By: Gina R.
Stone Lake Lodge Apartments
I have lived at stone lake lodge since March 9th of this year. I initially moved in with my husband from Chicago, and wewe were looking for a nice, two bed/one bath with affordable rent and in a good neighborhood.. We lived previously in uptown Chicago, and other than his job transfer, the crime is why we left.. We knew nothing about Indy when we moved here, and i must say.... I am pleased with our apartment choice! I have since given birth to or first son, and i believe fully that stone lake I'd a wonderful place to raise my boy ! The woman who runs the place is strict as can be, and the has been ZERO shootings, stabbings, rapes, or any other major crime issues since we moved in! The amenities are amazing two pools, one is year around... A hot tub, tennis, play grounds, anda beautiful clubhouse with free internet, computers, tv, pool tables and more.. Everything is kept really clean, as well as the grounds.. They offer lots of activities to get involved in that are free of charge, movie nights with snacks, drink get togethers for adults, bibke study on wednesday, carnivals with games and prizes food and drinks... Halloween dinner also with games and prizes... Bingo seasonally, and other activities where you can win snacks, cash money, gift cards, and even free rent! Maintenance is up on everything.. Of course you're going to have leaks, thinks are going to break and need fixed... It's public housing for God sake.. But they do a great job at fixing things and on a timely manor.. My fridge started failing one night about two in the morning, and i was scared to lose my groceries.. By two thirty, all of my food was sitting in an ice cold, new refrigerator.. Overall, i enjoy living here.. I love feeling safe enough to walk around at night with my son... Security I'm knowing they will fix things on demand.. Being able to socialize at the free events offered and make new friends.. If you're looking for a place to live, on the Southside area.. This place is for you... It may have been a bad place at one point in time, but it is just lovely now..
By: Tanisha K.
Pangea Vistas Apartments
I've lived at Pangea Vistas for 1 year now. I have a strong desire to compliment the new apartment manager, Rosa. Rosa is sincerely helpful with any issues and ensures that they are handled. She's friendly, professional and doesn't rush me out the door when I have an issue. My rental unit is very nice. My gas and electric bills are extremely low. And I use a lot of heat when it's cold and a lot of air conditioning when it's hot. My walls are bright white, which I love, but they're also fairly easy clean. The complex has it's noisy moments but that's probably the only complaint I have a this time. I recently renewed my lease. My rent was kept the same and Pangea gave me a $150 discount off next month's rent. Management keeps the grass cut, regularly inspects units, administers regular pest control (there are none), and checks for maintenance repairs. The only reason for four stars instead of five is that we older residents would be very appreciative of a lower noise level outside in the summer months.
By: Ryan K.
Sundance Apartments
I really enjoy living at Sundance. I moved here in Feb 2010 and will happily be renewing my lease next week. I looked at many different properties before I arrived at Sundance. It was the staff that won me over. They were veryprofessional and comfortable to be around. They addressed all of my questions andwere very accommodating. Situated in a lovely neighborhood, you're just 5-10 minutes away from practically anything you want to do. I love my apartment - good size, built in book shelves, a real fireplace, and a great view of the lake. If you like to fish it's a wonderful place. You can walk out the door and be casting in seconds. Personally, I have never had a problem with maintenance issues or staff. Whenever I called they were here that day or the next. Due to my job I lived in six different states over a seven year period. I'm no stanger to finding a good place to live. Based on my experience, I will continue to recommend Sundance to anyone looking for an apartment. Cheers!
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By: Dan C.
Country Club Apartments
I've lived here longer than I planned to. There was a significant amount of time that the property ownership and management went through multiple companies. The current ownership has actually invested in the property. Their is a small fitness center with the laundry facility. They keep up with the pool. The grounds are cleaner and they make daily efforts to clean up any litter. They have been remodeling the apartments, upgrading the amenities and appearances and making any repairs needed. New windows were installed in every apartment. The location is fantastic. It's minutes away from downtown and near every major interstate (465,65, 70) This is an older property. But they are doing every upgrade possible and maximizing the potential. The current property manager Kirby is the best property manager that has been here since I've lived here. She has been a driving force behind implementing and executing the improvements that her company has commissioned.
By: jihad.muhammad.39
Covington Square Apartments and Townhomes
i have lived here for almost 2 years. and we have been going through property managers and we only had 1 maintenance man and it sucked because nothing wasnt getting done. first it was mellisa, then bridgette, then latrina and now bertha. ever since bertha came she has been working hard on fixing the property and stuff like that and i will give it up to her because thats the kind of property manager we really need. Since then i have been getting everything fixed since then and she hired 2 maintenance mans. and ms tyra she is a working hard asst. Property manager and she has been here ever since i moved here and she is very nice. you haft to come move over here. nice staff and nice people and big homes. and they have pool, playground center and stuff like that. come to covington square is it very cool.
By: Natalie W.
Stone Lake Lodge Apartments
I really wanted my Stone Lake Apartment to work, but after the maintenance men running in and out of my apartment more than my own personal guests, I am breaking my least very early. I had a flea problem, that was taken care of fast. I had a small outlet fire, water main break in one of the bed rooms, that flooded the carpet floor. Very very cold closets and floors, super high eletric bill, and 3-4 different times maintenance had been in to fix a fuse. Very quite neighbors. Wonderful amenities. It took over a month for Washing Machine company to refund my money, for broken washer I used. While letting them know I needed to break my lease agreement and move, they gave the feel of penalty money, money, money was more important than my safety. FYI get renters insurance.
By: Mike R.
Stallard & Associates
Stallard and Associates approved me for an apartment when I did not think I would get it, due to lack of credit and low income. But they took a chance on me and I could never be so thankful. I am a college student at IUPUI and if I didt get an apartment close to downtown I would have had to make an hour drive everyday just to make it to school, and if you have ever went to school you know you do not have enough money to drive an hour each way 5 days a week. I love my apartment, it has nice hardwood floors, and it is plenty spacious for just me. and I really wanted to live in their apartment as they offer the best rent for the location. I would rent again and again from them.
By: Josh F.
Columns Of Castleton
Rent increases each year by $20. Took 6 weeks for them to address a mouse problem. Before that they wanted to take a "Wait and see" approach where we had to remove mice caught every few days from our apartment. We had a slab leak which has caused our electric bill to go up and our apartment to be torn up, we're told they *might* give us $10-30 if we come back when we get our bill to prove the difference. Told multiple times not to worry about the required 60 day notice to move out because they will "work with you". Which amounts to, if someone else is dying to rent your apartment they will credit your rent from the day the new renters move in.
By: thenewmanager
Inverness Apartment Homes
In the past year, Inverness has gone through some major changes:Ownership change, new staff, change in procedure, property updates -both interior and exterior, and most of all a reputation change. There were a lot of bad things being said about the community because of the old ownership and their management. We have cleaned up the mess and made a lot of changes! Custom paint, new carpet, vinyl and wood plank flooring are just a few of the changes! We invite you to visit and see the changes that we have made!
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By: Alyssa M.
Park Place Apartments
I stayed their as an iupui student. They have two elevators and if not both one is always broken. They don't care to fix or replace in a timely manner so you will find yourself waiting 10/20 minutes for the elevator. I lived on the 11th floor as well so I tried to avoid taking stairs of possible but the wait wasn't worth it. Also every apartment is different; furniture, carpet, appliances. i was lucky and got a decent apart.

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