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By: Kay S.
Taylor's Bakery
Taylor's Bakery is amazing! And the service is exceptional! They went OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure we received our order of their DELICIOUS mini sweet rolls in time for our party! Thank you in Zionsville!
By: Carl B.
Heidelberg German Cafe Bakery & Gift Shop
I regret to say that this place is not what it once was. And unwittingly, one of Indiana’s unique cultural icons seems to have found itself at a crossroads. The patriarch Juergen Jungbauer, called JJ by friends and family, has advanced in age and is basically semi-retired. And lamentably, he lacks the fortitude to do what needs to be done at his establishment, that is, to fire a few bad apples that are spoiling the whole lot. His reluctance to discipline his own daughter is at the core of the problem, and disappointingly the poor man has no sons to carry on his legacy. So his youngest daughter Angi essentially runs the place now.However, the torch has not been passed so smoothly and there is currently a lack of professionalism there. Regrettably, at times Angi seems to have the maturity of a teenager. Besides being unnecessarily flirtatious, loud, and determined to be the center of attention, she often utters things in front of customers that would be better kept to herself, saying things like “Is it 5 o’clock yet?”, i.e., time to go home. That’s if she’s not badmouthing regulars who she doesn’t like, socializing with friends while ignoring customers, or isn’t preoccupied with her cell phone. Unfortunately, one of the waitresses, who is younger than her, and who seems to be more friend than employee, has followed her example and tends to behave in a similar manner. And without strong leadership, said blond-haired, blue-eyed employee disgraces the reputation of her employer by showing up to work late, complaining about having to work too many hours, leaving a mess for her coworkers to clean up when she leaves, and most significantly not serving customers she doesn’t like and leaving the more unpleasant ones for her coworkers to deal with. This is especially damning considering that some of these customers have been frequenting the establishment for over 40 years! I suppose it’s a good place to go if you want to put up with catty, gossipy, petty, moody, and two-faced women. Of course, for many of us, we can get that sort of drama elsewhere. Also, a few of the regulars are deserving of criticism. It just shouldn’t be done in front of other customers and some of the staff seems to have no filter!
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By: John H.
Boyden's Southside Bakery
Very courteous and quick service. Family operated business for a couple generations. Everything that I have ever tried here, has been absolutely delicious. I have not found a chocolate covered éclair that comes close to theirs. While I haven't tried a specialty cake (in response to the two largely negative comments over a span of 9 years), I would be surprised that the quality wasn't as super as the rest of their baked goods. I would recommend Boyden's Bakery to anyone and everyone.
By: Rhonda L.
Vanilla Bean Bakery
I stopped in this past weekend fit the first time & ordered a lemon & a chocolate caramel cupcake. Both cupcakes were delicious. The icing on both were very fluffy light with just enough sweetness. I would highly recommend.
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By: Robin K.
Long's Bakery Inc
This has the best donuts in town
By: Kristal M.
Hart Bakery & Gifts
LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I have ordered large quantities of donuts for my company. They are always fresh and ready when I arrive to get them. My staff gets very excited when they know they are getting Harts!
By: Ashley J.
Flying Cupcake Bakery
My favorite is the Red Velvet Elvis! So good and such a cute store!!!
By: Charles K.
Long's Bakery Inc
I just finished reading the reviews posted on this site and must say they do not at all accurately reflect Long's Bakery. I have been going to Long's for more than 20 years now and have seen consistently during this time that the staff returns courtesy with courtesy. These are hard working people who put in long hours and provide a top quality product the likes of which you'll not find elsewhere. In the past 2 decades I've never once received any type of discourteous service. Long's is a cash only business, and has been a cash only business since before credit cards were known to exist in this city. I appreciate their desire to hold on to traditional service and respect the decision to stick to their roots.
By: Karen W.
Hart Bakery & Gifts
Best wedding cake ever!! So gorgeous and the flavors were wonderful!! We make a point of ordering birthday cakes from Hart's!
By: ellen.richey.9
Boyden's Southside Bakery
My daughters formal wedding was yesterday, in the statehouse, downtown Indianapolis and was so beautiful, that is until the cake arrived. The cake was so ugly the guest were shocked!! I cried for her. What an embarrassment.The cake I ordered and even provided a picture of was not the cake that was delivered.The cake delivered looked as if a 10 year old made it. I paid $400.00 for this God awful thing. IT IS A WEDDING!!! One of the most important parts of the celebration is the CAKE!! Shame on you!! This is a day that will only happen once. If that wasn't bad enough guest alerted me that the cake was leaning forward they were afraid it would possibly fall off of its stand, so we had to do the cake before we wanted to because we were afraid the whole cake was going to fall over. There were 150 guest, most confided they will never use Boyden's Bakery for a wedding or special event. What also upset me is 5 years ago Boyden's messed up our other daughters wedding cake. No one would eat the large bottom layer, they filled it with the wrong filling and it tasted nasty. But I thought okay, simple mistake lets try again, I like to support small businesses in central Indiana. Now I know exactly why after so many years in business you have stayed as small as you are. You had a chance yesterday to gain more customers. A few of the guest at the wedding are with Indy Event Planning. They said, they will never use Boyden's they felt so sorry for my daughter. Bless her heart she didn't even want to stand by the cake let alone have a picture taken by it. She was a trooper and did the whole cut the cake thing fast so the caterer could cut the HIDEOUS thing up, so she didn't have to look at it ever again. The top tier was destroyed, that should have been kept for the one year anniversary. They took the very small silk flowers the co-owner asked for so they could place them throughout the cake. What they did was shove them all over just the top tier, cutting off only half of the 12inch stems, so that when the flowers along with the remaining 6inches of stems were removed the multiple Swiss Cheese like holes made the cake fall apart. All they were left with a crumble MESS!My husband called and spoke with someone who said she was the co-owners wife, (daughter-in-law) of the sweet woman who had owned and operated Boyden's Bakery for years. The sweet woman who always took complaints as a way to better improve the bakery. My husband spoke with the daughter-in-law for thirty or more minutes today and he thought they may have come to a satisfactory conclusion for both parties, that obviously was not the case......She ended the negotiations by hanging up on my husband. I agree with the post from 2008 it is definitely a Donut Shop!

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