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By: claudiapenn
Urban Styles Furniture
My husband and I bought the most comfortable sofa we've ever owned at the Urban Styles store in Castleton, IN. We were having a LOT of trouble trying to get our color scheme worked out. We had the colors picked out for the room but we couldn't find any interesting styles that weren't the same old browns and blacks that everybody in the state has. We worked with a salesman named Jimi who spent almost 2 hours with us. I know he showed us a hundred different sofas (many were in really vivid colors), it just really made it easier to find that perfect one for our room. I had no idea that anybody had that many sofas to show. I'm not sure whether the other stores we went to didn't have many or they just didn't want to take the time to show them to us. Either way, thanks to Jimi (our new furniture guy) and the Urban Styles store. I know we'll go back there and really hope a lot of people give them a try. It is a "really" cool store. The service was great.Claudia
By: indianapolisgirl32
Furniture For Less
I went into Furniture for Less with low expectations. Initially I was annoyed by the salesman reclining on a couch on his cell phone, completely oblivious to my presence. Next, I was surprised by a dining set that I actually really liked, followed by a different salesman offering a great price on the set. He also promised delivery two days after my purchase, so I was stoked.Then I got home and saw the reviews about the delivery problems and got very nervous. I called FFL the next day, double and triple confirming the delivery, just in case. They promised that my set was in stock at the warehouse and would be delivered the next day. According to everyone's word, my set was delivered exactly on time and in near-perfect condition. The delivery and set-up guys were great, and I love my set. The only hang-up is that the set was missing two nuts that screw the legs to the base of the table. I'm supposed to call and have the company send them over to be installed. Overall, VERY satisfied with my purchase.
By: bonniemayhew
Urban Styles Furniture
I think everyone needs to hear this. I bought a new dining room suite for my daughter's wedding present. Time didn't seem to be too much of an issue when we ordered it because the wedding wasn't going to happen until 2 weeks later. An illness in the groom's family caused the wedding to be moved ahead a week, which left me without my daughter's gift. I talked to Mike, the store manager, and explained my dilemna and I just knew nothing could be done because the order was not going to get there any sooner. Mike spent the next 2 hours on the phone and with internet contacts and found my set at a store in Seymour, IN. He sent their company truck an hour and a half south to purchase the dining set for us so we'd have it in time for the wedding. I've never seen a company go so far to make a customer happy. And, believe me, we're happy. The Urban Styles store in Castleton, IN is where I'll recommend ALL of my friends and associates do their furniture shopping. Thanks so much, guys. Incredible.
By: Tim H.
Furniture For Less
Just wrote the following review and neglected to put in my sale number which was 4922:I had a great experience with Furniture for less and my salesman Ken Floyd. He did not pressure me, was considerate and thorough when answering my questions, went out of his way to move furniture so I could consider combinations of tables with the couch I picked out, and delivered on every promise he made to me with regard to delivery and service. The delivery men, Marion and Josh, were considerate, efficient, personable, and professional. I am happy with my furniture, it was delivered on time, and when I called to ask Ken to assist me in an additional sale he took care of me over the phone with the same level of professionalism he did in the store. Heather, who I spoke with on the phone, also assisted me in a kind a considerate manner and did exactly what she committed to do on my behalf. I would shop here again without a second thought. Thank you all for a great experience. Tim H.
By: rachaelmartin
Urban Styles Furniture
I actually just went into the Urban Styles store to look. This didn't go over very well at the other 2 stores we visited. But, we were greeted as soon as we walked through the door and everyone was very pleasant. We initially spoke to a young man named Zeke. We told him that we were just looking and trying to get ideas for the home we're building. He was still courteously attentive and made himself available to answer our questions and offer ideas and support. It became obvious that the staff actually enjoys being there and that really made us feel at ease. As we were leaving, Zeke presented us with notes that he had been taking, along with available discounts and specials that we can use. My husband and I have already determined that the Urban Styles store will be the store to furnish our new home. We highly suggest that everyone gives this store a won't be disappointed. It's actually a lot of fun.Rachael and Terry M.
By: richardbailey92
Urban Styles Furniture
I was so impressed by the way this store is run that I had to write a review. I got a new house and wanted new furniture to go in it. After stopping at several other places in that area I realized this Urban Styles store was by far the most willing to work with me on prices. The fact that my sales guy Mike told me that "the more I bought, the more I'd save" played right into what I was looking to do. I bought several things there, including a recliner sofa and love seat, a dining set, bed and mattress. He was able to package it all together and ultimately saved me about 30% off the regular prices. Everything was delivered and assembled for what I believe was a "very" reasonable price and with no complications. I gotta say that I am extremely pleased with my purchase and this will be my furniture store. I will recommend it to others.Richard BaileyIndianapolis
By: kerryl0101
Urban Styles Furniture
I just had my new mattress and boxsprings delivered this morning. That's important because our delivery was set up for Monday but an appointment conflict on my end made that impossible. I called the manager at the furniture store (Mike) and asked if there was any way that we could move it up to today (Saturday). He said he would see what he could do. Mike called back and said that their company delivery had no slots left for today but he had contacted an outside delivery service (at his expense) and they brought my things about a half hour ago (on a Saturday morning.) These people have been great for us from start to a very happy finish. I really doubt if any other store would have gone to that much trouble and expense for a client. Thanks to Mike and his crew. You've made a long-term customer.Kerry in Indianapolis, IN
By: royce.morelos
Mattress Firm Clearance
The beds we bought from there are great. I had a problem with one of the managers there that made me question their customer service. We had bought beds 7 months ago and there was some problems with the deliveries and that all got straighten out. My mom and I came back after 7 months to discuss their promotion and other things that we kinda misunderstood. The regional manager was there (he was bald and wore glasses) I didn't catch his name, but he was very rude to us when we were discussing our issues. But the other customer that was buying merchandise he was extremely nice. To me that is not good customer service and it is really making me think of the next bed purchase. The beds are great just watch out when you have questions about other issues cause some need a refresher course in customer service.
By: lenurse
Furniture For Less
A couple months ago we purchased a special order sofa and some other items and our sales man (a manager) was fantastic at that time. We changed the order and had some issues. We waited over a month for our refund to be processed due to a miscommunication. The managers were hard to get in touch with and didn't return our calls in a timely manner. We did eventually get the refund. The overall quality of the furniture was good, although we have had to have some repairs made (extra stuffing in the arm rests) and are waiting on the repair people again now as they only service this area every 4 weeks. We are ordering a chair to match the special order sofa and we were given a discount for our troubles.
By: Joanna O.
Furniture For Less
I had been shopping around for bunk beds, and they have the best sale prices and quality compared to other furniture stores located near by. I did receive a deal on my bunk bed with delivery and assembly. So they will work with you. Greg white and Scott Able helped me with my buy. They did not pressure us at all. As for the delivery, I had my item shipped the next day and the guys that assemble the furniture will call before they arrive. And they are very quick and efficient and polite. Overall I have a pretty awesome experience and my kids love their new bunk bed! I will be coming back to purchase any other furniture I may need in the future. Sale # 17783

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