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By: Derek R.
Dawson Village Apartments
I lived at these apartments for a couple years, and it seems awfully funny that all the reviews seem to overlook the horrible bed bug infestation that plagues their properties. Beware, if you don't want to deal with parasites I would suggest staying far, far away.
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By: Brittany J.
The Estates at Crystal Bay
So I was suppose to move into my new town home ���� this past Friday. I was so excited to have a new place until I become a homeowner. Paid my deposit and first month rent. I was suppose to move in on May 19th but it kept getting pushed back time after time. I should've noticed something was wrong there. The day of my lease signing I walk into a filthy, infected, trifling apartment. They thought that I was going to stay there too!! There was only 1 professional person who I met in that office and I believe his name was Darius or Darren. Everyone else was blaming the next person on why the apartment looks that was. I DO NOT recommend anyone apply to this nasty mess. I also went to the office and said, I just saw mouse droppings in the sink." I was asked "are you sure it wasn't a Rollie pollie?" I looked like bih what ��������������������‍♀️ are you playing??? AND THERE ARE WAYYY MORE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS THAN THIS. I DIDNT HAVE THE OPTION TO POST THEM ALL. And I rated a 1 because I didn't have the option without actually rating. The apartment complex is:Estates At Crystal Bay, 7136 Crystal Bay Dr E, Indianapolis, IN 46260*************Part 2 of 2*************************PLEASE SHARE THIS BULL CRAP. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY KIND OF SENSE******
By: Tanisha K.
Pangea Vistas Apartments
I've lived at Pangea Vistas for 1 year now. I have a strong desire to compliment the new apartment manager, Rosa. Rosa is sincerely helpful with any issues and ensures that they are handled. She's friendly, professional and doesn't rush me out the door when I have an issue. My rental unit is very nice. My gas and electric bills are extremely low. And I use a lot of heat when it's cold and a lot of air conditioning when it's hot. My walls are bright white, which I love, but they're also fairly easy clean. The complex has it's noisy moments but that's probably the only complaint I have a this time. I recently renewed my lease. My rent was kept the same and Pangea gave me a $150 discount off next month's rent. Management keeps the grass cut, regularly inspects units, administers regular pest control (there are none), and checks for maintenance repairs. The only reason for four stars instead of five is that we older residents would be very appreciative of a lower noise level outside in the summer months.
By: Marquez 13, c.a. J.
Pangea Hills Apartments
Very nice property, people at the office are friendly. Complex is clean and apartment was in good condition and clean. Nice area and pool is nice
By: Anthony B.
Maple Creek Village Apartments
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By: Earl J.
Maple Creek Village Apartments
I have had on going issues with the staff for months. On 1/24/17 I came into the office and requested a copy of all maintenance request pink slips because I wasn't getting them and I was putting in several requests for the same issues and showed the property mgr the receipts that I did have and how it was an ongoing trend.. 1/26/17 I came back to the office to see if those records were available for me to pick and was told to allow 48hrs. That Monday 1/30\\17 I came back to see if they were ready and they still weren't and requested to speak with the property mgr who told me that those records were maintained by the maintenance supervisor Josh, who was then called by Wallis talkie to come to the office. When he arrived he told me that someone from corporate is supposed to organize that stuff and had been months since the girl from corporate did that. I then advised the maintenance supervisor of my issue of reporting the same request and it not being resolved and let him know that he should be following up on that and he told me that I can't tell him how to do his job and we got into a heated argument in front of the whole office staff including other residents..This is just a small piece of my complaint with these apartments. my complaint is for pages long typed.i hope someone from corporate reads this and seriously considers calling me. I'm in the process of sending it to RTV6/ Rafael Sanchez so I can get some help. I also have videos and phone recordings if you are interested Sincerely,apt 107 who has had it at this point with the shady practices of this staff
By: Dave L.
Berkshire Square Apartments
This has been the worst renting extperience i've ever had. We moved into the apartment around january of 2016. When we moved in, there were no screens, the heating unit did not blow much air, and there were a myriad of things that were wrong in the unit. We made our list, opened our repair requests, and was promised that things would get fixed... 1 year later, things were not fixed, still have no screens, and the air conditioning cooling coil was removed from the furnace ( to improve airflow ).. When lease signing came up, there was new management and new maintenance. We told them our grievances and was given every assurance that things would be fixed.. So we gave the place the benefit of the doubt... Guess what... No screens, Air conditioning unit not working, took them 2 months to fix a leaky bath, the bath tub is pealing ( the glazing needs re-done ).. Dryer vent is clogged underneath the apartment.. ( the dryer vent just blows into the foundation of the apartment ).. Rent's still 1000 bucks a month... It's real sad shame to be honest. The apartment homes are nice looking, in a great location, awesome school district... But the whole reason to rent is to not have the responsibility of maintena nce.. Hence the money it costs to rent... Unfortunately, i'm paying the rent, and not getting the benefit from it.. I feel really taken advantage of, and feel as though I should have bit the bullet and purchased a home.. I just hate having to do maintenance and worry about all the extra that comes with owning a home, and love the fact that if I rent I don't have to deal with that.. Unfortunately, i'm not reaping any rewards here, and I feel like i've been stolen from... So if you are looking to rent here, and are looking for the same things that I was, this is NOT the place for you.. As nice of an area that this sits in, and as pretty as the homes can be, this is not a good investment at all..
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By: Jennah B.
Fallwood Apartments
I lived here for one year. The apartment complex is dirty and NOTHING is updated. My bathtub had chipping paint that they tried to "fix" THREE times and each time, it would start to chip again. They would turn the water off for multiple hours at least once a month. The building constantly smelled like stale smoke or marijuana and was constantly noisy day and night. When I moved out, after finishing my lease contract, they tried charging me >$700 in repairs to the apartment that were completely bogus. The staff is rude and completely incompetent. DON'T MOVE INTO THESE APARTMENTS!
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By: Samantha B.
Stallard & Associates
All of the appliances that were already here have proven to be old and out of proper shape for new ownership. I have had to clean and fix them myself.I had to send my eldest child away for a week because the ceiling in my bathroom caved in due to outdated plumbing in the bathroom above me. I suffered a migraine for three days over it. After having fixed the issue, my bathroom is STILL unfinished because I had to break down the door because my son was locked in the bathroom due to the warping of the top of the door caused by the water damage. There is still water damage on the walls and ceilings. I have complained via phone and voicemail and email. My water bill jumped 20$ due to all of the plumbing issues they've had because of outdated hardware. Not to mention the day I went without water so they could replace the outdated water meters.The windows and outside walls are so poorly insulated that I have to have the heat at 75 degrees when we sleep because the rooms are freezing.I am going to have to make a phone call to the Board of Health because I have complained about a cockroach infestation that was built up in the ceiling of my kitchen before I even moved in. There has been not one, not two, but THREE instances about a month apart where a cockroach has crawled out of the ceiling. I'm just grateful for how clean of a person I am or it might be worse. The first time I complained to the front office, they pretty much called me a liar. The second time they came and sprayed a pesticide in my house. The third time I killed the cockroach and KEPT IT FOR THEM. Then sprayed the cabinet to "prevent" the issue. I know what a cockroach scout looks like. I can email the picture I took to anyone interested in seeing it. sahmi.blake gmailAll I've asked for is compensation for everything I've dealt with. I have been respectful, clean, never had a complaint, and paid all of my bills on time every month.DO NOT MOVE IN HERE. IT WILL BE THE WORST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE.
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By: Jennifer U.
Country Club Apartments
I've lived here almost a year and really love it. The office staff is friendly and welcoming, and the maintenance staff is quick, efficient, and always ready with a smile and wave. They come to the rescue any time of the day or night, and have always treated me with kindness and respect.

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