Best 30 Bar Food Restaurants in Indianapolis, Indiana with Reviews -

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By: divinity.courtney
Chef Mike's Charcoal Grill
Perfect date night dinner stop. Quite for a family diner. The Chef really seems to know what he was doing. We went for our Anniversary dinner, I had the lamb that was listed as part of their Valentine Couples special and my husband had the 10 oz Rib-eye both seasoned with a fresh mix of herbs that we both found hard to discern the exact mix, which is rare for my husband at any restaurant, but the flavor was perfection and the presentation was more than pleasingly appetizing. The meal came with two small bowls of Lobster Bisque that was wonderful with just a hint of pepper, followed by a colorful garden salad with strips of zucchini shavings and widely mixed leaf greens. The main course had perfectly grilled asparagus and what looked and tasted like Golden Yukon potatoes and finished with a decadent mix of dark chocolate and cherries in a heart shaped slice of Torte. All served with a tart dry Merlot. I would say this is a wonderful stop for any night out. We may even call on them to cater for our next big bash.
By: Nicole M.
Castleton Grill
Im a huge Foodie, Gourmet, Gormand, and world traveler who fell on this wonderful place thanks to the will to find unique "one-sy" when I travel and happened to be working and staying nearby. Absolutey one of the best ribeyes ever, cooked perfectly Pittsburgh style with a rare/rare medium just the way it should be and I must say my first and last visit to "the Famous Pete Luger's" didnt come close or compare. Sides were off the chain, esp the house brussels. Becky the bartender was awesome!! Brought clients in the after amd they raved was amazing!! We could cut our steaks with a fork they were so tender. Im back in town and going there tonight!! Its a do not miss in my book. Signed Happy Food Dancer����
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By: Bruce J.
Boathouse Grill
Well who ever wrote the other report with 1 star must have their own bar somewhere else. This place is great. Yes there are some of the same people there including me, but when you get great food , service at a reasonable rate why not go back. The staff make every effort to get to know the customers and be very helpful. I have been going there for years and will continue going there. If you want a great sandwich on the NW side then this is the place to go. You will be glad you did and then wonder who the idiot is that gave the place only 1 star and where his restaurant is. Its obvious he is trying to draw the customers from here .
By: reviewforyp
Chef Mike's Charcoal Grill
So the person who gave the place a one star is silly. Best damn burger I've ever had. Seriously. I would have to give them something with the service, but quite frankly I don't go to a place to be flattered or waited on hand-and foot. The fries were really good with a breading that's more like an onion ring, which was really good. The burger itself has an awesome smokiness to it that is unique. Maybe the philly is not as good, idk as I have never had it.I would give this place 5 stars, but service is a little lacking, and the ability to get into the restaurant is stupidly hard as well.
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By: crystalship1
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Honestly, I don't get it. This chain is "so-so" at best. .... You have to wait forever to get a mediocre burger (or whatever) that you can get almost anywhere else for less money and hassle. .... I like Jimmy Buffet as well as the next guy. And I LOVE to eat good food but come on!!!! .... Go to Hardees and take home a "Monster Thickburger", crack open a couple Coronas, crank-up "Songs you know by heart", and save a ton of money and aggravation!!!
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By: crystalship1
Castleton Grill
Imagine an up-scale Applebees. ..... A family-owned restaurant right smack dab in the middle of "chain-city" (Castleton)!!! .... Food is great, the prices are good, and they have a nice little bar with a pretty good selection. ..... Fresh spit-roasted roast beef on the weekends too!!!
By: Mike J.
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Fun friendly atmosphere. the food was tasty and server was upbeat and outgoing. Beware though it can get loud so it you are looking for a quiet dinner you might want to make other arrangements. But if you enjoy music and social gatherings this is a great place.
By: denvet1
Chili's Grill & Bar
Chilis has a unique menu. The service has always been beyond fantastic! Parking is never a problem and all Chilis I've been in are very clean. The quality of the food is totally awesome. For a unique, casual dining experience visit Chilis today!!
By: mpa2000
Colonial Inn
Karaoke 7 days a week 364 days a year. Fantastic New years Eve celebrations.Good drink specials on Thursdays.If you are a guy, a great place to meet chicks.If you are a girl a great place to be silly and have fun with your friends.Educated Rapper
By: mhills331
Daddy Jack's Restaurant & Bar
Great place for lunch and dinner. Nice casual restaurant and bar with just enough elegance to impress your friends. Took our relatives from out of town for dinner and drinks. Loved it! Great food and service for a fair price.

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