By: Nicole M.
Castleton Grill
Im a huge Foodie, Gourmet, Gormand, and world traveler who fell on this wonderful place thanks to the will to find unique "one-sy" when I travel and happened to be working and staying nearby. Absolutey one of the best ribeyes ever, cooked perfectly Pittsburgh style with a rare/rare medium just the way it should be and I must say my first and last visit to "the Famous Pete Luger's" didnt come close or compare. Sides were off the chain, esp the house brussels. Becky the bartender was awesome!! Brought clients in the after amd they raved was amazing!! We could cut our steaks with a fork they were so tender. Im back in town and going there tonight!! Its a do not miss in my book. Signed Happy Food Dancer����
By: isaac-j
Garrett's Smokehouse Barbeque
Best Barbque I have had since I left Chicago. It will take a while to try the whole menu. Rib Tips are cut up nice and small. The meat is tender. Menu includes Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Beef Brisket, Sides include Baked beans, Cole Slaw, Spicy Cole Slaw, Mac & Cheese Potato Salad and Fries. Deserts include Cake, Cobbler, and Pies. Sauce is on the side so if you don't like theirs you can add your own. I think I will try a full slab this week. Staff is very friendly. Only 2 tables so this is mainly carry out. Restaurant is very clean.I highly recommend this business.Hours :Friday: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PMSaturday: 12:00 PM - 9:00 PMSunday : 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
By: djcaptainmorgan
Stewies Pub
I just recently joined the Stewies Crew. I see a fully stocked bar, a new smoke free party place with weekend DJ Captain Morgan on the music mix. Come out an see some of the changes we have made. Tell us what you think. This place is the working mans party place. AFFORDABLE DRINKS! They host birthday parties, meetings, and what ever else you might need. I have sampled the $1 specialty shots, Kill Coolaid is fruity, Ameretto Sour garnished with a cherry, Black Unicorn kind of like a white russian, and the washington apple -tastese like a slightly bitter apple, it had a kick or crown in it. Of course the beer is always cold in the bottle or on draft.
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By: Bruce J.
Boathouse Grill
Well who ever wrote the other report with 1 star must have their own bar somewhere else. This place is great. Yes there are some of the same people there including me, but when you get great food , service at a reasonable rate why not go back. The staff make every effort to get to know the customers and be very helpful. I have been going there for years and will continue going there. If you want a great sandwich on the NW side then this is the place to go. You will be glad you did and then wonder who the idiot is that gave the place only 1 star and where his restaurant is. Its obvious he is trying to draw the customers from here .
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By: crystalship1
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Honestly, I don't get it. This chain is "so-so" at best. .... You have to wait forever to get a mediocre burger (or whatever) that you can get almost anywhere else for less money and hassle. .... I like Jimmy Buffet as well as the next guy. And I LOVE to eat good food but come on!!!! .... Go to Hardees and take home a "Monster Thickburger", crack open a couple Coronas, crank-up "Songs you know by heart", and save a ton of money and aggravation!!!
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By: crystalship1
Arni's On 96th St.
Many folks don't realize that Arni's restaurants (a local chain, BTW) is actually a Pizza King franchisee. ..... So if you like Pizza King pizza, great sandwiches, and AWESOME salads (The Arni's Senior is HUGE), and a nice bar, you'll undoubtedly love this place. .... Any place that has a Indian Chief motorcycle hanging form the ceiling has got my recommendation!!
By: jon.p.nowlin
Sahm Golf Course
It's a low-priced track(below $50 with cart), built in 1963 by Pete Dye and his wife. The course is irrigated in the summer and the track looks great. I really like it. I plays a lot of golf. As a kid, a played a lot of golf and plenty of time had Sahm. It has a driving range and Mo, the pro, is very nice and will help your game.Jon Nowlin
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By: Jason M.
Yummy's Restaurant
I'd have to say this place is pretty yummy (no pun intended). Ordered the brisket and people that know brisket know it can be done differently. Over cooked brisket is just gross and chewy. The brisket the served me was mouth watering and juicy. Plenty of fat and best of all it needed no sauce. GOOD brisket does not need sauce.
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By: Sandy P.
Paragon Family Restaurant
We LOVE this restaurant!!! Their food is wonderful and Nick is AMAZING! I don't know how he keeps the prices so low and the food so good! We have been going there since the 90's and have NEVER had a bad experience. Anyone who has an issue only needs to let Nick know and he will make it right! Try it, you won't be disappointed!
By: Murphy H.
City Barbeque
You just can't get much better bar b que than here, the brisket sold me 1/2 lb sandwich + 2 sides each, overfill, had to take the two "Triple Dark Chocolate" Pieces of cake home, just too much to eat but oh it was worth every penny of it. Food for 2 people, drinks & take home cake, about $30 bucks, I'm sold!

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