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By: Lorraine V.
All my appliances are from Sears and each have a Sears warranty. I have full peace of mind that Sears will come an fix any issues that arise as these appliances age. I appreciate Sear's great value!
By: V R.
I have purchased 3 sets of w/d feom Sears in the past 20 yeats and have always purchases rhe extended warranty. Service had always been acceptably fast. I was ip in running in a week. BEWARE - i have two sets of w/d's. Both have needed service in the past year. The first sercixe call ='d two weeks no washer. This 2nd repair is for a $30.00 hose. As of today, no washer for three weeks. Part arrived within 4 days. Sears is booking too far out to be acceptable for their core business of appliance repair. A homeowner can't have a vital appliance down for 2 or three weeks. I was told by the tech that the issue is they no longer carry extra parts in the vans. I understand not carrying large parts/expensive parts, but a common washer hose?!! Really! Three weeks for a $30 part. I no longer recommend Sears Appliance Repair and beware! I purchased a LG w/d from HH Gregg and SEARS does extemdwd warranty for HH Gregg. I was asked so many questions by HH Gregg before rhey would approve service on a dryer that sounded like a squeaky obnoxious semi in my house. I think the gal wanted me to take the drum out to tell her what I saw. It became a joke.
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By: Michael P.
The initial service was done as scheduled. However, big complaint is on the warranty work. The washer kicked out a new code and called for a follow up visit. What I thought was going to be the next day, Saturday the 5th, turned out to be Saturday the 12th. REALLY!!!!!! Warranty work should be considered priority!!!! Guy on the phone just stuck to script and would not think out of the box. My business lives or dies on customer service and if I provided service like Sears Repair, I would be out of business.
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By: Rhonda B.
Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Called October 10, 2015 for repair on top load washer could not get here until October 21, 2015, had to order part after being here. Second appointment on October 28, 2015 installed replacement part. After repair man left started a load of laundry, machine made weird sound on first load, on second load continuosly made weird sounds and washer would not wash the load. Called the servicemans cell phone number an hour after he left no response. Tried to call to service department and was told that I had to wait 24 hours to schedule another service appointment. Now I am scheduled for November 9, 2015 for my next repair appointment. We will see how that goes..... I will never suggest Sears appliances to anyone.
By: spfettsc
While I've never had a problem with this Kohl's before, I've never been overly impressed with their customer service. Yesterday I went in to return some things from the summer my boyfriend and I had purchased but never worn. One item in particular was something my boyfriend had bought without paying attention, a shirt that had very clearly been worn. I was the only one in line at customer service, and the girl there had clearly seen me walk up but kept her back to me to continue what she was doing. After about a minute of waiting she finally turned around. No hello, just "what do you need?" I told her I had a few returns, didn't have the receipt but I did have my Kohl's charge card, which is a legitimate way of looking up purchases. She immediately physically bristled, I could just feel how unhappy she was with me. She then proceeded to check every single shirt to make sure the tags matched the item, checking and double checking like she was just certain she would find something wrong. One of the shirts I returned had been tagged with a weird tag, I'm not sure what was wrong with it but until she found out what happened she was very short and rude with me. When she got to the shirt my boyfriend had accidentally bought, that's when the glaring and accusatory looks began. She asked if the white spots on the shirt were clouds, I agreed even though I thought it was bleach. She commented on how it looked worn, I agreed. She then starting checking to make sure the tag matched the shirt, and couldn't tell, so she called someone else up. They proceeded to loudly talk about how the shirt had been washed, shrunk, and bleached, all the while shooting me nasty looks and embarrassing me in front of the other customers who were waiting. At that point I was done, I didn't care, I was so embarrassed I just wanted to leave or sink into the floor. Because the wrong tag was on the shirt (and the only shirt that was tagged wrong out of my lot of 6 items) they refused to even try to return it. To put a cherry on top the girl then loudly proclaimed I would lose 10 dollars for already spending the Kohl's Cash, which I understood but she was purposefully trying to embarrass and punish me and that's what I have a problem with.The employees here treated me like a criminal before I could even explain the situation, and by that point it was too late. They had already decided I was trying to rip them off and refused to do anything for me. I normally go to this store because it's closer, but I will drive the extra five minutes to the Greenwood store from now on. I went straight there after this altercation, explained the situation to the girl at customer service, and had the shirt exchanged in under five minutes. Lo and behold, the tag that was on that shirt was on my card. I will never be going back to the Southport store, Kohl's has not lost a customer but that store sure has.

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