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By: Jill M.
The Wigglebutt Doghouse
I cannot say enough great things about this daycare. I have recommended this place to SEVERAL friends and rescue groups. While the person below was upset about a scheduling issue, this has not been the case for my family, my rescue group family or coworkers that have attended Wigglebutt since its opening. The owners, Ben and Nardra are some of the most rescue friendly people I know. They work closely with many groups in our city to help with temporary boarding of foster dogs. Although I am a long time customer, there have been a couple of times when I make a last minute call and they are full and I can't get in. I GET THAT! I understand that the line has to be drawn. I know first hand also that they have been full and have taken my dogs because they were aware of a family emergency. When I was unaware of a cut my dog had on his pad, they found it and called me. I was able to get my dog into the vet immediately. The wound was a couple of days old and I was SO gateful they found it. This business donates weekly passes to rescue goups for fundraising raffles. They organize a team for the MuttStrutt each year. Their workers volunteer for rescue group events. The facility is clean and well cared for. All four of our dogs go to Wigglebutt. All of them have some "special needs" in one way or another, either behaviorally or health. The staff has ALWAYS worked closely with our family to make sure everything is taken care of. I have NEVER been disappointed by this business and give it 5 stars...would give 10 if I could.
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By: Seth F.
Snipits Pet Salon
PLEASE READ:::Several months back my wife and I took out cavachon to SnipIts Peter Salon.Three things that could improve with this whole situation: first, pay attention to what is going on in your business. You should never gain knowledge of an incident occurring for the fist time in front of the customer. Second, the dogs arent going to behave as you want at all times. Mind what you say to the dogs when customers are present (some hateful things said to dogs not coperating well in the back) These dogs are the customers' babies. Third, I understand it was the groomer's fault/accident, but as the owner or manager step up and pay the amount owed and speak to the employee in private about how you want them to pay not in front of the customer. The groomer already felt horrible about the situation to begin with. For these reasons my wife and I have not returned and won't. The reason NOT being our dog got accidentally snipped, but how the manager/owner handled it. Respectfully reviewed.
By: boxermom130
Puppy Playground
Hi Amber,I have never left my 5 year old boxer at a puppy playground before. I was very nerves about this and my dog was very nerves as well. I didn't know how this was going to work. As we walked in they were very friendly and came right out to greet my dog. He was still very scared and was not sure what was going on. Well this over protected mommy called 3 times during his half day there and everyone who answered the phone was very sweet and gave me updates. The first one was he was following around the workers, the next one was he is playing with the dogs and they final one was he is having a great time. I went and pick him up and I do believe he didn't want to leave. They had him playing in the pool and he was loving every bit of his play time there. This place is great and my dog will be back at least once a week to play!!!!Thank you Puppy Playground for your wonderful service and staff!!
By: Cathy M.
J & J Pet Grooming
Great 1st time experience! Got an appointment right away on a Saturday. My schedule is crazy at best, so wow! My 8 yr. old German Shepherd Kita was done quickly, I got a call at time estimated, but couldn't pick her up right away, and they were very accommodating! When I got there, she looked beautiful and she was happy. They did the best haircut she has ever had! She didn't look nervous at all. I get her cut every summer because I could brush her till the cows come home and I get enough hair for a new dog every time! Plus, she gets miserably hot! They are definitely my go to groomer from now on! Thank you for such a great job! Oh!, and did I mention how reasonably priced they are?!
By: lostangel_us
A Shag N' Waggin Mobile Pet Grooming
I have been using this grooming service for about 5 years now. The groomer comes to your house and all he asks is that you have a place for him to plug in his electricity. Other than that, he runs the cord, sweeps the pup away, and they come back within 30 minutes fresh, clipped, & clean! No drive time, and no trauma for your pooch by having him/her stuck in a crate or kennel. I think the best part for me is knowing that my dog is being pampered and having a pleasurable experience. She is always glad to see him and is excited when she comes back in to 'show off her new do'. :-) A++ service. Thanks A Shag'N'Waggin!
By: Morgan M.
Bark Tutor
I have been nothing but impressed with the professionalism and talent the trainers at Bark Tutor have shown. Our puppy absolutely loved to go there every day and was so much better behaved when he was done. The preschool sessions really gave him a basis for behavior that would have taken much longer at home. In addition, it gave him much needed socialization during the days during a critical learning period that has made him more confident and less fearful towards other people and dogs. I absolutely love this business and look forward to sending Pickles back for high school.
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By: Gerry S.
Just The Basics
This place was recommended to me so I gave them a call. Nobody answered but the message on the machine says nail trimmings are walk ins only. So we loaded up the puppies and made are way there. Once there the open sign was on but a hand written note says the door would stay locked while the dogs were being washed & to knock on the window. So I did and I saw someone inside and all the dogs were barking. After waiting 15 minutes we packed up and left. Gave them two stars because of the recommendations but my experience has me not sure what to think, very disappointed!
By: Jason S.
Hippie Hounds
It was always a chore taking our Siberian husky Bruiser to get groomed.The place we were taking him to - they constantly complained about what a pain he was - and we never really felt comfortable leaving him there.After 3 trips to Toni - he now gets excited about going when he realizes where we are at.Toni has always been great with him - you can clearly tell she is an "animal" person.And she does great work on his never ending coat.I would highly recommend Hippie Hounds to anyone looking for an awesome groomer!
By: jeffrey.judson
A Shag N' Waggin Mobile Pet Grooming
We have been using this company since moving to Indianapolis in 2001. They are great!!! They have taken care of both are Rottweilers. And our present Rottweiler is quite a challenge as he does not like the grooming experience at all with anyone. I always feel so comfortable turning my animals over to the them because I know they are going to be well taken care of. The price can not be beat by anyone in this area. Again I can not say enough good about them.
By: Cacilia H.
J & J Pet Grooming
Goodbye, winter bulk; Hello, summer svelte!! The fine ladies at J&J Grooming took my dog's coat from hot and heavy, to short and sizzling in no time. My furry friend has some serious emotional issues with blow dryers, but the staff helped her feel comfortable while shedding her locks. She looked smooth and still got to keep some of her fur without have to go bald on her backside just because it would be easier for the groomer.
Tips & Advices
Pets that do not get along with other animals may incur an additional fee. Some facilities have special solitary sleeping and play animals for these types of pets.
A checklist for what to bring to a pet kennel includes:
  • Vaccination records
  • A favorite toy or blanket
  • Food and feeding instructions (if the pet has dietary restrictions or is a picky eater)
  • Medication (if necessary, in its original bottle and with written instructions)
Some pet kennels have veterinarians as part of their daily staff, while others only have vets part time or on call.
Most kennels can provide basic care such as administering medications, but owners of pets with serious medical issues should choose a facility with a veterinarian on call.
Bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough, is highly contagious, and most dogs catch it at least once in their lifetimes. As such, all dogs should be vaccinated at least 7 days before boarding.

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