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By: jesstorpedo
Twin Automotive
Look, I've been to several auto shops in the Charlotte area. Ever since I moved down to Charlotte, my Honda has gone through its ups and downs. Most recently, my Honda's transmission failed. I didn't want to go back to the same auto shop I had been to before for such a large and extensive repair, so I looked around and finally someone told me about Twin Automotive. (They have over 30 years exp in transmission rebuilding specifically and was said to have the longest warranty in Charlotte for their work.) So I called and checked them out -- I spoke with Paul and he gave me a price for the transmission rebuild and asked me to bring my vehicle by so he could confirm it needed a trans rebuild. I did come in and had a long talk with Paul about the work that would be done. He took a road test in my car with me and I was very impressed with his knowledge and the way he went about diagnosising my transmission issue. We discussed timeframes and needless to say I dropped the vehicle off with him that day so he could get started on the repair work. Twin Automotive is unlike any other repair shop in the area. Each member of their staff is very respectful and listens. I felt very comfortable there and was happy to see how clean of a shop it was. It was the type of auto shop you would feel OK letting your daughter visit, knowing she wouldn't be ripped off and since it is in a good area -- unlike other auto repair shops I had been too. My transmission has been rebuild for over a week now and runs like new. Paul really took care of me and my Honda. I am very happy with Twin Automotive and would gladly send them referrals.
By: billketchum101
Twin Automotive
I was getting ready to sell my car when it started slipping between gear 2 and 3. To my despair, it really needed its transmission to be rebuilt. I found Twin online, read through the reviews and I really liked how they had a 3 year warranty. I called two other shops, 1 offered a 6 month warranty, which sounded really shady and then the other was a basic 1 year warranty. Since I was selling the car, and I wanted to provide value to the vehicle, I went with Twin's price. Their price was only $150 more than the shop that offered the 6 month warranty, so it was well worth it. The transmission rebuild took only 3 days and it was returned to me all vacuumed out and wiped down. I was really impressed by the extra steps they took to give me back a clean car (which is something you typically only see at dealer shops). After three weeks, I was able to sell my car and for $200 MORE than I had originally planned. The buyer really liked the fact I could show him the invoice for work done on the car and the 3 year warranty really helped push the sale. Without Twin, I may not have been able to get the price I wanted for my car, let alone find the right buyer. They did an excellent job and I would tell everyone to go to Twin and get the 3 year warranty - its well worth it.
By: dillonwisniewski52
Twin Automotive
It is no wonder to me why they call Twin Automotive the Transmission King of Charlotte. They really know all there is to know about transmissions, from the inner workings to any type of repair. I was blown away by the information I found online about them, so when my transmission failed in my Honda, I knew exactly where to go. And I can say that these online reviews are all accurate because I have had a more than wonderful experience at Twin Transmission. 1) They offer a GREAT warranty. It is 2 years longer than any other warranty in the area. 2) The free towing was like a weight taken off my shoulders. I didnt have to worry about paying a tow man to move the vehicle to them when it was parked dead in my drive way. 3) the staff is delightful. They are all very kind and took so much time to answer my questions and even educate me on how my transmission works! There are so many other great things It could say about Twin, but the best thing to say is that if you ever do have a transmission problem, do not hesitate but call Twin Transmissions, they are experts in this type of repair and can help you without any doubt.
By: rickeythigpen27
Twin Automotive
When my transmission needed a rebuild, needless to say I was not happy. I got three different estimates. One was from Aamco, the other was Mr Transmission and the third was from Twin. Out of all the places I called, Twin was the only one that was kind enough to explain to me the details of the work that would be done in the transmission rebuild process. He even invited me down to the shop to show me a current rebuild in progress. His price was not the cheapest, but the warranty was the longest, which I did appreciate. I had Twin do the work, they even let me use a $200 off coupon that I had found online. The job was done in 4 days. They called me continually as the repair was done to give me status updates, and they also put me in a rental car so I would not be without a vehicle. It has been two months since the work was done and I wanted to come online and put the spotlight on Twin Transmissions. They did an excellent job and I know I would not have had the same service anywhere else. Paul was very informative and I will be referring friends and family their way for sure.
By: gertrudeerickson80
Twin Automotive
When my transmission broke, I had no idea what was wrong with my car or what to do. Paul was so kind when I called - he knew exactly what the problem was by what I described and offered to tow the vehicle in so he could diagnose it further. I sent the car in (towing was no charge) and Paul called me immediately with the diagnosis. It was the transmission problem as he suspected, which I found to be very common with my type of vehicle. He provided a price quote for the work to be done and offered a coupon for $200 off they had been running - which was very kind of him and helped bring down the bill a bit. Paul called me with updates while the transmission was being rebuilt (they do all the rebuilding at the shop there) and let me know when the car was ready to be picked up. Twin did an excellent job on my transmission and I am very glad to have called them! Thank you Paul for all your hard work.
By: dionaguilar
Twin Automotive
Came to Twin Transmission on Dec 3 with a problem on my Honda. Paul came out and discussed the problem with me, he even took the car on a test drive so I could show him the noise I was hearing while driving. He explained what the problem was and the cost for repair. another shop had told me that the transmission had to be rebuilt to fix the problem, but paul assured me it was something else. We had the car fixed there and needless to say he was right. The sound is gone and because of Pauls honesty, I saved over $1500. Go with Twin, they are probably one of the last reputable and honest transmission shops around. I will be going here from now on.
By: leontownsend
Twin Automotive
We were devastated when the transmission in our Honda went out, but luckily the guys at Twin were able to have us up and running again in just 3 days. They also offered a rental car while our vehicle was being worked on, which we also thought was great. I originally thought I would have to miss several days of work while the repairs were being made, but I never missed any time off! Twin really worked hard to have the vehicle finished before the weekend for us. It has been over 3 weeks now and the vehicle has been running great! We are beyond pleased with Twin Automotive and will be sending friends their way!
By: jonstreet
Twin Automotive
This business is comprised of a great team that works hard and does what is promised. I never had a doubt from the time I called to when I brought the car in to when I left with it fixed. Paul is a very honest man and answered every single question I had for him, and he kept his word. The vehicle was fixed ON TIME and I have not had a problem since ( this was almost 7 months ago ). They gave a great warranty - 3 years (longer than other warranty in town) and I am very pleased. If I should ever need any other work done to my vehicle, I will not hesitate to call Twin Transmission repair.
By: garthgarvin91
Twin Automotive
Twin Transmission had to fix what another shop could not. I had brought my broken transmission / car over to Mr Transmission on Independence but they (after 3 times) could not seem to fix the transmission problem. it cost me over $1200 just to get the car out of their shop, although they did not solve my problem. Twin was able to tow my car in for free and was able to fix the transmission (properly) in just 3 days. I would never recommend anyone to Mr Transmission, do your homework before you go anywhere. Twin did a great job and I will be telling EVERYONE i know about them!!!!
By: larryhanson
Twin Automotive
This shop represents a business that actually cares about their customers!! I had to drive to Florida to see my sick father ASAP, BUT my transmission went out. I was distraught and didnt know what to do.. I called Twin and they pushed my job ahead of the schedule and even stayed late to finish the work so I would be able to leave on time to see my sick father. They really care and I appreciate that!!Go with Twin, they are not after your money or to fool you - they really care about building relationships!

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