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By: fedandkc
Roy Rogers Heating & Air LLC
I called Roy on a warm summer evening (May 28th) after my AC unit had stopped heating. The unit had actually stopped functioning about a week prior, but the heat wasn't yet so bad that it was a concern. As I had some time to shop around I tried a few options before calling Roy; a recommendation from a friend (they were too busy), then the heavily advertised 'One Hour' Heating and Cooling. Their CSR was friendly enough, but said they were 'very busy' and I would 'probably get a call on Friday, maybe early in the morning, but maybe also really late at night' (it was Tuesday when I called). No big deal, but Friday came and went with no call. The customer clearly wasn't the priority. I had time, and the weather was, for now, on my side.When Wednesday of the following week rolled around and the heat finally started to creep up into the upper 80's I started looking again. I spent the better part of an hour on reading reviews of HVAC business in the IND area.The first thing that came across my eye is probably the first thing that came across yours Roy Rogers had 145 reviews! And all 5 Stars!Now I'm a skeptical guy by nature, and when it comes to the internet, well, double that. So i spent the better part of that review hour reading ALL of Roy's reviews (it was 6pm, and I had nothing but time). I came to the, again very skeptical conclusion, that if all of these reviews were fake...using all different user names and all different dates...well, that was STILL an excellent level of dedication to a task. If the reviews were, that was too good to believe (I said I was skeptical by nature). I decided I would call Roy and leave him a message with my applicable info. Worse comes to worse I don't get a call back. I was surprised when he answered. I was even more surprised when he said it was Roy. I was even more surprised when he offered to come out to my home that evening - even though he was currently attending a family function. I assured him it was no emergency, and provided him my info in text format so he could return to is family. It was late in the evening after all (now 7pm). I was surprised yet again when Roy called back and said he had finished up early and he was coming out, if I was available. I agreed and within 30 minutes, Roy was at my door.I am no longer skeptical about this business. Ladies and gentlemen, Roy Rogers is the God's Honest Truth. He's a local one-man operation, and the 'Big Guys' like One Hour need to be afraid of him. He's honest, takes the time to educate you, takes the time to explain everything in detail to you - and his pricing can't be beat (he was better than One Hour on the service call by over 20%). He was able to diagnose, fix, and complete the job in less than 30 minutes. And that service charge? It went away with the repair. Beat that...well, anybody!I'm never calling anyone else again. Roy's got a new customer for life.
By: mahthildis
Roy Rogers Heating & Air LLC
With the economy the way that it is, many people like myself are making sure their money is well spent and not wasted on unnecessary services or items. When my subdivision was built, it was contracted with Airtron. During the 5 year history of my subdivision I know of several neighbors that have invested up to $1,000 in repairs, repeated visits with no solutions, and scammed services such as charging for parts under warranty and writing it off other services. It’s the 21st century, I like to think the equipment should last longer than 5 years. Being in law enforcement, this is a trend I observed by un-licensed and licensed services as they prey on elderly and unsuspecting citizens using unethical practices. I understand they have business to maintain, but breaking the bank and trust of your customer won't do you any good. As the old saying goes, don't bite the hand that feeds you. I did my homework on Roy Rogers and thankfully he is the real deal. When I called Roy, I sort of vented my frustration of my situation and how the quality of craftsmanship has gone to the wayside it seems, thankfully he had a good ear. Roy came to my house and spent 3 hours trouble shooting my HVAC systems. He made it a personal challenge to find the solution and disassembled and inspected anything he could see and touch. He explained in great detail how the systems works, what exactly he was doing and why. No behind the scene or hoodwinked methods. Roy charged me for call-out/inspection + Freon. Let’s just say it was very reasonable. Airtron charged me $300/hour for labor that should be criminal. Roy knew his stuff and I can tell the difference in experience from the other 3 techs that visited my house previously. Think of Roy as the underdog, local business that our families used to rely on back in the day, the that guy believes in quality of his trade and not quantity.
By: gary.summers.737
Roy Rogers Heating & Air LLC
On Wednesday night the a/c went out. Had a feeling it was more than just a blown fuse. Concerned about the high cost of repairs from the big HVAC companies and being on a fixed income (double whammy), I decided to give Roy a try after seeing the excellent reviews from his previous customers . Now I understand why he's received over 100 reviews at 5 stars. Roy diagnosised the problem in under 15 min.( blown fuse and transformer), explained in clear terms how it happened and what to do to prevent it from occurring again. Left and returned one hour and a half later with the appropriate parts and installed both in under 20 min. Did a courtesy check on air/heating system from basement to back yard. No hardcore up sell or talking down to customer. Roy took the time to explain, in down to earth terms, how to the run air/heat system throughout the seasons for better effeciency and cost savings. And total cost was a pleasant surprise: about half the cost of the big rollers in town! There is a common thread that runs through most of these reviews: Roy does a excellent job for a fair and reasonable price! We look forward to having Roy as our "go to" guy in HVAC because he has a passion for what he does. His services will definitely be mention to our family and friends! Great job Roy!
By: Mark S.
Roy Rogers Heating & Air LLC
I have an 18 seer high end heat pump with a comfortnet communicating thermostat. After having one of the larger heating and air companies make 3 repairs at a cost of over $1300, and set me up for more paid repairs, I called Roy Rogers. I gave them a rundown of the history, and they came out and rather than guess at what it needed, did a complete diagnosis of the system and found two easily correctable issues with the system. I also received a follow up call that evening to see how the system is running. Heat from heat pump at vent was 79, thermostat is set to 73. I now get 90 degrees plus at the vents which according to the manufactures is proper. The techs were very knowledgeable and were willing to spend the time to understand my system, rather than bill me and move on to the next job. They found a leak in the outdoor coil, and the cost to replace is about 1/2 half what the company with the TV campaign an yellow truck charge. And they said it wasn't leaking, and charged $1300, probably would have come back and charged again for that. I have a fair amount of a/c knowledge, and highly recommend Roy Rogers LLC as they will fix your issue at a reasonable price, and not try to mislead you. Service and Integrity are a hard combination to find these days.
By: Alvin H.
Roy Rogers Heating & Air LLC
I am writing to bear witness to an extremely wonderful job done by Mr. Roy Rogers! I had called another company first, (who shall remain nameless, although very well known) and they couldn't come out for about 18 to 24 hours, and it was extremely cold out, temperatures in the single digits and wind-chill below 0! I thought about my pipes freezing with no heat in the house and turned to the internet and YP. I found Roy Rogers who called back and came out before dawn and fixed my furnace with the utmost quickness and professionalism. He is truly a life saver! I can't say enough good things about Roy and how he explained the situation and told me exactly what was going to be needed and the cost. He "stuck to his guns" and completed the job, in a couple of hours, advising me of what to expect and possible discounts for a new furnace. I am a thoroughly happy customer and gladly recommend "Roy Rogers Heating & Air" to everyone in Indianapolis and the surrounding counties! The price was less than expected and I was thrilled to pay him just for getting the heat going again. He will come back in the spring to do my A.C unit as well. If you want the best, call Roy Rogers, forget the rest. I am truly a fan!
By: Scott R.
Roy Rogers Heating & Air LLC
We were in Indy from out of town as exhibitors in a trade show at the fairgrounds and we rented a house through VRBO. When we arrive at the house at the end of the day we found the heating in the house was not working, (just blowing cold air). After contacting the property manager regarding the issue, they contacted Roy Rogers and he arrived at the house at the appointed time. Roy took the time to discuss the issue/problem with us and the property manager, (who was not present at the house). He worked quickly and had the heat restored in very short order, replacing a critical component, (even writing his name and the date on the component). When he found out we were from out of town and renting the property for the duration of the show, 3-days), he told us he would return and fix the issue at no cost, (to the property owners), to ensure we had heat. Roy even went as far as texting me several times for the duration of time we were Indy to ensure we were good with heat. Roy is a good/honest man and a true professional and craftsman in his trade. I wish I had professional of his caliber in the area I live to trust with all my heating and A/C needs. 5-STARS, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Thanks Roy.
By: ajbroncos
Roy Rogers Heating & Air LLC
After finding out my home warrantee would not cover a broken damper in my HAVC system, I contacted my regular HVAC company who I had just started up with when moving into our home in Jun 2016. They told me it would be 3 days before they could get to my home and a $75.00 up front fee. They are the ones that told me the damper was broken in the first place during the AC checkup. Thought that was odd. Asked a neighbor if he knew of a quality HVAC company. He said he had a guy but would most likely not be able come out for a few days also, as he is usually very busy. I called Roy Rogers heating and AC LLC and explained my problem. Roy told me he would fit me in but would be later in the evening. Roy kept his word and showed later that evening, diagnosed my problem and fixed my damper a couple of days later when the new part came in. Roy and his team are very polite, on time, service was outstanding and as a home owner now have a new HVAC company taking care of my home. See you next spring for my AC checkup!
By: sammyindy
Roy Rogers Heating & Air LLC
On a cold Friday in March, my furnace quit working. I called Roy Rogers and was given a time for them to arrive. I received a call a short time later saying they could be here 1/2 hour earlier than originally stated. Roy and his assistant came out to assess the situation and determined that there were three bad parts in the heat pump (not bad for a 16 year old furnace that had never been serviced!). Roy said he would get the necessary parts and return mid-afternoon. He returned and showed me each part and explained what they did and what had apparently happened. When he was making repairs, he found a fourth part and replaced it. He then cleaned the air handler and tested the A/C. This all was accomplished for the grand sum of $320! If I had called one of the "big" companies, they would have wanted to replace the unit without any thought to me being on a fixed income. I have nothing but the highest regard for this company. I would (and have) recommended him to everyone I know. Thanks Roy!!
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By: Elva K.
Roy Rogers Heating & Air LLC
"Roy Rogers Heating and Air Specialist is the one to call when you have any kind of air conditioning/heating vent problems. Normally when there are vent problems, nothing else except the vent is involved. However, in our case, the problem was a little unusual since there was actually a cat inside of the vent. The cat had lifted the cover of the vent and had gone into the vent and was stuck in the vent! We were in a panic. We had called other HVAC service companies and we even called animal control in an attempt to solve our problems but to no avail. We were in dire straits and we needed a miracle. Lucky for us, Roy Rogers HVAC answered the call! They came to the house and they were very professional. They quickly went to work and they solved our problems---and yes, there was a happy ending for the cat. They got the cat out of the vent and now all is well. If you need heating and air services, you need to call Roy Rogers Heating and Air Specialist. They are the best." E. Keaton
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By: Lou F.
Roy Rogers Heating & Air LLC
The house I recently purchased had the central air unit replaced by the prior owner just a few weeks before I moved in. Four weeks later, the AC failed, the coil was ice covered. I did a google search hoping to find a competent repairman in the area , and found Roy Rogers LLC to be highly rated on reviews, so I called. Even though he was booked up for the day, he worked me in after his last call. He checked the system thoroughly and found a refrigerant leak due to faulty welding at the outside unit. He repaired the leak then did further testing to be sure that resolved the problem and that the unit was working and cooling properly, and gave me a 1 year warranty on his repair. Mr Rogers is very professional, thorough, courteous; explained the problem and repairs needed in great detail. He gave me an estimate before starting work, his rates are reasonable and did not exceed his estimate. I'll be calling him again for the pre-winter furnace check .
Tips & Advices
You can keep your air conditioner running efficiently with some preventative care measures. Shut off the power to your AC before cleaning it or performing any of these tasks:  clean your filter at least twice a year; remove leaves and twigs from cages; clean the fins with a garden hose or special spray, then use a butter knife to straighten any that are crooked; keep your yard clean so the fins won't get blocked; cover the unit up for winter; and make sure it's level or you run the risk of damaging the inner workings of the unit.
To clean your air conditioner drain, first shut off the power to your unit at both the thermostat and the breaker. Then remove the drain pan. If the pan is full of water, soak up the liquid with a few towels or rags or use a wet vacuum. You can use a solution of water and distilled vinegar, or substitute peroxide for the vinegar, to clean out the drain pipe. Let the pipe sit for a while in the solution and then put all the parts back in place. Once you start using your air conditioner on a regular basis, check it periodically to ensure condensation isn't building up.
If you happen to live in a hot and humid area of the country, drainage problems can occur with your unit since moisture can trap itself inside the system. Routine maintenance can cut down on drainage issues by cleaning out any mold or algae from blocking the drain. If you notice moldy smells whenever you turn the thermostat down, check on your system.
If you notice your system is acting inconsistently, the sensor is most likely out of place. Turn off the unit and reach behind its control panel while carefully bending the sensor back into place near the evaporative coil.
Find out where the noises are coming from. A banging or clanking sound could be due to a loose part. If you hear a hissing sound, it's most likely because of a refrigerant leak and you should contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

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