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By: greeneggz
This place is a simple, but loveable, Mexican taqueria. Just North of Washington Square Mall, at 10th and Mitthoeffer. (NE corner.)This was my first time here. This place has been in business at least two and a half years that I've been aware of. I noticed it while filling up at the next-door Speedway gas station, at least that long ago.I like these hole-in-the-wall humble authentic places that cater to a Mexican clientele. Opening hours (11 am) are posted on the door, but not the closing hours. I asked when they closed and was told "when there are customers, later, and when there aren't customers, earlier."Menu is very limited, with tacos, tortas (sandwiches), and burritos. The tacos are not tex-mex american (or Taco Bell) style, but just some meat in a tortilla. The burrito was the "put the toppings and the sides all inside" style.I was disappointed they didn't have a chicken option for burritos, but they had 8 other options, including tongue, and brains (cesos). I'd avoid eating cow brains, even well-cooked, as that is where the BSE (mad cow disease) resides, in the brain and spinal cord. And temperature doesn't destroy the things that cause BSE, "prions."Weekend menu has more items, but the only one I remember is birria (lamb). Good birria is good, and most of the birria that I've tried in town is good. So if you're at a birria-on-the-weekends place, try it some weekend.You're probably going to think I'm a little generous in my rating. But something about this place really appealed to me. The clientele included families with little kids. The spirit of the place and staff was just right for me. The cook and waitress were confident, friendly, put-you-at-ease types. So I'm giving them my "Linus' Sincere Pumpkin Patch Award".The men's room was out of "papel higienico" but was clean.If you like clean, cozy, friendly, little hole-in-the-walls that serve simple authentic Mexican food, you ought to like it.And they must be doing something right to stay in business this long.
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By: Raymond. V.
La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
This is the best Mexican restaurant of all the chain of all the ,La Haciendas and their prices are very reasonable. Their wait staff is very efficient very friendly and they remember you and that's a very nice thing. I said their prices are very fair. I have never measured there 12 or 16 ounce but it's suggested that you order the small pitcher. I've never heard a complaint about their margaritas . I like the large Stein of beer is like 34 ounces and I particularly like Dos Equis amber. it would be good to make sure you get there early on Friday there is usually a line in the evenings Fridays Saturdays l restaurant of all the chain of la l is and the prices are very reasonable. No wait staff is very efficient very friendly and I remember you and that's a great thing. Like I said the prices are very fair I've never measured there 12 verse 16 ounce margaritas bob hearing that you're the best. I like a large steiner beers like 34 ounces and I particularly like to say use amber. One of the few places that I feel good about recommending to friends or family or strangers.
By: greeneggz
Lee Supermarket
I can't believe I'm the first to rate this place.This isn't just Asian/Oriental. They also have lots of Hispanic foods, and I always see African immigrants shopping there too. (The current owners are Filipino.)They have a HUGE selection of rice. At least 20 different varieties or brands, in sizes from 5 pounds to 20 pounds. Short grain, long grain, basmati, Thai/Jasmine, brown, and sweet.They have a HUGE selection of asian noodles, regular wheat, plus ramen, somen, soba, rice, bean, and tapioca. They have a HUGE selection of pre-packaged pre-flavored ramen in bowls. They have a HUGE selection of beans.They have a HUGE selection of hispanic spices, a whole rack of probably 3 dozen kinds and styles of chili pepper. They have a HUGE selection of canned goods of hispanic and asian origen. They have a HUGE selection of candies of asian origen.This is another MUST SEE on the West side. They are on the point where Tibbs intersects Lafayette Road. They are on the EAST side of Tibbs, and the WEST (or South-West) side of Lafayette.
By: greeneggz
Brothers Oriental Grocery
This is a well-stocked Asian grocery. Owned by Koreans, and most of the Asian customers are Korean. They have a dry food, canned food, fresh produce, refrigerated and frozen food. Also a small section with rice steamers and cooking/eating utensils and dishes. I go here regularly for brown rice, various somen and soba noodles, ITO-WAKAME (string seaweed), and huge pre-packaged bowls of noodles (with included spice and dehydrated veggies/meat). Another favorite are all the exotic snacks (exotic/weird to us westerners, that is) that I like to take to social gatherings and pot-lucksYou can get bags of various rice from 5 pounds up to 25 or 50 pounds, and ramen by the case.If you're a regular shopper, ask for their VIP bonus card and get 5% credit back on your purchases. The guy who runs it is very nice.
By: April K.
La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
The food here is EXCELLENT! My husband always gets the Chicken Tortilla Soup. And he LOVE it! I eat vegan and they were more than happy to accommodate me. HOWEVER... I ordered a 16oz. Margarita and when they brought it I even questioned if it was 16oz's the waitress said yes! But it looked small to my husband & I. So my thrifty husband asked for a water...poured our water into his 12oz. Beer bottle and GUESS WHAT?????? The 16oz. Margarita was only 12oz. We asked for the manager and he said that that was the 16oz. size and showed us the 12oz. size. But it is FRAUD!!! The 12oz. is 10 and the 16oz. Is 12oz. I hate to be RIP OFF THIS WAY! At least wait until I'm drunk to put the screws to me ! : (
By: hugo2k99
El Azabache Mexican Restaurant
Visited this restaurant on Friday afternoon. The service was alright, got seated right away, chips and salsa was brought within a couple of minutes and the waitress took our order soon after. The food was a different story, while it was not bad, it wasn't anything to be excited about either. The food was lacking any type of flavor, it was plain and simple. Prices were about the same as most Mexican Restaurants but flavor wise, it left a lot to be desired. On my visit, I saw a lot customers(couples) eating there. Unfortunately, I won't visit this restaurant again. I have visited many Mexican restaurants and the lack of flavor of the food on this one is a deal breaker for me.
By: Tyra L.
Originally from Northern Indiana, I normally prefer Walmart over Meijer, but the Meijer here was definitely better. I was able to get in and out with exactly what I needed in a short period of time. There was a sales person easily accessible and available when I had a question and they kept self-checkout lanes open, so I didn't have to stand in line for 15-20 minutes, to buy 3 things. The U-scan assistant even smiled, thanked me for my business and wished me a good night. For a single moment, everything was right in my world.
By: Marguerite W.
O'Malia Food Markets
O'Malia Food Market is like finding a rare diamond . I love,love,love the meat counter and deli esp the salad bar. I moved to Indiana a year ago just happened to stop because of the advertisement. The staff was very friendly and helpful. What I love the most is being able to buy fresh meat in the exact amount the I need. I was amazed when the young man that waited on me was very informed etc. Try them you will love it. I give them 10 stars
By: Max M.
I really like the grocery section, especially the produce. I do however have to go to Walmart much to often because of how regularly you are out of two items. My wife is a diabetic with a sweet tooth. She eats about a box and a half of sugar free tropical Popsicles A DAY and I buy them by the case when available, but at least half the time you are out. I find you frequently out of sugar free Nestle Hazelnut Coffee-Mate.
By: j.bastian
Marsh Supermarkets
When I call this store to ask questions they do not treat me like I am bothering them, like other stores do, they want to help you . Actually getting "Great Customer service" in the store and on the phone. What a concept that's seems to be hard to find anymore. Thanks Marsh. Your Customer Julie

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