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By: David L.
Mike's Car Care Center
I got 3 estimates on some front end work and Mike's was the lowest and he didn't try to have me repair things that didn't need repaired like a couple of other near by shops did. He did point out a couple of issues that would have to eventually be repaired though. They were very thorough in diagnosing all of my problems. They were friendly and did a great job of getting me in and out.
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By: Rob L.
Worst service ever dropped my truck off with one problem six weeks later got it back with a totally different problem after swapping two engines..do not take your car to these guys..there scam artists..seriously upset
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By: Conrad S.
KC Complete Auto Service
Do not go to this place. They misdiagnose issues and take advantage of women. I sent my wife here because her car was dying on her, they told her it was BRAKES making the car die, charged her $611 and sent her on her way. The car died in the middle of the highway on her way home from this place and now they want to charge her $450 to fix the original issue. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE.
By: Travis M.
Premier Auto Plaza
Went to Premier and worked with Gary LeFever. He was awesome. I was set up with an amazing Dodge Ram 1500 worth every penny. Good people. Fair prices. Worth the trip
By: Angela J.
Hookers Towing
Unprofessional, predatory practice; tried to prevent us from picking up vehicle on the same day it was towed. No one was at the lot after we called and made arrangements for pick up. We had to call again and wait at the lot another 30 minutes for someone to show up. This was after they argued with us about not having someone there during their business hours and trying to get us to come back they next day for an additional $60 storage fee.
By: Cynthia W.
Premier Auto Plaza
Found a used Subaru Outback for my son who lives out of state. We were test driving it and he was purchasing. Thomas let me know he worked for years at a subaru dealer. This was a sound car is what he told me. My husband and myself along with my son's father all drove this car. Seemed fine so we made a deal. Before we left I discovered the driver rear door would not open. Signed a note saying it would be fixed as part of the deal. They initialed the note. This was the week before July 5th. We were to pick up the car on July 7th to deliver 5 hours from our house. When called on Monday Thomas told me they hadn't taken it in to get fixed yet but would. As of Wed they still hadn't taken it in. So when I called Friday to verify it was fixed he told me it was but they couldn't get the same color door handle. I also asked him when we picked it up to check the air pressure on the tires as the light sensor for low tires was on. He ran it down the road to someone or so he said. The light didn't go off. Imagine my son's surprise when the mechanic aired up the tire the light went off. Driving to KS to meet our son halfway from CO we noticed problems when going over bumps. We pretty much knew immediately it was the struts. My son took it to a subaru only mechanic who told him all 4 struts needed replaced and the brakes were 80% worn. I called to talk to Thomas who would not return my call. My son called and Thomas said they would pay to fix the door handle. My son got an estimate to have it painted around $150.00. Thomas told him they weren't paying for that and they only agreed to "fix" the door. So he has a silver car with one black door handle, 4 bad struts and bad brakes. Thomas said "well it was sold below book value". Basically they knew they were selling car that needs about $1600 in repairs and justify it because it was below book value. Believe me I know about "buyer beware" but it's places like this that give the "used car salesman" the stereotypical bad reputation.
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By: Jeff U.
Premier Auto Plaza
Professional Staff!! ( Thomas and Art )No Hassel!! No Pressure Buying!!They were honest about the history of the vehicles we looked at.
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By: Nancy W.
Lee's Auto Repair
Have been bringing my vehicles to Lee for over 10 years. Never disappointed! If you are looking for an extremely knowledgeable, talented and honest mechanic, Lee's is the answer.
By: Gil B.
Premier Auto Plaza
I don't know if this is more of a Thank you note or a testimonial. From allowing me to take the vehicle for 3 days as a rental until I got feedback from Finance Company, to helping me get the lowest rates I could possibly get. Knowing all long I could easily back out of deal. Now I feel like they were running a business to make profit , But at the same time they helped me feel comfortable and make the right decision for myself. Thanks again Thomas, Art, Vito & Pat.
By: Clinton L.
Premier Auto Plaza
I work with Mr. Thomas to help me with purchasing the vehicle that I wanted. He was very helpful in sending me everything that I requested since I live almost 200 miles from the dealership. He was awesome to work with. When I arrived at the dealership for my appointment, he met me and showed me the vehicle in person. I had been looking for this vehicle over the past month and he ensured that I was able to purchase it. To complete the required paperwork for the vehicle he turned me over to Mr. Art who walked me through the necessary paperwork that I needed to sign in order to take the vehicle home. These gentlemen are very professional and down to earth at the same time. They made this one of the best buying experiences that I have ever had in purchasing a vehicle. I have purchase over 25 Vehicles before, just to give you a reference on this process.If they have the vehicle that you want, I highly recommend dealing with Premier Auto Plaza before anyone else.
Tips & Advices
Salvage yards will have different policies regarding warranties, but, in most instances, the parts you find will be covered. Some salvage yards will offer warranties of anywhere from 90 days to six months, and may even offer the option for extended coverage.
After you've successfully found a part or multiple components, take everything up to the clerk. Inform them of what you have and pay. Avoid lying about what you have as a way to pay less. You will potentially be banned if you're found lying. You-pick salvage yards will display the prices for categories of parts. Prices may fluctuate depending on the demand. Harder-to-find items could carry a higher price tag than a brand-new one. If you are salvaging for auto parts, you might see items that are difficult to find and be able to sell them for a profit. Doing so can offset the cost of the price you're paying for the parts you personally need.
It is in your interest to call the salvage yard before arriving to see if they sell smaller components individually, because some yards do not. Some owners choose to not sell small components for financial reasons.  If salvage lots come across a door without the handle, they will have to pay extra to get the handle and attach it to the entire assembly. It is therefore cost-effective for salvage lots to sell entire assemblies.
When rummaging through a car or walking around the lot, stay aware of your surroundings. Remember, you aren't the only visitor looking to salvage parts. Other individuals are also looking for components, and not everyone works as safely as possible. If you find a car you'd like to inspect, make sure working conditions are suitable, and if anything looks suspicious or dangerous, find a safer vehicle to tear apart.
Typical gear includes:
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hacksaw
  • Short pry bar
  • Combination wrenches
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Inch ratchet set
Keep these tools in the car:
  • Inch-drive socket set
  • Large hammer
  • Long pry bar
  • Cardboard
  • Coveralls
  • Two feet of pipe

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