By: richarddebiwilson
Cmc Pharmacy
we hav been customers at this pharmacy for more years than we can remember....maybe 30 years! They work ,above and beyond, with our difficult insurance needs. They extend us credit, without which, many weeks we would go without meds. They tak our Union insurance. Our son donated his left kidney, to sav his father's life, and CMC has been right there with us thru every step!!!!! They giv U the ole' time personal care.They r the best!!!!
By: Myah D.
Safedose Pharmacy
Never had a chance to speak with them but they have made my job easier with their med packages. The time, route, amount, person, medication and a description of what the pill should like is right on the package! Love that
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By: Debby C.
CVS Pharmacy
the last review was written a few weeks after they opened. Love this place, quick and polite. The pharmacy staff is very helpful and repsonsive to your needs, espeicailly when you feel bad.
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By: Mandi S.
Consumer Financial Services
This company has helped me numerous times and for many years. Highly recommend. They are good people to know. Ask for Sandy. Everyone there has been kind to me.
By: Hope W.
Low Cost Rx
I would highly recommend this pharmacy they are always very nice !! Always try to quickly fill your script and so cost effective too!!
By: n10141
Meyer Financial Strategies
Dennis Meyer is the best. He is kind. caring, and knows his business. You can't go wrong with him and your money.
By: Kenya P.
Safedose Pharmacy
Great place. Wonderful app. Good with responses. Prompt. Nice staff. Available when you need them. ;)
By: Christopher R.
Low Cost Rx
Best prices in town. Example cost here 90 tabs of seroquel 90, at one time CVs 1500 without insurance
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By: Janet N.
Dr. Aziz Pharmacy
Dr Aziz helped me when no one else did! I appreciate him and the staff so much!!!
By: Bashar N.
Marwood Low Cost Pharmacy
Best prices, greatest advice, best service, friendliest staff, and simply great!

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