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By: greeneggz
The signs say "Charlie Biggs", but there is an "Eduardo's" sign in plain text letters on the front door.This is on the north side of Raymond, between Keystone and Churchman. Look for the Burger King, and it's in between Burger King and Keystone Ave.It pretty much looks like an inner-city fried chicken joint, but it is very clean, including the unisex bathroom. The staples or main offerings are fried chicken and fried fish, but... the big "secret" is their Filipino cuisine. You won't know it's Filipino until you go in and read the menu.One time I had a fried-chicken (American style) combo dinner, with deep fried potato wedges and a cole-slaw side, and it was excellent for a fried-chicken place; crisp on the outside, and tender and juicy, cooked-just-right, on the inside.Another time I had a sample platter of the "menudo" (which is not at all like Mexican or Hispanic menudo, and some "adobo", served over white rice. EXCELLENT! Both of those are pork dishes, I was told. I then had some "Lumpia" small Filipino egg rolls, stuffed with pork. That, and the barbecued pork-on-a-stick are about all the Filipino food they serve during the week.The lady said they have more Filipino cuisine on the weekends.Eduardo's is the main caterer for the Filipino Association (Barangay club) booth at the International Festival. So if you like their food there, you ought to like it at Eduardo's on the weekends.One time I was there they were serving more Filipino cuisine than the adobo/menudo, but it was a special order for a group of Filipinos celebrating someone's birthday. So apparently if you have a group of 7 or more, and arrange with them in advance, they can cater it for dine-in or take out. Otherwise, wait for the weekend. Our group sat next to the birthday group, and we were constantly stealing glances, envying their food.The dining area gets chilly when the exhaust fans are running in the kitchen, and it pulls in the cold air. So dress warmly if you eat in during cold weather.The dining area consists of four tables-for-4, and a counter which seats 3 people. Both times there was a steady stream of take-out customers for the chicken. Though there was one caucasian gentleman who also asked for the Filipino cuisine for take-out.I think this family is doing it right: Their bread-and-butter business is what the working-class neighborhood wants, fried chicken and fish, which pays the bills. But what they love, and enjoy sharing is the Filipino cuisine. (The party of seven celebrating someone's birthday were professional folks who obviously had connections to the owners.) But there is probably not enough demand for a 100% Filipino restaurant to stay in business.Last I checked, they closed at 7pm on weekdays in the winter, so call to check if you want to go later.As far as I know, this is the only Filipino restaurant in the greater Indianapolis metro area.
By: greeneggz
Magoo's California Pizza
This is another unique mom-and-pop ethno-pizza combination along the lines of Brownsburg's Adriatic Pizza, but close by on West 38th street, just west of Georgetown Rd. His business model is similar to Eduardo's "Charlie Biggs Chicken with Filipino-on-the-side," i.e., cater to American tastes to pay the bills, but also share your own speciality on the side.In short: Indian/Pakistani Halal-Zabihah* Pizza !The owner, from either Pakistan or India, wants the restaurant to be known as _American_ cuisine, specifically California style pizza. Their signature pizza crust is crispy on the bottom, and soft and delicate on the top. I loved the crust on the pizza I had, it was not heavy and chewy "industrial dough" like most of the big chains.The menu includes standard American pizza shop fare, cheese sticks, wings, potato wedges, curley fries, onion rings, garlic bread, green salad, Philly steak sub, New York steak sandwich, cheeseburgers, California style cheese pizzas with your selection of the standard toppings (but no pork products), oven baked chicken, and fried chicken pieces.However, the attraction for us ethnic food lovers are the Pakistani items, and the Indian style pizza with ginger.They offer chicken burgers, chappli burgers and chappli kabab, based on Pakistani recipes. Chappli is minced beef with spices.They also have a "Chicken Tikka Pizza," and an Indian style vegetarian pizza with _ginger_. I tried it, and YUM!Their other speciality pizza is a Chicken of Beef combo, with Halal-Zabihah* meat of course. (All meat served in the restaurant is Halal-Zabihah.) The Chicken or Beef combo Pizza comes with either a Red Pizza Sauce, or a Creamy Garlic Sauce.I also had the Indian style vegetarian pizza with ginger. They ask you what level of ginger spice you want. I requested "medium", but that was still enough for the ginger to have a noticeable after-bite, and lingering after-taste. But that's what I like about ginger. The toppings (mushrooms, olives, green peppers, onions, tomatoes) were cut in small pieces, but were generously applied.I'm going back to try the chicken burger and the chappli kabab.But even as a "pizza only" place, it's worth going there just for the pizza.They don't deliver at present, but do have carry out. The dining area is very large, with a large screen TV. They invite you to hold your party there, with free room rental when you order the food from them. Hours are 11am to 10pm.The dining area was clean and orderly, but without decorations. The men's room was cleaner than I expected.-----------------* "Halal" means "permitted/allowed" [meat] (sort of "kosher") to a Muslim, and "zabihah" means it was slaughtered according to Islamic regulations.
By: greeneggz
Himalaya Kabob Korner
This is on the North side of 82nd Street, in front of the Castleton Square mall. It's on the back (North) side of a little out-lot, so you can't see it from 82nd street. You can see "Casual Male" from the street, and Kabob Korner is directly behind it, on the other side of that building.Look for the National City Bank, and turn North there, as if you're going into the mall. Then go right (East), and it's just past Long John Silver's.They close from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, so remember that when you visit.You walk up to the counter to place your order and pay. They bring your food out to your table on a tray and plastic plates. You have to get your own plastic utensils, napkins, and water from the counter.Menu is limited, and posted on a board behind the counter. Kabobs come in sirloin beef, lamb, ground beef, and chicken, and then there are three other entrees. Entrees come with side of long grain rice (basmati I think) and small dinner salad. I really liked the dressing on the salad.Drinks include ice water (self serve), and bottled water/soda/tea, and hot coffee.Prices are good and food quality is worth going out of your way for. It's kind of set up on a fast-food arrangement, so the overall "dining experience" isn't impressive, but the food does impress.The owner works as the cashier, cook, and waiter, and is very personable.Dining area and men's room were very clean.
By: greeneggz
Cugino's Pizza
This is a delivery and take-out place. They are not set up for eating there.This is absolutely the best pizza in Marion county. I'd rate it better than Bazbeaux's, though it's just not as trendy. I'd say the pizza is a cross between Bazbeaux, Chicago-style, and Papa John's in terms of quality.It's not as exotic or "specialty" as Bazbeux's, in terms of the variety of ingredients available, but the quality is there.The pizza crust is home-made perfect. It doesn't have that industrial tasteless-ness of most chains.The sauce is exactly the way I like it. It's flavorful, but doesn't burn or bite going down.The toppings are cut thick and generous.Perfect crust + perfect sauce + thick/generous toppings = Perfect pizza.I used to order regularly from them when I lived in Lawrence, and NEVER had a bad pizza or any complaint.They're across the street from Marsh on Franklin Rd, and south a couple of blocks.
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By: Karen P.
Grambolis Pizza
Four of us went today for the lunch buffet. This was our first visit. I will only speak for myself. The pizza looked really good, but I was disappointed. First of all, the buffet is pizza, bread sticks, bread sticks with a little cinnamon and maybe a trace of sugar, and some noodles with alfredo that no one turned on so they were stone cold. No salad of any kind and it was eight dollars something. There were 6 pizzas to choose from, all deep dish types. Tons of cheese. The sauce was bland and the crust was tasteless in my opinion. There was no marinara or chesse for the greasy breadsticks--they were not garlic either. The price was too high for what they offered. No senior discount, no one to pick up plates, unfriendly cashier, stone cold pasta. I don't care to return.
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By: Mercedes S.
Topper's Pizza
I've been here about three times now, and consistently gotten good food and great service. The prices are great too, especially for downtown Indy and the nearby colleges, making a large pizza cost a little over 10 dollars as opposed to the normal 20 I'm used to seeing. Employees are always nice, friendly, even during college kid rush days and always get your pizza out fast. Last time I even had a problem with my card and while I worked on getting it fixed, the employees continued to treat me like any other customer and helped me through the process. If you're looking for a place to pick up a fast, cheap pizza with great people, Toppers is your place.
By: banjowyatt
The Original Pasquales
Folks, I've been eating pizza for 50 years, and I have eaten pizza here and in 3 different countries (you all know what's coming don't you?), well it's the truth, and here it is, Pasquale's pizza is the best there is and I would drive 50 miles out of my way to get one. The employees there are courteous "when" they can talk with you, but that is rare because they are always running back and forth cooking and waiting on people, and that right there is a testament itself! No, I am not related to the owner, don't even know him or her, I just love there pizza!!!! Can ya tell? ;)
By: lisa.kohnmanvaughan
Bravo Cucina Italiana
Avoid busy times at Bravo. We told the staff that it was my daughter's 10th birthday and they did nothing but hurry us out in 45 minutes. No manager table check, 10 minutes for a beverage order, no wish of a happy birthday. Just quick, quick and turn the table as fast as you can without actually providing a good experience. Not an enjoyable experience with server Devin. Avoid him if at all possible. Shame on the management for not doing their table checks!
By: mohammed.advany
Magoo's California Pizza
If you are Pakistani seeking for a place where every food is zabiha, then you need to stop at Magoos. They have Pakistani foods such chicken tikka, chicken tikka pizza, chapli kabab and several beef pizza's. If you are Muslim or Pakistani and seek zabiha beef restaurant and have not been to Magoo's you should try it some day. I like their (Philly) steak sandwich. They make great zabiha supreme pizza. When we go to Indianapolis, it is a must stop for our family.
By: powers31911
The Old Spaghetti Factory
My kid and me make a yearly trip to this restaurant and always find it to be a GREAT place. Food is excellent, service is good and the waiting time is short. People are always quick to write something bad but would never take the time to put the good things in. I can only say, just go here and be the judge for yourself, I think you would find this place quite pleasent. As always I will be back to get the sicialin garlic bread and spinach tortellini.Powers

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