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By: revkellyodell46
Rickman Chiropractic
I'm a 48 year old man who has spent my life and career in show business. I was told after i had hurt my neck in years of dancing prat falls and abusing my body on stage and on tour for the last 30 years I was told by 8 dr's i needed surgery.. I called Dr. Rickman. I made an appointment he took exray's and had a consult he told me he could help me. After show after show was cancelled I needed to work again!!!! Now after 15 visits I am back on the road. Living my life PAIN FREE THATS RIGHT PAIN FREE. I and my agent and band are happy cause i am doing showes again . Yes makeing a living without Narcotics and muscle relaxers . That mad me sleepy and non productive. I would recommend Dr. Rickman to anybody who suffers from neck back hip or bady pain. Tgis needs to be said Dr. Rickman gave me my life and career back.For that I am so ever greatful!.Your pain will go away or he will tell ypu flat out he can't help you. 8 doctors couldn't help me but he did you have nothing to loose nd everything to win! Take it from me! Years of pain and a few visits i am feeling great. Try him !
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By: Mary B.
Bateman-Gatrost Chiropractic
I had a very bad auto accident and 1 year before that I had a tumor removed from inside my spinal cord (Dura mater). I was seeing a chiropractor before my surgery on my tumor removal. Terrible is all I have to tell you. My Neurosurgeon about had a heartache when he found out that this chiropractor was manually adjusting my spine and drop plating my hips. He told me he was surprised she had not completely fractured my lumbar where I had my Lumbar Laminectomy, for my tumor removal.I ask around and found Dr. Sherman. I have been seeing her for about 2 years now. Dr. Sherman uses the Activator Method to adjust me. My Neurosurgeon is very happy now and so am I. : )
By: casperchiropractor
Sanders David L DC
I have been to many, many chiropractors over the years, and, I have to say, Dr. Sanders is the best I have ever been to! So many times, I go to the chiropractor, and he or she will give me an "adjustment", but it is really more like a massage or the adjustment is so timid it does little good. It's SO frustrating! When I go to Dr. Sanders, I know that I am going to get a REAL adjustment! I always walk out of there feeling great! He's the only one that gets my low back pain to go away. If you are reading this...thanks, Doc!
By: Kenny S.
Balanced Body Chiropractic Center PC
Great Doctor and excellent staff!! They really care!

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