond in the rough'. Stay involved and make sure your concerns are heard and addressed. Overall every opportunity I get to share my joy I do!
By: sylviaa114
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
Wilder's Prep is one of the best inner city options available to our students. The founders are hands on and extremely concerned about the future of the students , teachers and parents. all concerns are addressed. Parent participation is critical to the success of the school. I have heard some parents complain, I was one of those parents, but I became very involved. It makes a difference. the founders are open to all suggestions and extremely thankful for all of the parents that are involved. Get involved and it will make all the difference for the student, teacher and the school. Make a difference get involved in a great program. the school provides a great education.
By: oleonardo393
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
My child attended Tender Care preschool and then Wilders kindegarten. She started at the age of two and now she is six years old. I have been very happy with the qaulity of education to this point. The teachers have been excellent. My child and many of her classmates are working above grade level. However, WPAC does not have enough extracurricular activities and has very limited outdoor space. The high staff turnover has been frustrating. These are the primary reasons why my child will not be returning. Even still, your child at Wilders will meet and even exceed state standards. It's up to the parents to provide the rest!
By: aderek261
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
I love this school, my daughter is now in the first grade, also attended kindergarten here and is doing great. I can see the difference in her and some of my friend's kids. We as parents must take an active roll in their home work, and for me it's like I'm back in school again because of the home work she has this year. They have had at least four book reports, and when talking with other parents their kids don't even know what a book report is. To me, this preparation for them will pay off in the future. Keep up the good work Wilders.
By: fsdgf659595
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
My children have both been a part of the Wilder's program since Pre-K, and I do love the commitment that the Wilder's show to the students. There is room for improvement in area's like extracurricular activities, sports programs and teacher turnover. If we could get to the bottom of these issues, it would be a wonderful environment for the students to have a well rounded experience. Many parents are not able to be at the school often because of work requirements, but involvement of any kind is significant.
By: Nmilton117@yahoo.com R.
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
Everyone is provided with a handbook at orientation even before the kids attend their first class, and yet there will always be someone who violates the dress code and feigns ignorance, or doesn’t turn in homework, or can’t seem to understand the code of conduct. To those who complain that too great an emphasis is placed on standardized testing, if the children learn nothing more than what was being tested, they'd still learn a great deal more than children in other schools.
By: mitch14
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
Great school with great curriculum and a great atmosphere. I have 3 children that attend Wilder's and they love this school. Just like any place it has it's issues that are addressed quickly and with passion. If you want a place that will barely watch your kids, much less educate them, put them in just any old public school. If you are looking for a place that has an extremely active and intelligent curriculum then Wilder's is perfect for you.
By: raya907
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
This my daughter's second year at Wilder's and we absolutely love it! The founders are the best and they have been very successful in providing an enriching environment, both academically and socially. The staff is very helpful and involved with the students. Discipline, and respect is demanded and it is immediately observed when on the campus. The teachers are always available to discuss concerns and willing to help in anyway necessary.
By: ameliaa731
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter
Wilder's Prep is a good school. I think that the rules that are set in place as far as dress code and conduct make our children/the students better off. I do not have to worry about my son getting into senseless fist fights as I would for other schools in area, so I am glad, and my child has achieved in much being that the academic environment is very focused and it is expected for students to learn by the community

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