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By: Taisha W.
Benz Unlimited
Several weeks ago, during terrible weather, the wiper motor went on my ML320. I was grocery shopping with my kids at the time and had to have my husband come pick me up, leaving my car in the parking lot. This happened on a late Sunday afternoon. My husband went online when we got home to look up repair shops in the area, we’re relatively new to Indy, and he came across Benz Unlimited. He called to leave a message (because it was a Sunday) however, John answered. John took the time to troubleshoot the problem over the phone, determining it was most likely the wiper motor. My husband asked how quickly he could get my car in John said he would be able to get my car in the following day after business hours. The next morning, we received an itemized, easy to read estimate from John. Over the course of the day, my husband did contact the dealership for an estimate and after a several hour wait, we received an estimate that was exponentially higher than John’s and was somewhat vague. Needless to say, we were sold on going to John and after work, we dropped my car off. We got stuck in heavy traffic on the way and were concerned about missing our appointment time. We called John and he was more than understanding. Once we arrived, we met John. He was extremely polite, professional and knowledgeable. We were impressed with his overall shop appearance and cleanliness. John said he would try to have my car done as early as possible the next day. Much to my relief, he called me mid morning the next day, telling me my car was ready to be picked up. I had a rental car and told John I needed to drop that off first and take a taxi to his shop to pick my car up so I was unsure how long I would be. John was nice enough to offer me a ride to drop off the rental, which saved me even more money on the cab fare J Also, John did look my car over for anything else it might need, free of charge. He gave me a heads up on a few things but it wasn’t a pushy, sales pitch. More of an FYI for down the road. I will absolutely be returning to John when I am a bit more down the road for any and all of my service needs. Thank you again for your prompt help, kindness, and most importantly, honesty! Taisha W.
By: jamess1968
Benz Unlimited
After some confusion on the correct business address (it was a YP.com issue) and being told by a gentleman that "benz unlimited did not exsist, and he had no idea where benz unlimited had gone"........ I just simply went to the business website (which is www.benzunlimited.com), and I am sure glad that I did!! After a brief explanation from John (the owner) about the address confusion we got down to business. I have a 2004 E 500, and was quoted from serveral shops (including the dealership) an astronomical price for a full brake job, service B, and a brake fluid flush. Once John examined my car, he went over every single detail of what needed to be done and why. This is something I do not believe I have ever encountered before!! Not only did I instantly feel that John was not only an expert when it comes to Mercedes, but was unbelievably less than ANYONE I had look the car over!! The estimate for repairs that I received from Benz Unlimited was so much less, that I asked on the spot if I could leave the car with John, so he could possibly finish my car by the next day. Johns response " I will have you all set today by 5!! Everybody else was a day to 2 days before I would have my beloved Mercedes back (including the dealer as they were not even taking appointments for this particular week???? Upon picking up my car at 5 p.m. John once again went over everything he did, showed me all my old parts, and verified that all replacements were in fact Mercedes Benz Original parts, not some cheap knock off parts. I could not be more pleased with my experience with John and Benz Unlimited. It is my honest advise, that if you are a Mercedes owner, and am tired of paying the high prices for basic service, or major repairs, please take my word, GO SEE JOHN!!
By: Ftttttt V.
Used Tire Depot
I bought 3 used tires from this shop on 02/25/17. They said they were great tires and would have them balanced and mounted for around $137.00. An hour after I got home one of the tires was completely flat. Too late to take it back and had to put fix a flat in it so I could get to work. Noticed that my steering wheel was shaking now too. Tookeep it back to the used Tire depot on Monday. They couldn't find a leak and they said they really balanced that Tire. I left and while going home the steering wheel was still shaking at 55 mph. Couldnt go back on Tuesday. Today i stopped at a tire dealer to have them check the tires I bought. They showed me that all 3 tires that I had purchased from the used Tire depot had broken belts in each one. They also showed me that the tires werent balanced either. I called the used Tire depot and one worker said that he was upset that I was calling and saying he didn't Balance the tires. HELLO they showed me that you didn't. I told them I was going on bring back the 3 bad tires that they knew were bad and I wanted a refund. They said that I could come back and get 3 other tires but why would I do that when I can't trust them to begin with. I was told that if I purchased tires from somewhere else they would not let me return the junk tires for my money back. So they basically stole around $137.00 from me. DO NOT buy from this place. It is a rip off. If you want good used tires and with a good Warranty go to Choco rims and tires. These guys are honest and will actually explain and show you what they do. I try to support local business but not when they have no integrity. What a joke.
By: Eric H.
RPM Performance
It took me awhile to write this review because I was laughing to hard at Brickman and HotRod07's reviews. First off, a guy falling asleep with the accelerator floored while on the Dyno is hilarious. I'm not even sure that's possible unless he has Narcolepsy. And the sandwich on the intake, Really? LMAO. The other seems to be a disgruntled ex employee, that I bet didn't have the Testicular Fortitude to express his anger to management and instead became a Keyboard Warrior. I have had two vehicles in for work at RPM. The first was a GMC Sierra that had the usual Rocker Panel and Cab Corner rust. I must say the Body Shop did an excellent job on the repairs. They even went the extra mile and put the rock guard on the Rockers before paint. It looked as good, if not better, than factory. The second visit was for an exhaust upgrade on my Muscle Car. I went with Flowmasters that Bob ordered for me. He called me as soon as they came in and had me come in the next day. I literally only waited about an hour and a half and it was finished. Bob took me back to the shop and had me look at the work while the car was still on the lift. The welds on the mufflers were great and no exhaust leaks. I also looked at some other projects that were in the shop and I must say that the workmanship was great. I've seen a lot of cars they have put out and the finished product was top notch. Bob went out of his way to make my visit a positive one. I highly recommend RPM Performance and will be a repeat customer.
By: Big B.
Silver Lining Brakes
I have recently started to take my vehicles to this shop for normal weekly or monthly service after being referred to them h y my father who had had his jaguar in 2 different shops for over a year and niether place including a business called just jags could not figure out his issue. Silver lining had it fixed in 2days!! I am a uber driver so I drive ALOT!! I average 2 oil changes a month and ill admit that the staff at this shop is a little unprofessional I have found owning a small business myself that customers get very unprofessional and personal but expect the place of business to remain totally professional. It is totally understandable for a place of business to not take checks(does McDonalds accept checks?) To me thats not the big issue. The big issue is can u fix my vehicles in a timely manor at a decent price and the answer is yes. This is one of the few places that lets u bring yo ur own parts. Sometimes I have found that it is cheaper to let them order the parts because they get a discount which usually reflects in the price. I have never had a prob using a debit or credit card at this business not the cleanest place far from the most professional place but the are the most cost effective and the are straight up with you cheap and they get the job done and ill keep using them until those factors change.
By: James W.
U S A Good Used Tires
I've been buying tires from USA for several years now from both the Noblesville and Indianapolis stores. The tires I've bought have had really good tread for the money. The last 2 times, however, I had a similar experience as cms74360 and I live farther away than 3 miles. The first instance I got about half way home and my tire light came on. I stopped at a gas station and pumped it up and went back to the store and they found and plugged the leak. There was a small nail in the tire. The second instance after I got home and several hours later when I went to go to work I noticed the tire light on. Checked the tire and it was low. Since this was late at night I went to the corner gas station and pumped it up. Had to pump it up a couple of times while I was out working. After I got home I had about a 2 hour wait until the store opened up. Got up to the corner and pumped it up and headed to the store. They checked out the tire and it had 2 small holes fairly close together. Unfortunately they couldn't patch them. So they gave me another tire instead. The owner was there at this time and had no problem whatsoever with giving me another tire.I have no problem with USA. They take care of their customers!
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By: kentbrady38
Neighborhood Auto Repair
Just picked up my'02 Monte Carlo SS After they made many repairs. The lady in the office really knows what she's talking about. They replaced my intake manifold and gaskets, o2 sensors, maf sensor,map sensor, had the exhaust repaired, replaced both hinges in my driver side door , multi function switch and Power steering pump. They did all this in 1 week. And charged me a third of what the dealer and 2 other garages quoted. Plus a few more items. My car and I are now happy after having multiple mallfunction lights on for over a year . I looked at reviews of this small 2 stall garage and decided to let them work on my car. Mind you I have been a mechanic for over 30 years to include 10 plus years as a jet engine mechanic on F15 fighters in the US Air Force. I could not be more pleased with the professional communication of the staff. They were informative, as to what was wrong with my car. I knew going on it was a hog of a car to bring back to life. They fixed it, and did it right. So for all the nasty reviews I have seen, they must not have cared to spend the money to have it done right. I highly recommend this small locally owned business to work on your cars and trucks.
By: Marc L.
Great customer service ( younger to mid age black woman ) @ the Keystone & 54th st. Location in Indianapolis,IN. 46220 district . Great Attitude, patience, great advice, very pleasant !:) told me they can test my old starter to make sure if its faulty & if so, what part of it is the problem. She took the time to let me know I will receive $$ back when I return the old starters Core. I will definitely go to that Particular company, &, that particular Location. lastly I Hope Ms. Diana Gannaway is working tomorrow, when I go to pick it up! Now that's GREAT Customer Service! " If its possible to tell someone is about their company, and not just pricing a product, but explaining in detail all the rewards & Benefits of choosing AutoZone to take care of not only my automotive needs but my Individual needs and then some. If I could give a higher rating I would have, ALL BASED on Ms. Diana! Please give that woman some recognition! Thanks for making my day and pocket book both HAPPY! Sincerely ... Marc A. Lewis marclewis1976@yahoo.comPlease E mail me & let me know Autozone Value's Ms. Diania Gannaway, Like I Do. :) Thanks again.
By: George F.
Sharps Automotive
I was recommended to bring my car to Sharps by a friend of mine. I ran into several mechanical issues with my car that needed immediate attention. Dustin, shop tech assisted In everyway possible, both over the phone as well as inside the shop. I was a bit unfamiliar with the area ( being as that i just recently moved to Indy area) but Dustin guided me to their shop no problem. He even recommended some alternatives for me In which helped save me money. After getting to the shop, Dustin and his Manager assessed the damages and quoted me a price that was more than comparable but truly unbelievable. They have a great business, business professionalism and are GREAT people. I have been to quite a few shops in my life but never one that made things more possible and accommodating than Sharps. Things they've done, will never go unnoticed. They have my business and is within no doubt, they would earn yours!! I'm not a paid script actor, i didn't receive money for putting up this review, i gain noting but respect for good business from guys like this!!
By: leesam127
plus locksmith Indianapolis
On January third I called your company to inquire about your services. My car key had broken off in my ignition. After stopping by my electrical mechanic's place -he told me he would have to order a new ignition from Toyota and this would tie my car up for a day. I mentioned to him that perhaps a locksmith could be of help for me. He said by all means check it out. He quoted me $200.00 for him to service my car. Since I could still start my car, I decided to go on to work and call your company from there. I did and Dave came out and couldn't have been more courteous, efficient, and professional and knew what he was doing! In less than one hour the job was done! I felt very confident with his work. The technician you sent me couldn't have restored my faith in the unknowing any better! Dave, I'm sure, is a delight for you have in your service and for customers. Thank you so much for being a professional and efficient service. Good service is hard to find today.
Tips & Advices
You should change your oil filter whenever you change your oil, that is, approximately every 7,500 miles.
A oil filter is a device that helps remove contaminants from motor oil as it passes through the engine. A pump pushed the oil through the filter where it is strained and goes back to the engine.
High-mileage oil contains special conditioners that are said to help prevent gaskets from drying out and thus preventing leaks. This can be beneficial to engines with many miles on them.
Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil, but the price is offset by the need for less frequent oil changes due to the oil’s durability.
Tools needed to change your own oil include jack stands or ramps, a wrench, an oil filter wrench, an oil drip pan, funnel, replacement oil filter, and replacement oil.

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