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By: Missy C.
Designer Consignor Boutique
there are only 5 stars? :( this place needs more. Designer Consigner Boutique is an adorable women's resale store that sells bridal/fromal gowns As well as selling Designer Purses, shoes & clothes. They have the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen. The Prom Dresses are stunning! Looks like they carry casual items and wedding & formals. I came in with my mother looking for a wedding gown and a mother of the bride dress for her. The gowns that are preowned look new without the high price tags. They made looking for a dress extra special for me and my mom. They had a large selection and I believe we tried on them all. The owner was there and she herself gave us one on one attention with every gown and question we had. She was so very sweet & knew exactly what she was doing and about every gown. She allowed us to take our time. We were there for hours trying to decide on two dresses which I loved and wanted one for myself and the other for my mom. It was closing time and the owner blowed me away by locking the doors but telling mom & I to take our time because she would wait for us. Mom & I ended up getting both dresses which we looked beautiful in. I am so glad I found this adorable Bridal and Formal Store. They sure know what they are doing and they sure know how to deliver top notch customer service. My big day will be a hit in these stunning gowns. I won't hesitate to recommend Designer Consigner Boutique to anyone I know getting married, going to the prom or needing a formal or special occasion dress. I plan on going back and shopping for the designer purses & sweaters next. This place is wonderful. I can't thank them enough for their kindness & help.
By: leslie.a.barnes.9
Therapy Hair
My family has been using tHairapy Salon (and before that Absolute Style) for over 7 years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. They have a variety of stylists, and we've used several over the years all with great results. The stylists listen to our concerns, make recommendations, and execute their services with professionalism, even taking extra time days later to make it right if needed. When my daughter dyed her own hair and was ready to switch back, Trisha spent hours working to help restore her color. My husband has very difficult, curly hair, and this is the only salon he's been excited to return to. For me, I love the recommendations to new styles and always receive compliments and inquiries. The salon is an active member of the community, supporting the local schools and festivals. Come check them out at the Irvington Halloween Festival.
By: Laura G.
Designer Consignor Boutique
I love this cute boutique. It is simply adorable. I first ordered from them online and when I received my Dooney & Bourke Purse I was thrilled to learn that they had a store in my state only 30 minutes from me. Then when I found out they buy items from women I knew I had to go to the store. I took several Michael Kors purses in for them to buy and was thrilled with the price they gave me for them. Nothing like the other places that buy from you and don't give you a fair price. I love having a store just 30 minutes from me where I can buy and sell at the same time with honest friendly people. Designer Brands plus formals and all the prices are great. I don't know how they do it but I'm sure glad they do. This is my favorite Resale Store by far in Indiana. Everyone must go here to sell their stuff or shop. They're great.
By: Samantha P.
Pinky Eyebrows
Great place, a little sparse on interior decoration, but it looks like they are just getting on their feet. Very clean place. I spoke with the one employee (manager? owner? her son was the only other person there) and she knew her stuff. She has been doing threading for five years. She recommended castor oil for thin outer part of my eyebrows. During the appointment she was very careful while threading, but quick. She trimmed the length of the hairs, shaped and cleaned up around my eyebrows then had me check them.She needed a little guidance on what shaping I wanted, but I got the impression that she wouldn't thread extra hair unless I was specific about shaping and such.I was in and out in about 10 min. Very cheap for good quality. She charged me $7 and I gave her $10.
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By: Shanise R.
Tanti Braids
Went into this shop to have my micro's braids done and told them 3 times please make sure u are putting black in my hair and not mixed hair in my head they said ok after beening there for 8 hrs i was so ready to get home. Well time went by cause after u get them done u dont want to touch them cause they hurt from them braiding. As i noticed into 3 weeks after going though my hair i got up set for the money i paid them and the service they done more talkiing then braiding to me. Well i contacted the owner but spoke to daughter about what i have discovered some of my head was not micro's but larged french braids and very larged spaces and yes brown and black hair in my head "wow" was told that they offer me a discount next time but dont think its going to be next time...
By: Tracy D.
Designer Consignor Boutique
This place is unbelievable!!!!! I was looking for a formal & waited until the last minute to buy one. I heard about this place on Facebook and the day I wanted to come in they were closed. They have a text service so I text them & they came in and opened up just for me. JUST FOR ME!!!! I've never had a business treat me so great. I will for sure shop here all year around and I have recommended it to everyone I know. I ended up buying a formal at only $40 & I got 10% off that for liking their Facebook Page AND I had the place all to myself. TOTALLY EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!! Be sure to like their Facebook Page, Designer Consigner Boutique in Indianapolis it is so worth it. I give this place a A PLUS PLUS PLUS!!!!!
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By: Beth R.
Angel SPA
I was trying to find a permanent nail salon...so I tried this one. Yes, this shop is clean, very nice staff, and friendly BUT my nails (acrylic overlays on my natural nails) were put on so thick and the polish was so uneven and darker in some areas then others, that I left that salon vowing never to go back. I asked the nail technician why the polish was so uneven and streaking and her response was: the way I hold my hand in the dryer...fast forward one week....found a fantastic nail salon, had them fix my thick nails and my polish is on even, no streaks, no darker areas. It looks perfect and I'm a happy camper. I will never go back to Angel Nail salon. I do not recommend this salon for acrylics.
By: rachel.watson.9406
Details Express Salon
Came into the shop to get hair shampooed,and stylist was a bad listener. Told her what cut I wanted and what style I wanted she refused to listen and jacked my hair completely up,it was UGLY!,in result after 30 minutes of her fluffing my sides out like Florence Jean off Mels Diner I gave up . This is an upscale salon in which wash and sets are going for anywhere 65 dollars and above so listen and get my hair right! If I wanted a messed up hair style I would've went to Bookiesha in the hood and paid 35 dollars,very disappointment and probably won't go back for a long while,when you pay good money for a hair style you expect good service...Learn how to give good service#dumdum
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By: Marcus S.
Details Express Salon
Hello RachelI am the Salon owner while you cant put hair back i do apologize for your bad experience. This is certainly not our norm or we wouldt be a premiere salon. I do apologize and hope you can give us another chance to do things to your specification. I recall hearing about you not being satisfied with the length but what i was told certainly did not express your true feelings. please call the new salon at 3172536777 we will do all that we can to rectify your feeling toward our stylist and services. again i apologize for your not so good experience. please introduce yourself to me when you come in.SincerelyCharla SaloaneRNM Salon formerly Details Express Salon
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By: Monica M.
The Special Woman
Special Woman is FANTASTIC! This is the shop for you, especially if you ever have trouble finding lingerie. I have been going there for my bras for over 6 years. In that time, I have lived in five different states and I always try to make a stop once every year, either here or at her Louisville store. Carol is not only a great manager and is wonderful with customer service, but she is also encouraging and fun to talk to! She is willing to mail me anything I find that I need to order in my size, and even over-nighted a bra to me for a friend's wedding. Definitely my first choice for shopping!

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