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By: greeneggz
The signs say "Charlie Biggs", but there is an "Eduardo's" sign in plain text letters on the front door.This is on the north side of Raymond, between Keystone and Churchman. Look for the Burger King, and it's in between Burger King and Keystone Ave.It pretty much looks like an inner-city fried chicken joint, but it is very clean, including the unisex bathroom. The staples or main offerings are fried chicken and fried fish, but... the big "secret" is their Filipino cuisine. You won't know it's Filipino until you go in and read the menu.One time I had a fried-chicken (American style) combo dinner, with deep fried potato wedges and a cole-slaw side, and it was excellent for a fried-chicken place; crisp on the outside, and tender and juicy, cooked-just-right, on the inside.Another time I had a sample platter of the "menudo" (which is not at all like Mexican or Hispanic menudo, and some "adobo", served over white rice. EXCELLENT! Both of those are pork dishes, I was told. I then had some "Lumpia" small Filipino egg rolls, stuffed with pork. That, and the barbecued pork-on-a-stick are about all the Filipino food they serve during the week.The lady said they have more Filipino cuisine on the weekends.Eduardo's is the main caterer for the Filipino Association (Barangay club) booth at the International Festival. So if you like their food there, you ought to like it at Eduardo's on the weekends.One time I was there they were serving more Filipino cuisine than the adobo/menudo, but it was a special order for a group of Filipinos celebrating someone's birthday. So apparently if you have a group of 7 or more, and arrange with them in advance, they can cater it for dine-in or take out. Otherwise, wait for the weekend. Our group sat next to the birthday group, and we were constantly stealing glances, envying their food.The dining area gets chilly when the exhaust fans are running in the kitchen, and it pulls in the cold air. So dress warmly if you eat in during cold weather.The dining area consists of four tables-for-4, and a counter which seats 3 people. Both times there was a steady stream of take-out customers for the chicken. Though there was one caucasian gentleman who also asked for the Filipino cuisine for take-out.I think this family is doing it right: Their bread-and-butter business is what the working-class neighborhood wants, fried chicken and fish, which pays the bills. But what they love, and enjoy sharing is the Filipino cuisine. (The party of seven celebrating someone's birthday were professional folks who obviously had connections to the owners.) But there is probably not enough demand for a 100% Filipino restaurant to stay in business.Last I checked, they closed at 7pm on weekdays in the winter, so call to check if you want to go later.As far as I know, this is the only Filipino restaurant in the greater Indianapolis metro area.
By: greeneggz
Himalaya Kabob Korner
This is on the North side of 82nd Street, in front of the Castleton Square mall. It's on the back (North) side of a little out-lot, so you can't see it from 82nd street. You can see "Casual Male" from the street, and Kabob Korner is directly behind it, on the other side of that building.Look for the National City Bank, and turn North there, as if you're going into the mall. Then go right (East), and it's just past Long John Silver's.They close from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, so remember that when you visit.You walk up to the counter to place your order and pay. They bring your food out to your table on a tray and plastic plates. You have to get your own plastic utensils, napkins, and water from the counter.Menu is limited, and posted on a board behind the counter. Kabobs come in sirloin beef, lamb, ground beef, and chicken, and then there are three other entrees. Entrees come with side of long grain rice (basmati I think) and small dinner salad. I really liked the dressing on the salad.Drinks include ice water (self serve), and bottled water/soda/tea, and hot coffee.Prices are good and food quality is worth going out of your way for. It's kind of set up on a fast-food arrangement, so the overall "dining experience" isn't impressive, but the food does impress.The owner works as the cashier, cook, and waiter, and is very personable.Dining area and men's room were very clean.
By: Carla J.
Carplex Indy West
My advice don't go there...I was there 4 hours, the sales person who was helping me Nikki had me to fill out all the paper work, came back after a short while and said I had been pre approved for up to $16,999 And I could go out and look at cars while she gave my information to the manager. I test drove a car that I liked then I went back and spoke with the manager he went over a bunch of paperwork with me how much the monthly payment would etc. Said he had to submit the information to their bank and it would take about 15 minutes. Well that turned into another hour and 15 minutes just to be told I was turned down. Mind you, this is a dealership that says they can help people with not so good credit. The problem I have with them is this, why would you tell someone they've been approved if you haven't even submitted their information to the bank yet. Big disappointment and a waste of 4 hours of my time. My suggest is go somewhere else to buy a car.
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By: Nicholas P.
T & B Motors Inc
I bought a car from there a few years back. Nice cars very reasonable prices and down payments. They were OK with me being late if I kept in contact. Unfortunately I couldn't afford it so I took it back. The dealer in a non-pressure selling enviorment. Easy on the working individual and relaxed. You people need to realize with any buy here pay here that 99.9% of these kind of dealers have GPS on the vehicle so they can Retrieve the vehicle due to non-payment. They are protecting their investment and business. And as far as problems with your car since day one? Maybe test drive the vehicle and UNDERSTAND that it is a USED vehicle it will have something it needs. That's why vehicles have the page o. The window in visible sight stating AS-IS..... All in all... Selection of vehicles is not large but from my experience I would recommend the. To family and friends.
By: joecash
3 Sisters Cafe
We went there after seeing on food network. Service was sub par. food was great. Went there a second time and listened to the Owner Lady argue with a group of people behind us about a Groupon? The owner lady was rude and unprofessional. Our food was alright. The last time we went there, we decided to get a to go order, it was early and hardly anyone there. I was directed to the back counter be a rude waiter,the counter was sticky and cluttered,I tried to make light conversation with the lady at the counter,I had to ask here if she heard anything I was saying to which she responded what? I went home, which is only few blocks away, the food was cold and even less desirable than the last couple time we had been there. I hope the owner lady reads some of these, Maybe Robert Irvine can stop in next to do a Restaurant Impossible.
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By: Teddy Y.
Best West Auto Brokers
I have nothing but good things to say about Jim Bleier with Best Auto. I have been screwed over by car salesmen before and this time around, I wanted nothing to do with them while purchasing a new car. We were told we should cal Jim and before I could object my fiancé had already called him and set up a meeting... we gave Jim a budget and a few of our wants, and he literally did everything else... figured out the finances, told us which cars he would recommend and which he wouldn't. He even drove a car to our house for us to see it when we couldn't fit a visit in the schedule. He was very honest and blunt, but still considerate, kind, and funny... and patient. Never pushy at all, and HE was the one making sure we stayed in our budget! Definitely go here!
By: Ryan S.
Lyons Truck & Trailer Inc
I've been looking for a truck for over a month and couldn't find anything worth looking at. I came across Lyons Truck & Trailer on the internet and spoke to Nelson Wheeler. I told him what I was looking for and he accommodated me with multiple options so that I could pick and choose from what he had available to fit my need. So I immediately got on a plane from Texas to head to Indianapolis, IN to pick out which one I wanted. Needless to say...my experience from the moment I picked up the phone to when I was walking out the door with my new truck was the best I have ever had. I would highly recommend anyone considering buying a truck to check out Lyons Truck & Trailer out of Indianapolis.
By: Jared B.
Rangel Family Motors
I worked with Jon trying to sell my car. We were having trouble getting what I wanted out of it so he put in a lot of extra work around the clock to try and get it sold. He finally pulled of the sale and got me what I was asking for it and a little extra that we agreed on as his Consignment Fee. Jon was very easy to work with and kept in touch constantly to make sure I new the status of my vehicle and how things were looking. Overall I am very pleased with the business and professionalism Jon showed through Rangel Motors and would urge anyone looking for a vehicle or trying to sell their vehicle to seek out Jon at Rangel Motors.
By: mr.mye
Stirrup Motorcycle Trailers
I bought a stirruptrailer a few yrs ago and use it often it was a little more than others I've seen on the market but it is built much heavier and stronger than the other dolly type rigs you can buy. I have put it through everything I can throw at it and it just cant fail, it is stronger than the bike ! It is true that you get what you pay for :) I keep it on a shelf when not in use, it doesnt get any better than that and I put it in the trunk of my car when I take it on vacation another big plus. A high five to stirruptrailers, Thank You Mike Williams Brainard MN.
By: romybaux
Cars Plus of Indy
This mechanic shop is full of honest christian people who gave me a low price compared to other repair shops. I had called several places for an estimate and Cars Plus of Indy gave me the lowest price and they are in a certified program which covers the work they do for 12 months or 12,000 miles. The program covers the work they did even if I am in another state. Not only does Cars Plus of Indy do mechanic work, but they also do body work and repaired a few scratches on my car for the lowest price in town. I recommend this shop to my family and friends!

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