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By: Carla P.
Indiana State Police
Why is it that every site I go to no matter what way I type it in, it cannot give me Williams,Indiana's police dept. info, not the phone number, not even the damn name comes up? I've been on here for half of the day typing it in every way I can think of from all of Indiana's police departments, to Williams police dept, indiana state police dept. an using their sites Notta, Nothing!!! & I am trying to find my dad for my son as well as for my self to let him know tht his youngest kid is dying, I've been able to locate him all the way to Williams,Indiana but IDK his number nor can I find tht so I figure call the police dept. there & tell them his name as well as the address along with whts going on & tht I need them to try & locate him an get tht message to my dad as well as give him my phone#. If anyone can or know's how to get a hold to Williams,Indiana's police department please e-mail me the info. my name is Carla Pearson & my email is : . I live in Indpls.,Ind. my phone # is 317)602-6601 my dad's name is Carl Otis Mosteller born 1940. to Ross Mosteller sr.& Mary Mosteller their his parents both deceased. :( please help, like I said I am terminally ill, an I need to get ahold to my dad please?. ty
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By: Rosemarie G.
Indiana State Police
This morning around 9:30 I was on the Toll Road in Portage,IN on mile marker 22 heading west for an appointment at Rush Medical Center in Chicago. I must have hit something because all at once heard the loud noise. I didn't know what to do so I called 911 & they called the State. Within 5 minutes a State Trouper arrived. He said he would change the tire & had me pull to the Plaza which was like once city block. He put my spare on & found it was leaking. He gave me the name of three tire stores & I called one. Because the tire was leaking he lead me to the store to be sure I got there OK. I forgot to get his name, but I truly appreciate him and want you to know what a great person he is. If things don't change we won't have anyone who want to be a policemen anymore. God Bless you all!!!!
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By: Judy S.
Indiana State Police
Saturday June 21st I was in Evansville, Indiana leaving the area by Texas Roadhouse. My meal ticket is stamped as being 2:15PM. I was making a right hand turn to go up to I-69 and I had the right of way. As I got half way into my turn I saw a white car and it looked like it was going to hit me. After the car turned I saw that it was a State Trooper, who had make a U turn. He had been going west on the Lloyd and made the U-turn at the light in order to go east. This scared the crap out of me. He should have looked to see what was happening with traffic and yes I had my turn signal on.Judy StockHaubstadt, Indiana
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By: Kathleen G.
Indiana State Police
My car stopped on 82 nd street and I was stranded for over an hour and a half with traffic flying by. Officer Terry Trevon stopped and said for me to sit in his car while waiting for the tow truck to arrive. This gentleman waited with me for over 40 minutes while off duty. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. He said he's been on the force 23 years. I just wanted to tell you what a credit he is to the State Police. ��������
By: Major W.
Indiana State Police
This is the wrong contact information for the Indiana State Police. The correct is as follows:Indiana State Police Headquarters100 N. Senate Avenue, IGCN Rm. 340Indianapolis IN. 46204Tx. 317 - 232 - 8248
By: gigi.woods1
City Of Indianapolis
I love this Office. I was very pleased with the automated service. It was very accurate,and I was pleased with all the options I was given.Thank you very much. Sincerely: Gigi Woods.

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