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By: greeneggz
The signs say "Charlie Biggs", but there is an "Eduardo's" sign in plain text letters on the front door.This is on the north side of Raymond, between Keystone and Churchman. Look for the Burger King, and it's in between Burger King and Keystone Ave.It pretty much looks like an inner-city fried chicken joint, but it is very clean, including the unisex bathroom. The staples or main offerings are fried chicken and fried fish, but... the big "secret" is their Filipino cuisine. You won't know it's Filipino until you go in and read the menu.One time I had a fried-chicken (American style) combo dinner, with deep fried potato wedges and a cole-slaw side, and it was excellent for a fried-chicken place; crisp on the outside, and tender and juicy, cooked-just-right, on the inside.Another time I had a sample platter of the "menudo" (which is not at all like Mexican or Hispanic menudo, and some "adobo", served over white rice. EXCELLENT! Both of those are pork dishes, I was told. I then had some "Lumpia" small Filipino egg rolls, stuffed with pork. That, and the barbecued pork-on-a-stick are about all the Filipino food they serve during the week.The lady said they have more Filipino cuisine on the weekends.Eduardo's is the main caterer for the Filipino Association (Barangay club) booth at the International Festival. So if you like their food there, you ought to like it at Eduardo's on the weekends.One time I was there they were serving more Filipino cuisine than the adobo/menudo, but it was a special order for a group of Filipinos celebrating someone's birthday. So apparently if you have a group of 7 or more, and arrange with them in advance, they can cater it for dine-in or take out. Otherwise, wait for the weekend. Our group sat next to the birthday group, and we were constantly stealing glances, envying their food.The dining area gets chilly when the exhaust fans are running in the kitchen, and it pulls in the cold air. So dress warmly if you eat in during cold weather.The dining area consists of four tables-for-4, and a counter which seats 3 people. Both times there was a steady stream of take-out customers for the chicken. Though there was one caucasian gentleman who also asked for the Filipino cuisine for take-out.I think this family is doing it right: Their bread-and-butter business is what the working-class neighborhood wants, fried chicken and fish, which pays the bills. But what they love, and enjoy sharing is the Filipino cuisine. (The party of seven celebrating someone's birthday were professional folks who obviously had connections to the owners.) But there is probably not enough demand for a 100% Filipino restaurant to stay in business.Last I checked, they closed at 7pm on weekdays in the winter, so call to check if you want to go later.As far as I know, this is the only Filipino restaurant in the greater Indianapolis metro area.
By: greeneggz
This place is a simple, but loveable, Mexican taqueria. Just North of Washington Square Mall, at 10th and Mitthoeffer. (NE corner.)This was my first time here. This place has been in business at least two and a half years that I've been aware of. I noticed it while filling up at the next-door Speedway gas station, at least that long ago.I like these hole-in-the-wall humble authentic places that cater to a Mexican clientele. Opening hours (11 am) are posted on the door, but not the closing hours. I asked when they closed and was told "when there are customers, later, and when there aren't customers, earlier."Menu is very limited, with tacos, tortas (sandwiches), and burritos. The tacos are not tex-mex american (or Taco Bell) style, but just some meat in a tortilla. The burrito was the "put the toppings and the sides all inside" style.I was disappointed they didn't have a chicken option for burritos, but they had 8 other options, including tongue, and brains (cesos). I'd avoid eating cow brains, even well-cooked, as that is where the BSE (mad cow disease) resides, in the brain and spinal cord. And temperature doesn't destroy the things that cause BSE, "prions."Weekend menu has more items, but the only one I remember is birria (lamb). Good birria is good, and most of the birria that I've tried in town is good. So if you're at a birria-on-the-weekends place, try it some weekend.You're probably going to think I'm a little generous in my rating. But something about this place really appealed to me. The clientele included families with little kids. The spirit of the place and staff was just right for me. The cook and waitress were confident, friendly, put-you-at-ease types. So I'm giving them my "Linus' Sincere Pumpkin Patch Award".The men's room was out of "papel higienico" but was clean.If you like clean, cozy, friendly, little hole-in-the-walls that serve simple authentic Mexican food, you ought to like it.And they must be doing something right to stay in business this long.
By: greeneggz
Malone's Catering
Classy professional catering. At their venue or yours.I ate at one of their events in 2010 at the Indy West Conference Center, (see their web site.) It was called a "tasting", served as a regular dinner, and I paid for the privilege.They cater food at their own venues, and can cater food to your event at other venues of your choosing.This venue, Indy West Conference Center, can hold over 500 people according to the fire marshall sign on the wall, and to me and the other customers that night, it looked like it easily could.Very large and clean men's room.The chairs were nicely padded, and had springy backs. Very good quality, that you could sit on for hours. They were not like "conference room" chairs at all. They have rectangular tables and circular tables.The event was for prospective bride/groom customers to check out the venue and taste the menu, and if they booked a catered event, they got credit for the cost of the evening's buffet. But since I'm not getting married any time soon, I just paid outright for the buffet. And it was great.Really good quality multi-ingredient salad, and what seemed like home-made raspberry vinagrette dressing. I liked it so much I did not even try the white creamy salad dressing.Dinner rolls were good, not industrial-tasting stuff out of a bag.Veggies were good. New red potatoes, scallopped potatoes, corn, green beans, and a very light and well seasoned vegetable medley. Nothing tasted canned.Meat dishes were lemon chicken, chicken marsala, roast pork loin, fried chicken, and prime rib. The prime rib was excellent! My favorite was the lemon chicken.They didn't have the chocolate fountain (chocolate fondue sort of thing) that time, but I've seen it at other events of their's, and it's something that was well appreciated by the guests whenever I've seen it.The two brides-to-be at my table were very complimentary of Malone's, and it sounded like they were going to use Malone's services.
By: greeneggz
Himalaya Kabob Korner
This is on the North side of 82nd Street, in front of the Castleton Square mall. It's on the back (North) side of a little out-lot, so you can't see it from 82nd street. You can see "Casual Male" from the street, and Kabob Korner is directly behind it, on the other side of that building.Look for the National City Bank, and turn North there, as if you're going into the mall. Then go right (East), and it's just past Long John Silver's.They close from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, so remember that when you visit.You walk up to the counter to place your order and pay. They bring your food out to your table on a tray and plastic plates. You have to get your own plastic utensils, napkins, and water from the counter.Menu is limited, and posted on a board behind the counter. Kabobs come in sirloin beef, lamb, ground beef, and chicken, and then there are three other entrees. Entrees come with side of long grain rice (basmati I think) and small dinner salad. I really liked the dressing on the salad.Drinks include ice water (self serve), and bottled water/soda/tea, and hot coffee.Prices are good and food quality is worth going out of your way for. It's kind of set up on a fast-food arrangement, so the overall "dining experience" isn't impressive, but the food does impress.The owner works as the cashier, cook, and waiter, and is very personable.Dining area and men's room were very clean.
By: hugo2k99
El Azabache Mexican Restaurant
Visited this restaurant on Friday afternoon. The service was alright, got seated right away, chips and salsa was brought within a couple of minutes and the waitress took our order soon after. The food was a different story, while it was not bad, it wasn't anything to be excited about either. The food was lacking any type of flavor, it was plain and simple. Prices were about the same as most Mexican Restaurants but flavor wise, it left a lot to be desired. On my visit, I saw a lot customers(couples) eating there. Unfortunately, I won't visit this restaurant again. I have visited many Mexican restaurants and the lack of flavor of the food on this one is a deal breaker for me.
By: victoria.steinberg.50
Taste Like Home Cooking
Everything was wonderful and tasted great! Ms. Henderson provided great customer service and she worked with my family's budget. We planned a last minute family gathering last month and my dad loves soul food. A mutual friend of Ms. Hendserson told me about her new business so we thought why not? Taste LikeHome Cooking prices were reasonable and we got a free tasting, It was soooo good!!! We highly recommend it... Thank you for everything, you will hear from us again. : )
By: blessedbex3
La Parada
We really enjoy our meals at La Parada. The food is always very good and the quality is always the best. The service is sometimes a bit slow, but that may be because they are always very busy. My children and I spend our celebration dinner here all the time, and will continue to do so in the future.
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By: michellec5
Zest-Exciting Food Creations
Had the opportunity to try out Zest for lunch today ---- Wow! Have I been missing something. Friendly atmosphere and great food! I had the salad trio and it was awesome...heard from the patron at the table next to me that the mac and cheese is to die for! Looking forward to a return trip!
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By: suzanne2316
QDOBA Mexican Eats
Visiting this Qdoba's is always a great experience. It is always clean, and the service is fast and friendly. A friend that I was with one day even got to do the chicken dance and won a free lunch. The manager is a real nut but a fun guy!
By: Debra M.
Legend Classic Irvington Cafe The
Great food. Whether you go for lunch or dinner the food is always excellent and the service is great. Irvington has such a great charm to it as well. It's like a grown up Broad Ripple! Love it and love the Legend!

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