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By: greeneggz
This is an Indian Middle-Eastern grocery store. Owners are from southern India.This is a great store for those stocking up on bulk quantities of things you'd find in small packages at Kroger / Marsh, or can't find at all.Durum wheat flour: If you're into making home-made noodles or pasta, you'll want to buy this yellow flour in 10, 20 or 25 pound bags. It comes in regular or whole wheat varieties. Durum is _the_ wheat for pasta, and it's expensive or hard to find at Marsh / Kroger. Due to the high turnover, you'll also find it fresher here than at Kroger / Marsh.If you want to showcase your home-made bread, try making it with yellow Durum flour. It will really stand out. Basmati rice: don't buy the expensive 1 or 2 pound bags at Kroger / Marsh. If you're a fan, get the 10, 20, 25 pound bags. I forget if they have Thai Jasmnine rice or not. Probably do.Spices: great prices on bulk spices, that you can find at Kroger / Marsh in bulk. Things like ginger powder, cinnamon, cardamon, curry, etc.
By: indybeacon
Adel Gyros
I ordered a gyro, shawarma, a Greek salad, baklava, and spanakopita. I have tried a lot of this kind of food In cities across the country so I've gotten kind of finicky. I was impressed! The Greek salad is probably the best in Indianapolis or surrounding areas. I might've added more tomatoes cucumbers and green peppers to it but it was wonderful as a side salad. It's probably the dressing which was absolutely fantastic And the salad was cold and crisp. The gyro was wonderful, the spanakopita was fresh and the baklava was different. it had peanuts in it which I was surprised that I liked. This guy is proud of his business and takes pride in what he does and offers great service. Not a fancy place but darn good food! Lots of great flavors!
By: greeneggz
Gyro Stop
Kind of Greek/Middle Eastern restaurant in a fast-food footprint. I like their gyros and shawarma. Nice mom-and-pop family-run place. The family is from the middle-east.Pretty clean. Ambience is self-serve fast food type, with self-serve soft-drinks, utensils and napkins. The food seems authentic. Though they do include a lot of American staples too, like burgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, NY dogs, Chicago dogs, fries, chicken wings, various fried fish, fried shrimp, subs, etc.This is a good change-of-pace from the fast-food restaurants along West 86th street.The same family owns "Gyro N Kabob" at 3681 West 86th, corner of Michigan Road. I like Gyro N Kabob better as they have a lunch buffet.
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By: Michelle G.
I work for this rallys and am the main nite shift manager and just wanna say that many things have changed at this store in the last few months as far as store managers n everything n the store is much better for customers n employees as well and the level of professionalism is much better than when i first started!! So if anyone has a problem on my shift we will fix it because the customer is always rite!! N i believe in that and am passing that philosophy on to my crew! So come check us out n see the difference from back in the day!!
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By: sharpjudy
This restaurant is also always busy, but they keep the lines moving and the employees seem happy to serve. The traffic cop helps in getting you out so you can be on your merry way. I took my 90+ yr. old dad here for lunch recently and the employees were very helpful when I needed help with our tray and getting Dad to a table. Seems like a good restaurant to me.
By: Betty J.
I was very disappointed because they weren't open at 5:30 a.m. I had to go somewhere else and it was a waste of my time. I went again the next morning and the worker said the computers were down and then she said they were closed; so she lied! During that time, they lost business, because 5 cars pulled up when I was there. They are so unprofessional!
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By: Maria K.
Gyro Stop
The service was EXCELLENT. Extremely nice, extremely helpful, offered several things on the house to try out, and just had a great positive attitude. Food was quite delicious: tasty and spicy upon request, big servings, and good deals. Definitely recommend if interested in authentic middle Eastern cuisines
By: piscestylist
Sam's Gyros
i have been dining at sam's for years! i didn't know there was an actual "sam" until i met him. the food is always delicious and alot of it is homemade. the saganaki is cheese heaven. moderately priced and friendly staff make this a great SO BRO destination. keep up the good work!!!!
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By: Deanthony C.
Church's Chicken
I have a great experience at the cash register. I'm a proud helper and I can help everyone I never give up on what I do. I am a student at arsenal technical highschool but I'm only a freshman, I'm 15 years old and wanting to do anything you tell me to.
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By: Brandon B.
Dairy Queen
Thompson road Dairy Queen has highly improved in service in the last couple months, Service is most fortunate with a young gentlemen named "Brandon" he has a very upbeat attitude and he always try's his best along with the rest of the staff!!!

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