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By: shannon.tandyfrank
Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic
Guinea Pig Ovarian Cysts - I took my 4 year old guinea pig, Marshmallow, to a regular dog/cat vet who could not diagnose her. From there, thankfully, I was referred to Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic. I took Marshmallow to see Dr. Woods 9/6/12. Marshmallow's entire middle section was swollen and she was losing hair in the same area. She was diagnosed with ovarian cysts. She was scheduled for surgery 9/12/12. Dr. Lennox, Dr. Woods and team successfully removed both cysts which weighed in at nearly half Marshmallow's total body weight. I was so nervous about my tiny Marshmallow having this major surgery, but in just a few minutes following surgery she was up, walking around and eating hay. Amazing! To be safe, both doctors preferred to keep Marshmallow overnight to be sure she did not have any reaction from the surgery. I live about 30 minutes away and did not want to risk the possibility that I might not make it to the clinic in time should an emergency arise overnight. Dr. Woods actually took Marshmallow home with her. Knowing what a nervous mess I was, Dr. Woods sent me texts with status updates and even a couple photos of my sweet Marshmallow. I was so incredibly happy and grateful with the service and kindness of Dr. Woods and team that I took my other four guinea pigs back for a check-up, something I had not done before. Happy to report, five months later, Marshmallow is fabulous as are the other four!! If you have guinea pigs, do not go to a regular dog/cat vet. Select a vet that specializes in small exotic-type animals. I am so very grateful to have found Dr. Woods, Dr. Lennox and team at Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic...they saved my Marshmallow's life!!
By: Jeff F.
Shelby Street Animal Clinic
This is one of the best animal clinics you will find in the Indianapolis area. Their prices are very reasonable, but much more important to me is they are caring and compassionate. Dr Borst and crew have helped several of my animals through some bad times and then, when "that" time eventually comes, they compassionately help my animal (and me) through the dying process. Just yesterday I had to say goodbye to my beloved dog Ellie. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it, but the entire team helped me through it from the front desk staff, to the techs, and then of course Dr Borst. They were all extremely caring and very aware of the pain I was going through. It was still a very sad day, but made much easier to take by this place and the team there. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
By: S B.
Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic
I've been taking my birds to see Dr. Lennox for 10+ years. She's a great veterinarian and very kind. Once she even took my sick African grey home with her and took care of him all night. And I just learned that aparently she's like the only "board certified" bird vet in all of Indiana, which is cool! She REALLY knows her stuff. So its well worth the drive to see her!The staff is also nice and very knowledgable. A few times I've seen one of her interns and I've been pretty happy with them. I love Cori at the front desk. They've always taken great care of my critters! Highly recommend!!
By: audrey-f
Binford Pet Wellness Clinic
I took my puppy to the Binford Pet Wellness Clinic today, and was so impressed. The technician did an EXCELLENT job explaining all the different shots and medicines they recommend. There was absolutely no pressure to get any of the non-mandatory treatments, or to go with the pricier options. In fact, they did everything they could to help keep my costs as low as possible. They were quick, efficient, and knowledgeable. They even sent me home with a kit full of information. I'm completely satisfied with the Binford Pet Wellness Clinic and would recommend them to anyone I know.
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By: Lisa D.
Noah's Caring Hands Animal Hospital
I had to take my very sick dog in to be euthanized, and I was just heart broken. We, my dog and I, we're treated with dignity and empathy. In our time of need I was grateful to be seen quickly, treated compassionately and allowed to be with my baby til I was ready to go. Thank you doesn't say enough but it's the only words I have to come close in letting you know how much the staff was appreciated. Bless you all!
By: rickybobby01
Emerson Pet Clinic
I have had many wonderful experiences with this clinic. I take both dog and cat and have gotten good service, fair prices, etc. I am not sure what the negative remarks were on here, but they are from the same date, so probably someone didn't get their way. I have a dog on regular medications and go in often for refills. They have always been very nice to me and my pets. Thanks guys!
By: danzjewla
Briarwood Animal Clinic
They were extremely kind when I brought my cat in. They discovered that she had cancer and made it less stressful when i had to put her to sleep. I would highly recomend them to anyone who loves they pet. They care not only for the lives of the animals and how to make it less painful for them, but are also caring when you have to give your beloved friends peace.
By: pugperson
Binford Pet Wellness Clinic
Binford Pet Wellness Center is a wonderful facility. The vets are experienced and caring as is the entire staff. The groomer has been professioally grooming for many years and is one of the most gentle, tender people I have ever met. If you are looking for a clean, convenient vet clinic with great prices and great staff....then you have found the place!
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By: Nicole E.
South Keystone Animal Clinic
They are wonderful, quick and efficient. They treated my pet and i like family. I was not looked down on for not keeping up on my vet care, what mattered to them is I was there now, they went above and beyond to keep my large pit comfortable and calm and when he became stressed it was no problem to allow him a break, very affordable, highly recommend
By: tia.vankirk
The Paw Patch
Dr Tysklind always goes above and beyond to help in time of need. He will seek out additional opinions and information if necessary to ensure the best care for your vet. Several times he has seen us after hours and always works us in. He is very thorough and returns calls ppersonal and makes sure to do so. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Tips & Advices
Most 24-hour clinics do not allow owners to stay with their pets overnight. However, many do have specific visiting hours or will let owners see their pets at any point during the day. In addition, owners can call most clinics at any time for an update on their pet's well being.
  • Important phone numbers, especially those of the the veterinary clinic, the animal hospital or emergency clinic, and the poison control center
  • A book detailing pet first-aid steps
  • Copy of medical records
  • Nylon leash
  • Muzzle (only use if pet is not vomiting and has no difficulty breathing)
  • Absorbent gauze
  • Nonlatex disposable gloves
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Digital thermometer
  • Sterile saline solution
  • Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting only at the recommendation of a veterinarian
  • Milk of magnesia (to absorb poison only at the recommendation of a veterinarian)
Find a 24-hour animal hospital that provides emergency services within your area. Keep the facility's contact information in a place that's easy to locate, such as the refrigerator, address book, or smartphone. Most veterinary clinics operate on standard business hours and are not equipped to handle emergencies.
Veterinary clinics operate on a smaller scale than animal hospitals. The latter are more likely open 24 hours and provide emergency services. The former generally operate on typical office hours and only perform wellness exams and minor surgeries. Veterinary clinics also do not generally perform laboratory tests on site.
The specifics vary depending on the type of visit. For a wellness exam, bring:
  • Medical records
  • The type or brand of food the pet eats
  • Medication (including flea, tick, and heartworm medication).
If the animal needs medical treatment, the following may be helpful depending on the situation:
  • Fresh stool sample
  • Vomit sample
  • Video of the pet engaging in abnormal behavior
  • Substance the pet may have ingested

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