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By: mike.eaton.9655
Samantha Heights
Since it was redone seems to be nice,except for Management as it changed until today I would have said this is a safe and good place to live. But the building was given an order of no sharing newspapers. At first I dismissed this but it kept eating at me and started to wonder why we doing live in a country that rule with an iron hand,but never the less I felt that my rights where being stepped all over. I then went to ask about this "order" had to do with bed bugs ok great but the manager was somewhat disrespectful to me when I mentioned that I had served this country for 17.5 yrs. I know that vets are not respected these days at least us old ones. As I tried to explain that I didn't know how to ask her about this in the first place. Maybe this just hit me wrong but I have notice things have seemed to be getting worse lately. I live here try not to bother anyone keep to myself,but now I fear that I will be on the out list and be forced to move in the near future. It is a shame that people have to be threatend with a lease voliation. I believe that with just a couple in a year then a person is tossed out. So This is just one persons experience
By: shellyduppre
Stone Oak Apartments
I have lived here 5 years and I haven't had any trouble. I know the place had a past but, it's been cleaned up and last summer they did new windows, new balcony doors, rebuilt deck, put on new siding. I think it's looking great.I was reading the reviews and had to give my opinion. I ask for things and they get done. The manager is the sweetest and I bet those people with issues brought things upon themselves! Shes helped me and worked with me and I can't believe others have experienced different. I love that they are moving towards smoke free and pet free.
By: curtnkel.mosby
The Groves
I put a friend her a few weeks ago. She has been 2 other places & i must say this by far has been the best. Its clean, the nursing staff is dedicated & caring. The physical therapy dept is amazing. They go the extra mile to ensure maximum mobility and comfort for the clients. Its is very neat & clean the is not half bad either.
By: jessicak.
Timbercreek Apts Inc
I love this complex. The management keeps it nice and clean. With any problem I can call the managers and they will fix it right away.Also, they have reasonable rates compare to other apartment complexes.It is really the best place to live.Highly recommend this place to everyone!
By: jumpinlacey
Stone Oak Apartments
My home and I love it, it's quiet an I have great neighborsgreat price for this kind of living
By: Luke S.
Stone Oak Apartments
LOVE IT HERE! I haven't had any issues with my neighbors and staff is always helpful.

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