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By: Yelena M.
Dreyer Motorsports
I have taken the course for beginner motorcycle riders from Dryer Motorsports.Having only one riding experience, basically no experience .I was led to believe this course was for beginners with little or no riding experience.A friend and I both decided to take the course(both of us female) we were the only 2 women in the class. We are small size females. All others were men( who already had years riding experience, only 2 or 3 people in the class had no riding experience,total of people 12..  and they were as uncomfortable and upset. It was a very uncomfortable environment, we were told in our first day (3 days course) " I don't think your going to make it just because rides will be harder and they wanted us come back and enjoy next class" in few months. (Not unerstood what difference that can make if we come back in few months or year). They try to scare us away from bike riding. Because they worried about the safety... and we , I guess, don't know how to be safe. As I previously stated "course for beginners with little or no experience", one of the instructors was very impatient... but both coaches has excellent experience riding motorcycle. Maybe they want to see a students with experience too. But the person who signed us up for class told us that we would be fine as first time riders and also she said class much smaller than 12 people ( men who watching you and discussing your riding after), and bikes will provide right size .. we hope this class will be good start but not just a prep course for the test to get  license with a lot other people who know how to ride already, if it is indeed a course for beginners it should be precisely thatA course for beginners. Women or men, be careful before you take this course or find the time, bike and ride before you attend to this basic rider training course.Hope you will not make mistake like we did to signed up for class of beginners and get a lot of stress and uncomfortable feelings. But don't give up if you start. Good luck!
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By: Kristi B.
Midwest Scooters Inc.
These guys are awesome! I just went in today because my variator that I had purchased 2 months ago had went bad. The guy remembered me from when I bought it and he replaced it with a brand new one immediately! I must admit that I was a bit nervous about taking it back. You know, you just never know about automotive service centers and their warranty policies, most seem to always find a way to blame the customer, thereby avoiding having to honor any warranty.(and btw, being a female, as I am, I experience this quite frequently) But Not these guys! They didn't bat an eye before standing behind their word! Thanks guys! You have restored my faith that there are still a FEW honest mechanics out there!
By: Jack G.
Dreyer Motorsports
As a new rider, I came to Dreyer, not knowing what to expect. I decided to buy a small motorcycle, and try to learn to ride on my own. I was pleasantly surprised to discover they offer training on site! I ended buying the bike last May and taking the training in June. The instructors were a little tough, but I understood they had my best interests at heart. I learned a lot, and passed the class.Anyway, I had a great experience at Dreyers. I bought my bike, and the parts department helped me with accessorizing it. I have no complaints, and in fact, I would recommend Dreyers to everyone!
By: Ben C.
Victory Drive V-Twins
I have just recently started going to Victory Drive. And I knew from the get go that these people would take care of my needs, and that they were very knowledegable about getting the parts you need, or whatever you need fixed, etc. They really know what they are doing, and will help you with whatever is needed. I will never trust anyone else with my bike. I would recommend this place to everyone I know.
By: thewritestuffindy
Midwest Scooters Inc.
Midwest Scooters actually moved, and you should know about it, because they're THE best scooter store in Indy, bar none! They offer foreign (Asian)-made scooters and mopeds at extremely reasonable prices!They're now located at 3401 N. Shadeland Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46226 1-866-541-3700 or local 317-541-3700. Here's their website: Note: they're not open on Sundays.
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By: J.r. H.
Midwest Scooters Inc.
Don' Believe the Hype!Midwest scooters is awesome! They are knowledgeable and know what they are doing! I can't believe the reviews I read that say very unfair things. Go to Midwest scooters. These guys know what they are doing! Remember give me substance and knowledge over appearance and perky smiles any day!!!!!!!
By: Haley S.
Midwest Scooters Inc.
Very knowledgeable, honest staff, friendly family ran business. Not only did they saved me $$$ on fixing my old scooter(which has never ran better ty!) but also got a great deal on a new one for my son. I'll never go anywhere else. Best place in Indy.Thanks M.W.S.
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By: John F.
Victory Drive V-Twins
My experience was outstanding... They explained everything in detail and completed the work in a timely fashion... Very reasonable price as well. I will definitely use this shop again!
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By: Ryan G.
Victory Drive V-Twins
Best motorcycle shop in Indy. Good folks that care as much about your ride as you. I have been taking my bikes there since 2008 and have never been disappointed.
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By: Robert H.
Cycle-Re-Cycle Part II
called about a motor for a 81 yamaha ,the people here where very helpfull,took time toanswer questions, i had,and some i didnt think ove. see them on the 4th.

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