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By: jessicak.
Timbercreek Apts Inc
I love this complex. The management keeps it nice and clean. With any problem I can call the managers and they will fix it right away.Also, they have reasonable rates compare to other apartment complexes.It is really the best place to live.Highly recommend this place to everyone!
By: Kristen D.
Timbercreek Apts Inc
Do not move in here! You will regret it!!! These apartments have switched management companies three times in the two years I've lived here. There have been four managers in that time as well. Raul, who was with the first company. Caesar and Javier who were with the Forza management company and now Marisa who is with the orion property management group. The maintenance people have remained the same. Now for the problems. These apartments are roach infested. Seriously INFESTED. My air conditioner has been broken and I have called to have it fixed repeatedly. The maintenance guys come out and rig it so it will work for about three weeks before it starts putting off the scent of sewage throughout my apartment at which point I call to have it fixed again. There are exposed wires on my back porch that I've called about multiple times and nothing has been done about them even though they are against city codes. There is a leak in my bathroom above my toilet, right where the toilet for the apartment above me is. I have called on it multiple times as well, for instance I called on it yesterday, here is what happened. The manager said she would send someone asap. Maintenance guy came I let him in I show him the spots on the ceiling in my bathroom. He said he was going to check upstairs and then left to do so. He came back about five minutes later and tels me and I quote, " The little boy upstairs took a shower and got water on the floor. There is no leak. So, its ok." Don't move in here! The maintenance people don't actually fix anything, EVER!!!
By: Angela J.
Lexington Square Apts
This place has steadily went downhill since Trinity has taken over. Managers are rude, unprofessional, and absent. The current manager is extemely hostile and constantly tries to talk over you when you voice a concern. She will also say one thing one day and deny it the next while letting you think you have made progress with your concerns. She is always threatening the residents with extra charges for things beyond their control such as littering, misplaced mail, and cigarette butts. She holds tenants responsible for adhering to her deadlines while she is unaccountable for her own. She has turned this complex into a miserable place to live with many unhappy residents to whom she taunts "You can always move when your lease is up," regardless of how many years they have been residents here. She is perfectly aware of the negativity she has generated here and continues to do so by offering to "reward" those tenants who will post positive reviews on this site. The apartments have many water leaks that never stay "fixed" and have damaged the dry wall, ceilings, and carpet. Neither maintenance nor management will physically check on these issues or do a follow-up to be certain the work has been completed properly. The water damage is yours alone, and you are responsible for the clean up. The only type of "security" for the complex are the tow truck drivers who troll the parking lot in the middle of the night looking for vehicles without parking permits or current license plates in order to tow these vehicles thus increasing their revenue. Trinity is very disconnected to the goings on here and refuse to answer or return calls or emails, including the president of the company. Their only concern is to collect more rent money or money for water and trash service even though they state that it is included in the rent.
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By: Donna E.
Black Slacks Lawn
I had lots of leaves, branches, twigs all over my yard, David raked, mulched and bagged it and hauled it away. Also l just had him mow, he trims everything, and used edger on driveway. I am very happy with how he cares about how it looks when he's done. He also picked up the trash by the street instead of just mowing over it, like some lawn services I've seen do. I will recommend him to all my friends.
By: jumpinlacey
Stone Oak Apartments
My home and I love it, it's quiet an I have great neighborsgreat price for this kind of living
By: Girl F.
Stone Oak Apartments
The location is the only good thing. They cashed the rent check and 2 weeks later put a note on my door saying pay or get out in 3 days. They never called me just put a note on my door so my neighbors can see and think i don't pay my rent when the slumlords already cashed the check! New owners suck and no maintenence. I'm still waiting for a screen on window, 3 months now! Run!
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By: Debbie E.
Bretts Lawn & Landscape
I have had their service for over 7 years and always felt that they were always available for any yard problems. Dick saved my yard 7 years ago, when grubs had taken over the front lawn. Reliable and responsible !
By: Louis C.
Timbercreek Apts Inc
i move in hear couple month ago. i told everything clean. No it not. bugs everywhere roach in fle. landlord do nothing
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By: Judy S.
Green Thumb Lawn Service
Josh and his team were wonderful. They did what I asked. My yards look wonderful. I couldn't be more pleased. I highly recommend them. Going to use them on a bi-monthly basis for all my landscaping needs. 5-star service.
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By: Mark N.
The Groves
The Groves has been taken over by Rosewood Health and Rehab. When we first moved my Mother into the Groves with Alzheimers, she was well cared for. She paid a portion of her care (about $56/day) and Medicare paid the rest.. . When Rosewood took over, care gradually began to diminish- still ok, but little by little, the staffing and resident interaction shrank. When she passed away 5 years and $95000.00 (of her portion) later, she did so 6 days into a new month. Her acct. was paid in full up until that point. For the last six days, she ate no food, and lay unresponsive in her bed, attended only by Hospice. Medicare paid her expenses for the six days, and I called and offered to pay the $56/day that she had been paying for 5 years. But suddenly that was not good enough. They sent me a bill for $850.00, because that is "just how we bill". They told me that unless I paid their bogus balance they would not give me the paintings, which were done for her by my late arthritic father. BEWARE!!
Tips & Advices
Irrigation system advantages:
  • Lowers water bill and maintenance time with scheduled watering
  • Evenly distributes water
Irrigation system disadvantages:
  • Professionally installed systems cost between $3,000-$4,000 for a quarter-acre lot.
  • Some do-it-yourself systems cost up to $1,500 but are difficult to install.
  • You may need to call a professional electrician and plumber, adding $300-$600 to your project.
Some plants can stand up to the cold weather, like kale or pansies. These can be planted in the autumn or early winter. Other plants need to wait until the soil is warm and ready. Plant perennial flowers in mid-autumn or mid-spring. If you're planting from seed or sprout, you can generally find information about planting conditions on the package.
Why get artificial grass?
  • Cuts down on lawn maintenance
  • It's environmentally friendly since there’s no need to water.
  • Artificial grasses may be more attractive than real grass in drought-stricken areas.
Why stick to the real deal?
  • Artificial grass has a high upfront cost - $15 to $20 per square foot.
  • It can be difficult to install.
  • Inexpensive options might look unnatural.
  • It gets hot in the sun.
First, determine which pests you're dealing with. Mounds or tunnels indicate moles or voles. Apply castor oil to your lawn; they'll find another digging spot. Determine which bugs you have by pouring a bucket of soapy water onto the lawn. The bugs will surface so you can identify them. Milky spore and nematodes keep grubs and other bugs at bay. Insecticidal soap also works. The best way to prevent pests is with good yard maintenance. Certain bugs prefer overwatered lawns or yards with thatches. Regular mowing, watering, and dethatching discourage pests from moving in.
Fertilizer isn't always necessary, but it can keep your lawn looking lush and healthy. Use fertilizer with slow release nitrogen so it doesn't encourage weeds to grow. Keep in mind that overfertilizing can spur weed growth. However, under-fertilizing can result in weak grass, which gives weeds more space to take root.

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