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By: mzgrizz
Bax David DC
1st, Dr. Bax is a graduate of Palmer & Logan Chiropractic Colleges. THAT means everything to my husband & myself. We have been seen by many Palmer grads over our MANY years of Chiropractic care--& for the most--they are The Best!2nd, the care that we receive EVERY TIME we come to be seen...is priceless. And I DO mean PRICELESS: you could NOT pay us to go anywhere else but here!3rd, Dr. Bax gives such INDIVIDUAL CARE to each of his patients; you are not just one of the herd here! You are truly cared for--for YOUR NEEDS.4th, his staff are beyond awesome and caring. They are like my 2nd family. I ALWAYS am at home while I'm there.Please trust me when I say that if you are in pain--chronic or just something temporary--you CANNOT GO WRONG by coming to see Dr. Bax.My husband (Iraq/Afghanistan Vet) refuses to go anywhere else; as do I.For example: Because of my many physical challenges (multiple surgeries/& past cancer) and my proclivity to fall down a lot, Dr. Bax was patient and determined to get me well! And he did! I am SO much better today because of his care & always learning of new techniques to keep up on his care of his patients.My husband just returned from Iraq again and he will be seeing Dr. Bax as often as possible in order to get his body back to a normal state.One final comment: If you have never gone to a Chiropractor,you owe it to yourself to go AT LEAST TWICE to Dr. Bax.You need to know that IT IS A PROCESS to undo what we have done to ourselves. One time really is not enough to make an informed opinion--of any Dr. of Chiropractic care.I'm going to check the box that says..."Get comments on your reviews by email"....I ENCOURAGE you to email me for greater detail of why we go here and NOWHERE ELSE!
By: henrydavidson
May is the best massage therapist in Indianapolis, and I have been to a few places...After her massage, I feel 20 years younger and 100% maleWhen the latest massage started, she was wearing a cute HOT PINK SWEATSHIRT and black JOGGING PANTS.Half way through, as the massage heated up, she felt inclined to remove the sweatshirt, revealing a lime green tank top with belly button exposed, basically a SPORTS BRA. The jogging pants came off too, revealing lime green short short. an anyone say STRING BIKINI BOTTOMSMassages can be hot and sweaty so you can hardly blame her...I sure didn't!I mention this in detail because May said what a therapist wears is just as important as what she does. I tend to agree...She also said that Chinese massage was all about skin touching skin, not just hands but as many areas of skin as the therapist can incorporate.She touched with her hands, elbows, knees, chin, shoulders, thighs (outer and inner), and even her belly. She encouraged appropriate touching by the customer as well, as this is the Chinese way. I may have crossed the line once or twice as she seemed to blush but she smiled it off and never told me to stop.May is the best...forget the rest!
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By: Denise O.
Mind & Body Works
I am recently retired and still in excellent health with near perfect mobility. I contribute a huge part of this to my massage therapists! Instead of taking pain meds - if I have an excel use injury or most any ailment - I see Ray and Stephanie! They have helped manage injuries to my shoulders, knees, hips and neck - WITHOUT the need for drugs! I see them weekly for the past 15 years - most of that time I was working in a high pressure career and my weekly massage helped me eliminate the stress and stay healthy - no colds or flu in that entire period! I cannot explain HOW they do it - but I know what they do keeps me healthy!! I swear by them! Mind & Body Works - WORKS!!!
By: walter.archer.50
Mee Sah is an excellent therapist. I took the liberty of uploading several photo's of her to the page. I guessing you shouldn't choose a therapist by how she looks and there's much more to mee sah than that but the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous shouldn't be held against her either. She has amazimg fashion seNse amd if you claim that that means nothing, you are a liar and prettypoor at it. I guess my only concern is that her hair and clothes may get mussed up or wrinkled or even stained during the intense massage. Which they always do! She must buy new clothed constantly because next time she looks great
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By: Ida A.
Foot Finesse
The massage was wonderful, but the lady at the front desk ruined my whole experience. The massages has went up to $30 which is absolutely no big deal. However the lady asked me while I was paying if I wanted to tip and I gave her $5. She then came back and asked for more. When I turned her down, she looked to her co-worker and starting talking in her language with a sharp tone. Then, she threw my money to her left side with the most nastiest attitude. She has ruined it for me. Won't be treated as such.
By: Dan S.
Healthy Habits Therapeutic Massage
An Amazingly Healthy Habit!Today I had a massage by Jackie at Healthy Habits Therapeutic Massage and I feel like a I'm in a new body. She uses multiple massage techniques, light joint movement with stretching, and a relaxing environment for a completely invigorating experience. Working out at the gym six days a week has been one of my most rewarding of habits. However, I have found a new and an amazingly healthy habit to add to my list. See you soon Jackie!
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By: mzgrizz
A Natural Way to Recovery
Absolute excellence in every area! From the soothing, inviting surroundings, into the skilled, knowledgeable, AND intuitive massage, & through the thorough relaxing finish...THIS is the place I've needed to truly help me. I'll never go anywhere else again! Knowledge is power, & I always learn how to make changes to keep on the healthy path. If you're looking for The Best for what your body needs--get on the list & take care of yourself!
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By: Jacquline B.
Healthy Habits Therapeutic Massage
Weekly massages? Sign me up! Having only had a couple Swedish massages in my past I did not know what to expect. I got the 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage and it was AMAZING!!! Jackie is the best Therapist. She incorporated Swedish massage and multiple techniques into her full body Hot Stone Massage for a completely relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I feel like a new person. See you next week Jackie! -Dan
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By: Ross T.
Feet Fetish Foot Spa
We are a group of 4 women and were having a girls day out. We saw the grand opening air dancer and decided to get pampered!, and indeed we did!!!! The body oil and hot rock 1 hour was incredible!, we are going back every week for sure. The location is just of 465 on W 10th 1 block. Do not have to drive far away any more. We are so happy they are here. Mary J.
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By: atlcdn
Complementary Medicine Center
friendly staff....very good medical care....good environment. you may have to wait longer than you are used to...or appt may take a bit longer, but that is because you are not rushed out the door like you are on a conveyer belt.....someone is actually listening to you.

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