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By: lrobert1245
Edwards Transmissions - Keystone
I was amazed at how well the southport road store is run. I have heard some bad reviews about them so I'm not going to lie I was skeptical about going to them but I'm glad I did. Marty and greg instantly greeted me as I walked through the door and even though they were busy they made sure i was taken care of right away. Greg offered me a ride home and within a few hours marty was calling me to tell me the diagnostic results of my car. It ended up that I did need a transmission which was a bummer but they fixed it at a cost that I could afford although i didn't want to lol and they made sure to explain the warranty so if I ever have any issues I can take it bac kto them!
By: krushem89
Edwards Transmissions - Keystone
Rich is such a nice guy!!! I can't even say how scared I was when my poor little car started shifting so hard when it was going into gear I just knew that it was going to be exepensive and students don't make a whole lot of money!!! I went to Rich and the first thing he did was tell me that evertying would be fine, I know this sounds cheesey but it really made me feel better. he ended up looking at the car for free and it turns out it was just a simple part on the outside of the transmission, they had my car fixed the same day and although it did cost some money it was little enough that I could afford to pay it without calling my parents lol.
By: ewalters129
Edwards Transmission
I was very impressed with the service I got at edwards transmissions in greenwood. The manager there rodney was very kind and professional and I was amazed at how clean the shop was for being a mechanics shop, normally those kinds of places are pretty dirty but you could tell that he took pride in his business and made sure that his guys kept it clean. A++ to this company.
By: gbrown4556
Edwards Transmissions - Keystone
Edwards on keystone is great, these guys actually waited almost an hour after they closed on saturday just so I could come pick up my car after I got off work, they understood that I HAD to hve my car on monday and rich totally shocked me by offering to stick around after he closed just so I could get it, thanks a million rich!!!!!!!
By: jcassa5656
Edwards Transmissions - Keystone
Rich at the keystone location was a great help when I needed to get my car fixed. He was super friendly and was able to find some cheaper parts to fix my car to keep the cost down which meant to world ot me. I'll definitely be going back to rich for anything else I ever need for my car and you should too!
By: bwilliams4556
Edwards Transmissions - Keystone
It was really nice to have a mechanic around like buddy that seems to know everything there is to konw about cars lol. He explained a lot to me on my ride home from the shop and was always available to talk to whenever I called in. Thanks again buddy you put my mind to ease with all your answers!
By: mraab4456
Edwards Transmissions - Keystone
man I was freaking out when I brought my car in but it turns out it was just a wheel bearing. I respected the fact that edwards fixed what was wrong and ONLY fixed waht was wrong, they didnt' try to upsell me on a bunch of crap and for that I'll be back when I need more work, thanks edwards!
By: scoomer7830
Edwards Transmissions - Keystone
thanks again marty for fixing the car so fast, thankfully it was just that prindle piece that was causing the car to act like that lol I sure dodged a bullet there@! It was nice that I was able to bring my car in and have it fixed in the same day, that doesn't happen often!
By: lgeorge7788
Edwards Transmission
I have to finish paying off my bill before I can pick the truck up but I did take it on a test drive after they fixed it and it's working great. It's rally nice that john isn't charging me anything extra while I pay off the bill, he understands that we arent all rich...
By: meekc741
Edwards Transmissions - Keystone
they had to order in some special parts from the dealer so it took a few extra days to repair my vehicle but overall I have to say that they did an amazing job. I havne't had a single issue with my vehicle so far and it's running like a dream. A+ work in my book.

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