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By: Riaz H.
Insight Pest Solutions
Senator Elizabeth Warren317 Hart Senate Office BuildingWashington, DC 20510Phone: (202) 224-4543Honorable Senator Warren,REF: DEBIT CARD PURCHASE AT INSIGHT PEST SOLUT, 317-495-9433, IN ON 041515 FROM CARD#: XXXXXXXXXXXX2457Senator Warren:I would like to bring your attention to Insight Pest Control company Insight Pest Control 5954 W 71st St, Indianapolis, IN 46278 (317) 495-9433 for unethical practices.Since I sign the contract I never received Any bill or Confirmation of services performed. The only thing I see charges on my Credit Card quarterly I don’t have any information what has been done on my house. They said they do the service I don’t what they do. When I called to cancel the service the gentlemen hung up on me. I would like to return payment of all my services because I am sure what services were performed I think it is fraudulent company and it should be investigated thoroughlyI consider it a fraudulent practices Best Regards,Syed R. HasanM: 317 7017868Hasanriaz40 @gmail.com4864 Rustling Ridge CT.Noblesville, IN 46062C.C. Attorney General of Indiana Greg Zoeller Fraud Alert Program Adam Villareal
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By: bartman65
Watts Pest Control
I hired Watts Pest control to handle a problem that I had in one of my rental properties. At a recent tennant inspection, upon entering the residence, I had several roaches fall onto my head from above the door. I'm not talking about the smoking kind! I ran out of there and immediately called Watts for help. The owner stated that he could come by the next day. The following morning he showed up promptly as stated and once he began to spray I couldn't believe my eyes. They were literally "Coming out of the walls". I had never seen so many bugs in my life. He said that I would see more bugs because they were trying to get away from the spray. After about an hour, and no corner unsprayed, he was finished. He even went into the crawl space!!! It took my tennant and I four hours to suck up all of the dead bugs into a shop vac. He even got rid of the spiders. It was worth every cent that I payed him and still to this day NO BUGS! I assure you that if I have another problem like this I will definately call Watts Pest Contol.
By: Sherry M.
Aptive Environmental
Welcome Spring!! And, once again, thank you for this opportunity to recognize our business partner and neighbor, Aptive Environmental. The mission of the Cancer Support Community Central Indiana (CSCCI) is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community. The CSCCI is very excited about our partnership with Aptive as they help us provide a clean and safe facility, indoors and outdoors, for our guests and program participants. WOW!! I want to highlight our Service Pro, Jalen M. Jalen M. visited the CSCCI on Thursday morning, April 13, 2017. Jalen M. was very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic about his assignment. We look forward to the next visit by an Aptive Service Pro!
By: Lee J.
Go Green Pest Solutions
My thank you to Jonas Stevens and Go Green Lawn & Pest solutions! I have been a long term customer of the Go Green Lawn Services and couldn't be happier with the addition and capabilities of their Pest Control Services! I not only enjoy their services but I appreciate the education they provide so I understand the why and how's of my situation and the continued support for preventive measures I can take as a home owner. When Go Green Lawn & Pest Solutions are performing their services, I look at them as an extension of my family keeping our best interest, safety and enjoyment of our home as a top priority! Even with their impressive growth thru the years, their service and commitment to their customers has never dipped below exceptional! Again a special Thank You!
By: Eric M.
Go Green Pest Solutions
I have been a Jonas Stevens customer for many years (I recall when they only had a few service vehicles with a customer base in the N.East corner of Indianapolis). I can honestly say that I have never received poor service or had to call to correct a problem in the many years I've been a customer. Currently I am receiving both Lawn and Pest service (had them both for several years and Lawn only for over 10 years) and I can't recommend them enough. Several trucks and technicians to serve the Indy area and all of their techs are polite and knowledgeable. Great company to do business with.
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By: Marie K.
Aptive Environmental
Raymond was very professional and provided great customer service! I explained to him that I had signed up for Aptive due to the concrete ants that entered through my patio door. He sprayed and put down granulars and mentioned that the rain would dissolve the granulars. He even offered to come inside to spray! Very positive experience once again. Every technician that I've met have been very professional. I signed up with Aptive because Cole was walking through my neighborhood and had gotten a Brownsburg permit! Most solicitors do not get the required permit!
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By: Sarah L.
Aptive Environmental
Every member of the Aptive team was wonderful! The initial reviewer that came to our property (Jacob) was great, he was knowledgeable about the company, pricing, scheduling, ect. He came on a Saturday and was able to schedule us in just 3 days despite a busy schedule.Normally 1 person comes to spray inside and outside but we were lucky enough to get 3 (Jalen, Riley, and another young man whose name I can't remember)! It took the 3 of them less than 20min.! They were on time, friendly, and knowledgable if I had any questions!! ALL-STAR Company!
By: corirae84
Arrow Services Inc
I used Arrow pest control in 2011 for a mouse infestation in a house we had just started renting. (Apparently the previous owners didn't mind them) The gentleman who came out was very nice and knowledgeable. I sat in the same room with him while he worked and he answered all my questions and described what he was doing as he went. Now I have a flea control issue and have called them again to see what can be done. The gentleman I spoke with on the phone was very pleasant and understanding. I would definitely recommend to anyone!
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By: Marzoe M.
Allied Pest Control
Allied Pest Control, Indianapolis, 317-345-7021.Punctual, reliable, honest and good quality product. I've worked with him for 2 years now and have all good things to write about him. He arrives on time, provides quality service, and is respectful in his demeanor. He is a good professional applying the product throughout the entire house, inside and outside, as well as in requested places where the pests have been seen. He also removes the eliminated pests (rodents). Excellent service at a reasonable cost!
By: xanderrooter
Stevens Pest Control
Stevens Pest Control has done a great job in keeping the bugs out! I absolutely cannot stand spiders and since treatments started in the spring I have had no bugs in my house! I live in an area with lots of trees so I'm amazed at how well the product works! It's environmentally friendly as well which is very important to me. I have dogs and am able to let them out within 10 minutes of treatment and no harm to them. Thanks Stevens Pest Control...I have already recommended the service to others!
Tips & Advices
Fumigation is dangerous to pets and humans. Liquid termicides, however, are safe to use around pets.
No. Because termite infestations are considered preventable, most home insurance policies do not cover treatments or damage.
It's best to treat an entire home to ensure the termite infestation is completely eliminated. Spot treating costs less, but increases the likelihood of missed colonies. In addition, spot treatments can make a home unattractive to future buyers.
The cost to eliminate termites varies depending on the method. Bait costs between $150-$300, while fumigation costs $1,300-$2,500. Heat treatment costs around $1 per square foot, so a 2,500 square-foot home would cost $2,500.
The length of time depends on the process used:
  • Fumigation takes approximately five days. The termites die quickly, but homeowners must remain out of the house until the chemicals clear.
  • Bait exterminations can take months to destroy an entire colony. The bait kills termites during the molting process. If an insect eats the bait and does not molt, it is unaffected.
  • Heat extermination takes approximately eight hours and is environmentally friendly. This process heats the home to 150 degrees F.

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