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By: mimi.barnes.5
Fuji Japanese Cuisine
Maybe four stars is a tad generous but I love having sushi so close and I really want this restaurant to succeed. The atmosphere is very nice, I think fairly upscale for strip mall on Winchester. It would standalone nice in any HSV locale. I usually get miso soup - and I think it is the best I have ever had. Nice and mellow. I always get the same rolls- crunchy shrimp, salmon skin and yellow tail. Very good. Nice and clean tasting- fresh. Wish it were served a tad cooler... but very good. Also had a small house salad and it was very good as well. Fresh, generous dressing. Good flavors- not too salty or sharp. The service has been a bit slow and inattentive. I notice they are advertising for a manager and hostess so that should solve the problem once they are adequately staffed. The wait staff has been nice, just mostly seem young and inexperienced. This week we had to wait- our waitress didn't seem to pick up on the clue we wanted to order even though we had our menus open and a finger pointing to the item.. just refilled glasses and scooted. Although we did not complain, we were comped the salads. I usually like to chat, etc when I dine out so service being a little slow doesn't bother me much. And once again, the atmosphere is nice and not aggravatingly loud if you are trying to carry on a conversation. Have also got carry out.
By: Brandon H.
Steakhouse Huntsville
I've seen these trucks driving around town and ive always thought it was an odd concept, and probably bad quality but 3 months ago a driver stopped by my house which they never do since there is a guard usually station at the front. A young man knocked on my door and he was a younger college aged guy who seemed too intelligent for the job. I heard his story and decided to see what he had out of curiosity of this odd business But i initally went outside to see how bad the food looked and how it was a shady operation but that opinion changed slightly when I saw he had a very expensive power inverter mounted in the cab to power the freezer. Then I see the food and I must admit I was a little impressed but I despise frozen beef and only purchase very high quality steaks but I ended up buying because I admired the young man working hard and he was pleasant to speak with. I planned to give them as a gift but coriosidy took over again and I tried one. Excellent much better than I could imagine especially since frozen steaks normally are tuff and so not taste right but these didn't bc of some special way the salesman explained they quick freeze them. Good experience and I now have ordered 2 times since then, but I wouldn't try their pork I thought it was average and overpriced
By: bertman5050
Steakhouse Huntsville
I was sitting around watching the Bama game when I got a knock on my door, only to find out it was one of those annoying sales people you never want to talk to. But I figured I'd give him a chance just for the hell of it. After hearing his pitch about a new company called Steakhouse Huntsville i was somewhat intrigued. So I continued to listen to his pitch about the awesome deals he could get for me I had to take a look at the actual product. I went out to the truck and he lays out 24 good sized fillet minions. All individually wrapped and vacuum sealed for freshness. Then, he trows out this crazy price I couldn't pass up. Just got done eating two of them I wrapped up in bacon and seared over the grill. All I can say is AMAZING! Taste just like a good store bought steak, but for well under the store bought price. So, I would recommend these guys to any of my friends or family. It may seem a little sketchy buying meat from a door to door salesman, but you should have great confidence with these guys. So, Joseph Bellmore, thanks a lot for interrupting my football game to give me one killer deal on some steaks!
By: giniperann
Steakhouse Huntsville
My daughter invited me steak at her home. That was the best steak I had eaten in years. She told me she bought them from someone who sells door to door. Not long after that I had the opportunity to meet this person - Joe . He came to my home and showed me what he had. The meat had very little fat, was vacuum sealed and the steaks were huge. He presented several packages to choose from and since there was a promotional going on I got a great deal on my package selection. I have grilled several different types of steaks from the package and all I can say is - you won't find a steak that is as tender and tasty as these are at any grocery store in town.
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By: Wendy A.
Cotton Row Restaurant
last night, my husband and i had our belated wedding dinner for two. His steak was mouth watering and very very tender---cooked to order. I had the japanese eggplant and it was absolutely wonderful. The green fried tomatoes were the best I've ever eaten. Our waiter, Tim, was courteous, prompt and our drinks were filled as requested. the chocolate lava cake with the vanilla sauce was to die for :D. Bravo! It was the first restaurant here in Huntsville we'd eaten at downtown and it was the best tip we'd received since moving here! thank you for making our wedding dinner very special.
By: Charles P.
Steakhouse Huntsville
The meat that I have tried so far has been good and for what I got the deal wasn't bad. They punched in the wrong amount on my debit/credit card and voided the transaction. Then reran the card for the correct price. I have the voided receipt but I do not see on my bank account information to where it was credited back or where it is pending to be credited back. I am going to the bank today to stop payment and see if the uncollected deposit charges by my bank can be restored to my account. Once again, the food is fine, but I am not pleased with the guy that swiped my card.
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By: Lisa M.
O'Charley’s Restaurant & Bar
The hostess advised us it was free pie today.before I ordered the free pie I clarified this with the guy helping the waitress. Over heard him staying he was putting it on the I waited and checked the ticket.It read free (what ever flavored pie)pie but charged 3.99 per piece ..his response ohhh Dude you put the charge in.he took it off but after him trying to rip me off I left the pie.never will anybody I know my family will go there where they try to rip you off again
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By: Shelley E.
Logan's Roadhouse
The food was descent the bad part was the service which made everything else a not so good experience. We waited 20 minutes after our waiter took our drink and food order for him to bring our drinks. Then he forgot our dinner rolls we had to ask a bust boy to track him Down. Them we ordered two more mixed drinks he got us regular lemonade no alcohol so we called him over asked him to fix it and asked the manager needless to say they never came to fix it so we left
By: tiberius.yocum
Vintage Cigar Lounge
The shop is well laid out and the service is excellent! My wife and I always have trouble deciding on what wines to drink. The girls that work there are proficient at finding spectacular wine for about twenty bucks. My weakness is cigars. The variety and specialty cigars I want to try are always there! I love the lounge and the people you get to meet and hang out with can't be beat. Never a dull moment!
By: eternalgreenknight
Supper Heroes
I can eat, but between the bottomless kool aid (I'm a kid at heart, what can I say?), the starter sampler of fried tomatoes, pickles, and deviled eggs, and the meatloaf sandwich (huge!), and big fresh house salad (spring mix) in the edible bowl, I'm super stuffed! First time here, and not the last. Service is a little new, but eager and friendly. This place is a keeper!

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