By: Lucas S.
Clear Choice Restoration
I called Clear Choice Restoration because I had water damage in my downstairs bathroom. This company came by very quickly. They took care of my apartment very quickly. They managed to dry up the apartment extremely quickly. I had thought this would take at least a few weeks, but they did it in half that time. Highly recommended!!
By: Harry K.
Clear Choice Restoration
A month ago we were thinking about the renovating of our rooftop. My husband and I required a contractor who we could truly trust to guide us through the whole process. We had an AMAZING experience working with Clear Choice Restoration!!!! Thanks Buddies!!
By: Dulice B.
Clear Choice Restoration
Clear Choice Restoration is a fully insured and licensed full-service general contracting company and also have years of knowledge in the industry. They offer a free no obligation assessment of your home, so the best general contractor roofing and siding.
By: Sharon R.
Clear Choice Restoration
They have a team of well-trained professionals who will quickly reach on-site, assess the damage and initiate the restoration process and also has tremendous expertise in how to efficiently restore and protect your belongings
Tips & Advices
An immobilizer is used to prevent your car from being stolen, and this electronic device causes your car's engine to stop running unless a specific key is present. Recent studies have shown that immobilizers have reduced car theft by as much as 40 percent. All cars sold in the United States  since 2012 come standard with immobilizers, and aftermarket versions are available for older cars.
An anti-hijack system is a device that is used to discourage and prevent criminals from hijacking cars. Many anti-hijack systems use a car's alarm or immobilizer system to help achieve their objective. The best anti-hijack systems will work to initiate a quick and safe shutdown of your car if it is stolen.
A curb feeler is also known as a curb finder, and it's a device that's used to let drivers know when they're at an ideal distance from the curb for parallel parking. Curb feelers extend out from the car's body, near the wheels. They scrape against the curb if the driver gets too close, and they help prevent damage to the car's wheels when parking.
A car body kit is a set of customized body parts that have been designed to modify the appearance of a stock car. In many cases, a car body kit is comprised of components such as front and rear bumpers, spoilers, and side skirts. These kits may be made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or polyurethane.
A cargo barrier is a device that fits in the rear of your vehicle, and it's used to shield passengers from large loads contained in the rear of the vehicle. Cargo barriers are also used to shield passengers from pets being transported in the vehicle's rear area. These barriers promote passenger safety.

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