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By: Brittany G.
Forest Gate Apartments
This is the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in. If I could rate this place a 0, I would without hesitation. This place is horrible. The staff are absolutely disrespectful and not helpful at all. They lied when we signed our lease saying they would never enter our apartment without written or verbal warning, and I caught the property manager using her key and entering my apartment while I was home. I was belittled and disrespected when I confronted her about it. I was told that she had the right to enter my home whenever she pleased. She sat in her chair, smacking her gum, and flipping through a magazine when I went to complain. On top of that, they told us they were going to void the pet deposit when we signed the lease in May, then in October gave us a "lease violation" for not paying the deposit that they said they voided. They entered my home without consent using their own key to put the lease violation on my coffee table!! The property manager is one of the rudest people I have EVER encountered. The office is never open during the hours that are posted on the outside of the office, they never answer the phone when I call, and the water in our apartment is brown and smells horrible. I would advise people not to get stuck in this hell hole for a year.
By: Kathleen H.
The Connection At Huntsville
The Connection is the worst apartment complex in Huntsville. Every experience I had while living here was awful. I had packages delivered on two different occasions and when I went to come pick them were no where to be found. I gave the persons name who signed for the packages and was told that person no longer worked there and was brushed off. Only after yelling at the employee and their supervisor did the packages somehow resurface in a room "where we never put packages". Also, they had two rental agreements, which they could never figure out which one you had, that had two different rent late days. My first time paying my rent, I called to make sure that I had a five day grace period, because I had sent a check through my banks bill payment. After being told that I did in fact have five days, I didn't think about it again, because it would be there within the time. Then, come the third day I get a notice that my rent is late and I now have a late fee. Apparently I was told the grace period for the other rental agreement and they refused to listen to this. The staff, including supervisors and the property manager, are completely useless and try to make your life more complicated. They will try to steal any money they can from you.
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By: Thearsa H.
Cedarwood Apartments
Does anyone know of another way to get a hold of these ppl? I've been calling since last week. I have left messages still no response
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By: Tattednyc M.
Paper Moon Apartments
six years ago husband went alone with no paperwork or dl to view apts. he saw one he liked and she told him he could sign a prelease to reserve it. but he would have to bring me and my id and his proof of income (i didnt work) to make it a final lease, the next day he called and told her i didnt want to live in that neighborhood and she said "we" done signed a lease. he said no we didnt we didnt give u any documents or ids or anything. she told him to call corporate and hung up he called back it rang and rang. he called corporate and they told him they had been getting alot of complaints about tbis kind of stuff that if we didnt submit the documents to support our app it would be rejected not to worry about it. its on my report now and they told me i have to get the cops involved to get it taken off.
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By: Sarah B.
The Arbors of Sam Houston
Would not recommend these apartments at all, way over priced for what you are getting. In the first 6 months I lived there, we had black mold on our window, the kitchen ceiling light cover fell because of roofers onto my roommates head and not a single staff member (including management) apologized or did anything. A person was stabbed in an apartment around the corner from us (by someone who didn't live in the arbors but the gates never close so anyone can get in). When they say they are putting something in top priority with maintenance that really means they will come in a few days. The printer and student amenities that make the apartments so appealing have been broken since we moved in and no one is trying to fix it. The pools were closed the entire time we lived there. Not to mention we had to call 911 at 1 in the morning for domestic violence and the couple is still living there. So no I would not recommend for anyone.
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By: Kenisha B.
Encore At Sam Houston
Encore is a wonderful community filled with warm and friendly people. It's close to campus and the staff goes to the moon and back to make sure everyone is happy and taken care off.
By: Megan S.
University Club Apartments
AWFUL!!! AWFUL! AWFUL!!!! The apartment is very charming, especially for the price compared to others in the area. The management on the other hand is horrendous. We`ve, my sister and I, absolutely loved the apartment and the office people until we started having issues with our apartment. First came the A/C, upstairs was not only hot and humid no matter how low we set the thermostat (ranging from 80-82) in the heat of summer. When we called and asked them to take a look they happily sent out maintenance, they came out looked around at the vent upstairs and said "this is normal texas weather"........We`ve lived in apartments our whole lives IN TEXAS!! Soon to follow the A/C was the roof, after a storm one the roof started leaking above the upstairs shower. When we called, again they happily came out looked at the now growing mildew on the roof and walls and said "to get rid of that mildew you`re gonna wanna spray some bleach on it and scrub it with a sponge"...needless to say they came back and threw a tarp over it, a tarp that fell down later that same week and when it did fall they just came and took it the rest of the way down forgetting about the HOLE IN MY ROOF. When i called and asked when they were going to get around to fixing the roof they said "well has it rained lately??" as if water is the only thing that could get in that hole. The following week it started to warm up as winter turned into spring and again the A/C became an issue, they came out and said the same thing except this time before coming in they banged on the A/C unit outside with a hammer, and then said "it looks like its running pretty well the unit is just too big for the A/C size, you have to choose upstairs or downstairs to be comfortable", which isnt an option because the downstairs vents are broken and do not close. We had to call them out three different times in one week, and finally the realized something was wrong. Instead of fixing the problem however the entered our home when we werent home and installed a window unit and hooked it up to our electricity without giving us any type of heads up at all that any such thing would happen. So now we are living in an $800 apartment with a whole in the roof and window unit and a light bill of $250 because the A/C and window unit have to constantly be running, with absolutely NO compensation what so ever.
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By: Presshelle H.
B & S Storage
The team there seem really nice I didn't have a problem until moving out of my unit. The actual owner of the storage is very rude, ignorant, and has no respect. I was late on payments and understood that I would have to pay extra fees which wasnt a problem. However, when I went to pay the full amount I asked them to fully explain the extra chargers. I was then sent to the owner and when asking about the charges she yelled at me to get out of her office because I asked why was the price a different price than what she told me over the phone. At some point she even told me to shut up, and tried to shut her office door on me. I would not recommend going there unless you want to be disrespected, pay fees that have nothing to do with your unit, and have someone try to belittle you. If I could them zero stars I would.
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By: Rebecca E.
Encore At Sam Houston
Encore at Sam Houston is not really a great place at all. They try to sell you on the fact that they're "cheap", just keep that in mind! Lots of hidden fees, don't let them lie to you about that. Laura and the curly head Erin are really rude, they act nice but as soon as something comes up they blow up in your face about it instead of acting professional. The other people that work there though are really nice, so far. Oh and by the way the "Starbucks" coffee is really cheap coffee from HEB, I asked one of the workers, it's not Starbucks at all. It used to be $435 a month but now it's $465 a month. And if you think about it that's not really cheap. You're paying for $465 a MONTH for ONE room! You can rent an entire apartment to yourself for that price, I've looked into it. When I first moved in there, there was paint all over the floor and furniture from when they came in to fix the apartment, and we had rats for the longest time. They don't do the roommate selections very well, I've had issues with two of my roommates from the beginning and they have done nothing about it! You fill out a roommate form just to be thrown in there with somebody that is nothing like you, it's like they don't even pay attention to the form that you fill out. If you have any issues with your roommates, they are not going to do anything about it.You can hear EVERYTHING, like I can hear when the people above me walk or when the neighbors are on the phone. One time someone was throwing a huge party at 2 in the morning and the police that supposedly live at Encore wouldn't even answer the door, so they did NOTHING! The water and electricity bill... Is there even a cap on it?! I have got a "conservice" bill every single month and don't let them lie to you, you will NOT only go over like 10 dollars. Every single time I have gotten the bill it has been 35 dollars or more. I seriously don't think they put a 30 dollar cap on it like they say, because if that were true my bill shouldn't be almost 40 dollars every month. Maintenance was good until they fired the man that actually did all of the work. There's only one maintenance guy now, and you have to send in multiple maintenance request for him to even do anything and even then it's not guaranteed that he will do it. There's been a broke light outside that flickers and shines in my room for over a month now, luckily the light is just about to go out so it won't flicker so brightly in my room. I wouldn't recommend living here at all.. Unlucky for me I've already signed the lease. Don't make that mistake. Keep looking at other apartments, these are made to look nice but they are not.
By: judywierick
Commercial Storage
Very clean with on site restrooms - business friendly - plenty of parking - excellent for either storage or commercial business - large 1000sq. ft. units with overhead door and walk in door.
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