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By: prkhawk
J & L Wells Services and Well Pump Repair
On a Friday night @ 9:00pm my water went out. Upon leaving a voice mail with J&L, I had no real confidence that I would hear from anyone that night, let alone the weekend. In 10 minutes Leon called me back and first spent 30 minutes with me on the phone to make sure the issue I was having wasn't something I could correct myself. Upon realizing that the issue was serious, I expected Leon to tell me that he might be able to fit me in next week. WOW was I surprised when Leon said he would be by @ 9:30am the following day. Sure enough @ 9:30am sharp Leon and Bobby were at my front door. I live on a well and after doing some inspection Leon gave me the bad news that my well pump was shot and they would have to replace it along with the tank inside my house. Leon gave me a quote for the new pump and the tank. I know very little about well pumps and tanks and Leon could tell that. He gave me the exact model numbers for both pieces and suggested I go out to the web and check them out. I did indeed do that and sure enough both pieces were top of the line. After agreeing to the price, what happened next was nothing short of stellar service. It seems my well was in terrible shape and the pump wasn't budging. Leon had to pour an expensive liquid in the well, let it sit for 24 hours and come back the next day. The following morning @ 9:30am sharp, there was Leon and Bobby trying again. After another dose of liquid and another day, success, the pump was out. After replacing the pump and the tank they then spent the next hour cleaning out my well. I thought I was home free. Nope, it seems my well had dropped meaning I wasn't getting consistent pressure. Leon and Bobby showed up right on time the followng morning and successfully dropped the pump to its new position. Leon then gave me all kinds of advice regarding taking care of your water. All through this Leon was very polite, a true professional and to top all of that off...DID NOT CHARGE ME A PENNY MORE FOR ALL THE EXTRA WORK AND DAYS. WOW!!! Thanks Leon.
By: Richard S.
J & L Wells Services and Well Pump Repair
On Thursday, January 8, 2015 our water stopped running in our house on one of the coldest days of the year. After calling three other local well service providers and being told they could not come out because it was too cold I contacted J&L Water Well Drilling & Well Pump Service. I spoke with Leon and he said to shut the power off to the pump first to see if it would reset and it did not. Leon said he would be out that afternoon (1-8-15) to investigate the problem. Once Leon arrived he went straight to the pressure tank and discovered the bladder in the pressure tank was damaged. The pressure tank was less than three years old and had a five year warranty. Our well pump was thirty years old and may have lasted a little while longer had the pressure tank not malfunctioned. Leon and Bobby both agreed the pressure tank needed to be replaced with a metal tank and the well pump needed to be replaced. Leon told my Wife and I we would have water the next day, Friday, January 9th. Despite the cold temperatures Leon and Bobby arrived around noon and we had running water by 3:30 that afternoon. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. We were very impressed with Leon’s experience being a fifth generation well service provider and how proud he is of his family’s business. Bobby was also extremely helpful with his knowledge, troubleshooting and recommendations. Both were honest, professional and had the highest respect for my Wife and I in understanding our urgent matter of not having water. It was reassuring to us to know that Customer Service is a #1 priority for J&L Water Well Drilling & Well Pump Service. We learned more about properly maintaining our water system from Leon and Bobby in a few hours than we ever knew was available. Follow up was excellent! Integrity and Professional, we will use and recommend J&L Water Well Drilling & Well Pump Service again.
By: perry.cameron.7
J & L Wells Services and Well Pump Repair
I came home from work one day, two weeks after moving in to a house I just purchased to find that there was no water. After checking a few things out, I came to the conclusion that there was probably something wrong with the well pump. I called Leon and he was out at my house 30 minutes later diagnosing the problem. He informed me that it was a faulty well pump and said that he would early the next morning to replace it. He arrived at 10:30 AM the next day and worked diligently for the rest of the day. By 4:30PM he had the pump replaced, but after carefully checking the well, he found that sediment had clogged the galvanized screen at the bottom. He put in chemicals to clean the screen and came back the next morning to finish the job. In the end I have a well with 80 feet of water above the pump, capable of pumping 30 gallons a minute. I really appreciated Leon's work ethic, knowledge, and insistence on doing the job right the first time. He also did the work for a very reasonable price. If you have a well job to be done, this is your guy.
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By: Jason B.
J & L Wells Services and Well Pump Repair
I actually called J&L second after our well pump died--but if I'd called them first, I'd have saved a lot of money and had my water back at least a day sooner! After the other guys (the ones with lots of billboards, but this isn't about them) broke my system and tried to bill me for it, Leon and his crew came the next day and replaced my pump AND fixed the other guys' damage, for the same money the first company quoted me for just the pump! (And unlike the other guys, he didn't try to rack-up our bill by selling us stuff we didn't need.) So I'd have saved about $500 if I'd called J&L first!On the phone, Leon might come across a little gruff, but don't let that give you the wrong idea--in person he's a very nice guy, and from the moment he shows up he's "a man on a mission" until he's got your job done. I've recommended him to all my friends/coworkers who have wells. In a business that's got some shady people, Leon did right by us, and we'll never call anyone else.
By: Deno W.
J & L Wells Services and Well Pump Repair
They don't make guys like this anymore. One of a kind. Leon came HIGHLY recommended through our neighborhood association out in Schildmeier Village in New Pal and we were not disappointed. Water pressure issues from an old well that had been worked on several times before. Leon fixed it for good and at the most unbelievable cost. Without question I would recommend Leon for any job related to water! Well drilling, well pumps and service, irrigation, sump pumps, pressure tanks - this guy knows his stuff and shoots straight. Trustworthy and hard working. The guy knows his stuff and his associate is right there with him - Bob! I appreciated your work too! It is good to be able to trust a contractor. Like seeing a unicorn. There just aren't any out there like this guy. Thanks Leon !
By: Trish D.
J & L Wells Services and Well Pump Repair
Leon is like a bull dog when it comes to fixing your well. He does not stop until it is done 100%! He came on a Sunday and quickly diagnosed the problem, then when it was discovered that the ancient under ground pipe had cracked, proceeded with what turned out to be a much longer job, then he cleaned, and cleaned my ironed up well. When others wpuld have slapped the pump in and said it was fixed, he ensured me he would not be done until my water was clear, clear, clear. Even after being done. He called to make sure all was well, and said not to hesitate if I had ANY questions or concerns.He has decades of knowledge, a generous spirit, and is a hard worker...as is his employee Tim (20 years as well man) who was right in there working to restore my water. The teacher...Trish D
By: spfitzinger
J & L Wells Services and Well Pump Repair
J&L is a fantastic help for household plumbing needs. They came to our house on a Saturday less than two hours after we called. Free estimate (very fair price), and they were willing to install the faucets that we'd already purchased. Very friendly and they communicate well (even called us back a couple hours after they left to make sure everything was working fine). They needed a part that they couldn't get until Monday, but they got our water running again (double checked against leaks) and will come back on Monday to finish. They won't even ask for payment until the job is done on Monday. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the Indianapolis area! (And if you call them, give them my name, because they also pay for referrals!)
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By: Nina E.
J & L Wells Services and Well Pump Repair
These guys know their stuff! We had a 63 year old pump go out! When others wanted to drill a new well for who knows how much, Leon and his workers assured us they could put a new submersible pump in the old well and we'd have cleaner water and more pressure than we'd had before. They were telling the truth! While it did take longer than expected, due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances, Leon and his crew came through for us. We now have cleaner water and more pressure and as an added bonus, no more pump noise in the house! Leon also has been checking up on us this week to make sure everything is in working order with the well, pump and water. We would recommend them for any pump or well service needed!
By: Robin L.
J & L Well Drilling
J & L provided great customer service once again! My pump went out at midnight on a Friday night. I called Leon. He was there promptly to fix the issue. My family has been using J & L for well and pump needs for years. I highly recommend them to anyone! There is no job too big for Leon and his crew. What really sets J & L apart from other companies is their GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Leon made several follow up calls to be certain everything was working and running. Also, they are available 24/7... and they stand by that. I cannot say enough good things about their workmanship and customer service. Companies like J & L are hard to come by.... my family will continue to use them for years to come.
By: Tim M.
J & L Wells Services and Well Pump Repair
Super happy with these guys. They were very responsive, took extra time to ensure the well was cleaned out, disinfected, and flowing correctly. Explained exactly what they were doing and why, and worked with me on price. They were prompt and had the work done quickly and efficiently and then stayed for quite awhile checking out things inside the house, flushing the system, setting the water softener, and coaching us on how what to expect. They even called back a couple more times to check on how things were going. Leon is a 5th generation well contractor and his knowledge and experience really comes through. I REALLY wish I'd called these guys instead of C&J a few years ago!

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