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By: Annette J.
Pure Wax & Tan
I have been in the beauty industry for 30 yrs and know my way around a number of places from the small 2 chair shops that welcome you in to their business home to the Spa's that invite you to indulge in services that cater to your every need. I owned such a spa in TN, so I think I am a pretty good reliable source of judgement in this case. My credibility has been proven! My Husband and I relocated to Huntsville in 2014. So you can see, I had to start all over again, not only finding a place that I felt comfortable working at, but finding others to do service on me as well...(Very hard to do because of my expectations of others in the industry) I was referred to Melodee Kennedy, by a client of mine who assured me that she would take really good care of me. Not only did she do an excellent job on the Brazilian, she also did a full leg wax too. I am highly impressed with her ability to get the work done in a fast efficient manner. It only hurt a little and by the time I walked out of there the pain was totally gone. It is a waxing facility so there is going to be some mess, but if I wanted a "sterile environment" then I would have gone to a Doctor's office where it has been proven that 9 times out of 10 you catch something there worse than what you came in with... As far as a spa environment, if that is what you wanted why not just go to the Spa???? The music is played as a distraction, not intended for you to go to sleep. So you see if you were as offended by this place why didn't you just leave? NO, instead you continued on so you could complain online and give a bad review. Well, it has been my experience that ""these" kind of people are either competitor's being nosy trying to throw out bad reviews to drive business to them, or just impossible to please nitpickers...so which one are you? By the detail of your rambling story I would say the latter. As for the licenses, they were displayed directly under the 90 you mentioned, but neglected to see that they ARE Aestheticians... I seriously hope that you don't eat out much in this town because I can say one thing there will be a lot of extras in your food...Lucky C, I have established my creditability, so what is your's?
By: sissy66
Hair and Nails by Sally
Whatever you need done in the beauty…Whatever you need done in the beauty department you will find it here.. For color, cut and style, I recommend Eve All. She graduated from Paul Mitchell's with honor's and is truly a miracle worker! Book early if you want Eve....seems more and more difficult to see her. A true asset to Hair and Nails by Sally. Her shampoos are heavenly! You're stress/tension headaches magically disappear lol. Trust me, once you have had Eve do her magic, you'll never truly trust just anyone else with your beauty needs!! And for a manicure that lasts and a staff that speaks English well and most importantly when customers are present see Sam. I only have had Sam do my nails up to now and his work is detailed and he is very good at what he does. I'm sure the others are just as good. However, once I receive great service I stick with the same person. Providing beauty services is a art. You can tell who is in it because they needed something that was quick and not very expensive to get, compared to those who are in it for the love of putting smiles on peoples face once they have been transformed with great detail starting from the consultation with real people and listening skills and REALLY care about making a client happy and not too worried about rushing through so the tips/commission grows quickly. Hey, if I get great service, first off I tip very good which makes up for the lost clients in between as well as continuously sending new long term clients your way! I did not give a 5 star due to the underlying tension between the employees and the manager. A difference between day and night when you go on days the management is not in. I've been there on different occasions. The turn around on stylists is tremendous which I assume is due to that. That's just my opinion and does not have to do with the services given once you've found your favorite stylist :-)
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By: Erieka W.
Emergency Brow & Lash Boutique
I went to this salon to get my brows and lashes done.. They did a EXCELLENT job, the technicians are knowledgeable about the services they offer. The atmosphere is inviting and the make you feel like family #notjustanumber I would recommend them to anyone looking to get these services. They do threading, waxing, eyelash extensions and tinting services at reasonable prices :-)
By: ilovemybodywaxer
Pure Wax & Tan
Halei was absolutely phenomenal!!! She's super funny and relaxing. She doesn't make it totally awkward or anything. She makes lots of jokes to ease the tension. She gives great spray tans and gets them done in 5 minutes or less. I would recommend her to anyone. She's super sweet and takes great care of all of her clients.
By: sunshine2012
Pure Wax & Tan
This is the most awsome atmosphere i have been to get a airbrush tan. The tan is so natural looking and it lasts for about 2 weeks!!!! Very awsome!!! The waxing is almost painless! I would recommend to anyone!
By: Destini B.
Emergency Brow & Lash Boutique
Nice and clean salon.. Customer Service is great and I plan on going back :-) They make sure they meet the customers needs and expectations. I recommend them!!
By: Maddie D.
Pure Wax & Tan
Love this place! Melodee made me feel very comfortable and she is very professional. I would recommend this place to anyone - for any waxing needs.
By: Yolanda T.
Emergency Brow & Lash Boutique
Excellent service and very professional. I am very happy with my experience at this salon. Best service out there.

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