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By: greeneggz
Lee Supermarket
I can't believe I'm the first to rate this place.This isn't just Asian/Oriental. They also have lots of Hispanic foods, and I always see African immigrants shopping there too. (The current owners are Filipino.)They have a HUGE selection of rice. At least 20 different varieties or brands, in sizes from 5 pounds to 20 pounds. Short grain, long grain, basmati, Thai/Jasmine, brown, and sweet.They have a HUGE selection of asian noodles, regular wheat, plus ramen, somen, soba, rice, bean, and tapioca. They have a HUGE selection of pre-packaged pre-flavored ramen in bowls. They have a HUGE selection of beans.They have a HUGE selection of hispanic spices, a whole rack of probably 3 dozen kinds and styles of chili pepper. They have a HUGE selection of canned goods of hispanic and asian origen. They have a HUGE selection of candies of asian origen.This is another MUST SEE on the West side. They are on the point where Tibbs intersects Lafayette Road. They are on the EAST side of Tibbs, and the WEST (or South-West) side of Lafayette.
By: greeneggz
Brothers Oriental Grocery
This is a well-stocked Asian grocery. Owned by Koreans, and most of the Asian customers are Korean. They have a dry food, canned food, fresh produce, refrigerated and frozen food. Also a small section with rice steamers and cooking/eating utensils and dishes. I go here regularly for brown rice, various somen and soba noodles, ITO-WAKAME (string seaweed), and huge pre-packaged bowls of noodles (with included spice and dehydrated veggies/meat). Another favorite are all the exotic snacks (exotic/weird to us westerners, that is) that I like to take to social gatherings and pot-lucksYou can get bags of various rice from 5 pounds up to 25 or 50 pounds, and ramen by the case.If you're a regular shopper, ask for their VIP bonus card and get 5% credit back on your purchases. The guy who runs it is very nice.
By: Tyra L.
Originally from Northern Indiana, I normally prefer Walmart over Meijer, but the Meijer here was definitely better. I was able to get in and out with exactly what I needed in a short period of time. There was a sales person easily accessible and available when I had a question and they kept self-checkout lanes open, so I didn't have to stand in line for 15-20 minutes, to buy 3 things. The U-scan assistant even smiled, thanked me for my business and wished me a good night. For a single moment, everything was right in my world.
By: Marguerite W.
O'Malia Food Markets
O'Malia Food Market is like finding a rare diamond . I love,love,love the meat counter and deli esp the salad bar. I moved to Indiana a year ago just happened to stop because of the advertisement. The staff was very friendly and helpful. What I love the most is being able to buy fresh meat in the exact amount the I need. I was amazed when the young man that waited on me was very informed etc. Try them you will love it. I give them 10 stars
By: Rena B.
Lowe's Home Improvement
I needed new hinges for a broken cabinet door. I'm good at diy projects but I couldn't find the hinges. I helped another customer find rat traps though. Finally when I was about to give up and go find help someone came to me. I got an education on replacement parts and how to do the job. I left a very satisfied customer. If you stay or find yourself on the northwest side of Indy stop in and shop you will receive service with a smile.
By: Max M.
I really like the grocery section, especially the produce. I do however have to go to Walmart much to often because of how regularly you are out of two items. My wife is a diabetic with a sweet tooth. She eats about a box and a half of sugar free tropical Popsicles A DAY and I buy them by the case when available, but at least half the time you are out. I find you frequently out of sugar free Nestle Hazelnut Coffee-Mate.
By: seanmims
Lowe's Home Improvement
Shopped/shopping here for 10 years. Service comes down to finding someone through the week to help with project questions. The department help is good professionally in that they have a good knowledge of materials. Commercial sales is busy but accommodates orders a little faster than most box stores. Tend to change locations of items too often.
By: j.bastian
Marsh Supermarkets
When I call this store to ask questions they do not treat me like I am bothering them, like other stores do, they want to help you . Actually getting "Great Customer service" in the store and on the phone. What a concept that's seems to be hard to find anymore. Thanks Marsh. Your Customer Julie
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By: sharpjudy
I like this Speedway because the people behind the counter seem very friendly. If there are more than two people in line, they open up a new register and they always jump on the fountain drink lines that have run out...hey, I appreciate that when I really, really, really want a Diet Dew!
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By: sharpjudy
Trader Joe's
Don't forget to get on their mailing list because their flyers are better than a comic book. The only complaint that I have about Trader Joe's is that you can't find staples that everybody needs here...like flour or baking soda.

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