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By: Emily F.
Hello, I’m Emily Inman. I was a very obsessive, detail-oriented bride. Here’s what I learned about’s Flower. PROS: Cheap, fresh, easy to use, and can order a year out CONS: No customization, must use own vases, must be there to receive flowers, little communication, credit charge will be on day of delivery or during the next week eating up credit limit while on honeymoon, and if payment does not immediately go through, then Costco will try repeatedly until it does and this may take so many times that your credit charge company thinks it is fraud and takes the money back.Tips to Make Your Life Easier:1. Think about ordering the larger package to break apart the centerpieces and harvest the flowers (it’s cheaper than ordering bulk and works wonderfully if you need only 3-6 flowers for your centerpieces, turning the 6 centerpieces into 17+ centerpieces)2. Be able to wait 2 days for pick up, preferably the 2 days right before the wedding3. Double check your credit limit is high enough to make the payment a few days before the flowers are due to ship4. Have lots of cool spaces (40-60 degrees F) and vases ready to use once the flowers arriveThe Verdict: Costco’s flower department gets a 4.1 for being cheap, having very fresh flowers, being one of the easiest to deal with vendors pre-wedding, while creating head aches during the honeymoom because of their payment policy. I would recommend Costco for flowers but only if you can deal with the limited selection and transport to the wedding site(s). It’s a wonderful deal if you can accept those aspects and follow my tips.I hope this helps! I wish you the best of luck brides- and grooms-to-be, may planning not be stressful!
By: cheramis
Walmart Supercenter
I come here from time to time to purchase items on sale and I usually have manufacture coupons for my purchases. The cashiers have a difficult time understanding how the coupons work. For example, I have a coupon for buy one get one free item and the cashiers either disregard the coupon and charge me regular price for the two items or they only take a dollar or two off when the item is $5. Also I can never find assistance on the floor when I am looking for a specific item.
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By: Amanda B.
Walmart Supercenter
There's a reason we call this the bad Walmart. I have had some good experiences here and some bad ones. Today just topped the bad scale. After 40 minutes, two overhead pages and the loss of my patience, I walked away from the crafts department because no one showed up to help at the cutting table. If I knew how to work their price gun, I'd have done the work myself.
By: Mark C.
How much do I love CostCo?Twice a month we make the drive up from Bloomington, IN (70 miles away) to stock up on the things we need.We're from Texas: for us, driving 70 miles is *nothing*; but 70 miles seems to be considered quite a distance to people here in Indiana. The savings we get at CostCo, and the quality of the goods we get makes that drive worth it!
By: Rena B.
I love this store, if you want fresh meats, veggies, and fruits and you live on the northwest side of Indy check out the local Krogers.The service is just like the commercial advertise on t.v., If you go there a lot like me and my family they do know your face.
By: Trisha W.
Interesting decor and menu selection. You can ask for the spicy sauce to be on the side to make your dish more or less spicy. Attentive service and interesting decor. I wish for a wider selection of seafood choices, but other than that- thumbs up.
By: Cassandra F.
I' shop in the store several times a week. I love how friendly the staff is. The produce section always looks wonderful and a lovely welcome for me to the store each time I walk through the door.
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By: sharpjudy
Walmart Supercenter
This Wal Mart seems to specialize in fostering ill will. The clerks seem testy and the customers do too. Why is that I wonder? Is it the area it's located in?
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By: sharpjudy
Walmart Supercenter
This walmart has it all...groceries and the goods. Just what we want from a walmart; everything from soup to nails.
By: Janel D.
Marsh Supermarket
So sorry to see this store close... we love the meat departmentThe staff has been outstanding all these years

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