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By: Mark Z.
Sahara International Groc Mkt
very clean and nice customer service. I founded everything I needed. Everybody should visit this store
By: Tina S.
Apna Bazaar
One of the worst indian grocery store we have ever been to. Never ever going back. If you are first time shopping please please check ur receipt guys. They charge fir extra things to most of the time and never guve refund back. Selling cheap things and most of them are out of date. Poor customer service. Not recommended at all. Patel brothers is the best place to go.
By: Rachel W.
Shake Your World
My father has been coming to get an (extremely expensive for the quality might i add) smoothie for at least 2 years now... he spends time out of his day talking to "Doug" and "Tammy" (sp?) & they have created a joking around environment/relationship with my dad. Or so he thought. My dad is the sweetest man who just wants everyone to like him/understand him and talk to him... he says the same joke to these people every day... which is simply "oh you guys finally found some work to do" (or something similar) and then LAUGHS. He LAUGHS. He is a nice guy. So Doug was having a high school moment the other day and (in front of another customer) decided to angrily come back at my dad about how offensive he is by making a small joke of which he has ignored how badly it offends him for two years. My dad spends about $30-40 a week in this shop on pathetic smoothies that he could make at home. It's a shame Doug and Tammy don't know true customer service so that they could brush a small joke off or act in an adult manner and tell my dad that it hurts their feelings... instead they throw away the money and treat him like dirt. Now he is uncomfortable going to the gym to work out as he wouldn't hurt a fly. Doug's wife (Tammy) stated today that her husband wasn't in a bad mood that day- but his "feelings were hurt". She also stated that since my dad inquired about whether their daughter was a good cook since she was promoting herself by selling cookbooks that he was disrespectful. Get real. You wont survive and i'll make my dad a better smoothie for way less money. LA fitness can do way better than you.
By: joe.martinsen.75
Don't shop there.I went to get a prescription filled and price another. I suspected my 90-day refill was going to be really expensive now that we have a high-deductible plan, so I asked him to price it for me. The pharmacy tech told me it would be $159.32. I thought well, that's not too bad I'll take it. When I got home, I noticed that there were only 30 pills in the bottle. I called and the tech said that my insurance would only allow 30, and that was the price. The pharmacist backed him up, but offered to see if he could get me a gift card. They won't take them back because the FDA won't allow it. The next day he called and told me he had arranged for a $20 gift card for the mistake! That certainly didn't satisfy the fact that I only got 1/3 the amount of pills that I thought I would. If that's the price, I don't even want any of them (I've since talked with my Dr. about trying a cheaper drug.) I talked the next day with the manager and he offered a $50 gift card. Still not anywhere near the $159.47 I'm out. I offered to pay 1/3 the price, as that's what I expected the per pill amount to be. They won't correct the problem and are restricted from taking back medications by the FDA, so now I'm filing a dispute with my credit card company, and I won't shop there anymore.
By: Max M.
I really like the grocery section, especially the produce. I do however have to go to Walmart much to often because of how regularly you are out of two items. My wife is a diabetic with a sweet tooth. She eats about a box and a half of sugar free tropical Popsicles A DAY and I buy them by the case when available, but at least half the time you are out. I find you frequently out of sugar free Nestle Hazelnut Coffee-Mate.
By: Shannon W.
Georgetown Market
Nice selection of healthy and allergy friendly foods. I've received a lot of help with supplements for my joints.
By: Charles M.
Walmart Neighborhood Market
It's very awesome picture you guys have to see this it is bad ass look at it rate it 5 to 100 please
By: Tyra L.
Originally from Northern Indiana, I normally prefer Walmart over Meijer, but the Meijer here was definitely better. I was able to get in and out with exactly what I needed in a short period of time. There was a sales person easily accessible and available when I had a question and they kept self-checkout lanes open, so I didn't have to stand in line for 15-20 minutes, to buy 3 things. The U-scan assistant even smiled, thanked me for my business and wished me a good night. For a single moment, everything was right in my world.
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By: Yah's B.
Georgetown Market
I am seeing more and more that the customer service in this place is terrible. I went in this store on May 10, 2015 to get my lunch because I work right down the street, I was standing at the hot food counter for over 3 minutes without being acknowledged. I notice one employee walking pass me and went behind the hot counter and still I wasn't acknowledged, so I said is there anyone that can help me? I ask to speak with a manager and I explain to her that I have been waiting to be helped for over 3 minutes and that I am on my lunch break. The manager on duty act like she didn't really care at all but managed to get my order in. When my order came up it was burnt. You guessed it! I end up leaving without my food and had to go back to work without eating lunch. I called Lisa the store manager on May 11, 2015 to let her know what had went on, and she didn't have much to say, so I ask her to give Rick the owner a message to call me, as of yet May 15, 2015 I have not heard from Rick yet. I called Lisa again on May 13, 2015 to ask her did she give Rick my message and she said she did and that he would call when he get a chance. I have been shopping at this store for over ten years and I will never shop here again. I will be spending my money at Trader Joe's and Fresh Thyme where the staff has outstanding customer service. Through the years the customer service at Georgetown Market has has gotten extremely worst and I am fed up with it.
By: S L.
Lee Supermarket
The old woman, the owner woman, CHEATS when she checks you out. WATCH HER if she's the one who checks you out, have your eyes peeled! Here are a few ways she would cheat if you are not watchful and alert:cheating trick#1 -- by adding weight to items sold by weight, how? you may ask; here's how: A) she weights an item while part of a bag of previously scanned items is on the surface of the weight, therefore adding weight to the item being weighed; OR, B) her left hand lingers on the part of the weight. How to prevent her from adding weight? I put by-weight items to the last; I wait for her to scan and bag the items by bar-codes, then I take the bagged items into my cart, and so she has nothing to linger on the weight's surface and you watch her left hand cheating trick#2-- by adding extra items that you don't have, when you buy many items, say 10; she adds an item or two that you don't have, and a lot of time you don't pay attention and just pay the total. cheating trick#3 -- by keying in higher price than the actual price, for example, say a produce is actually $1.19 per lb, she keys in $1.29 per lb; or keying $3.99 when an item is actually $2.99. Again, when you buy many items, sometimes you lose track.Yesterday, she attempted to cheat on me - I have 9 items including 1 sold-by-weight taro root. Seeing that 1/4 of the bagged items were on the weight surface before she was about to weigh the taro root, I took the bagged items away from the counter into my cart; while my attention was on taking the bag, she quickly keyed in an item but I wasn't paying attention until I read the screen and saw this item that I didn't recognize, and I asked "what's this item? I don't have that!" she quickly took that off. Why do I go there knowing this owner woman cheats all the time? This store has unique things, Asian, Spanish, Philippine, Thai, etc. There are some items that I can only find there. And, in my experience, other employees are not cheating; and her daughter, at least in my experience, does not do that. I think I should warn other people.

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