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By: ydette
Royal Funeral Home-
This business has provided exemplary service to the citizens of Madison County and beyond for over 94 years. It took me a while to read through the poorly written derogatory previous review since the person lacked the basic skills in grammar and English needed to convey a clear message. Nevertheless, from what I could finally hobble together of the story after shifting out all the errors was that the person clearly was not a paying customer of the funeral home and should have taken up his/her customer service issue with the company that received his/her business, the florist. Did the florist produce a name of the person receiving the alleged floral arrangement? Did the florist produce evidence that the floral arrangement was, in fact, delivered to the funeral home? What evidence does the reviewer have to document that he/she actually purchased the floral arrangement?Slander is a very serious legal issue against an individual or a business. The person writing the review slandered both Mrs. Karen Jones Smith and the Royal Funeral Home. Both the individual and the business operate with the highest standards of honor and integrity which can be attested to by a multitude of persons and businesses over the years. I think history and reputation support which person is telling the truth or not. I and many others will support Karen Jones Smith and the Royal Funeral Home each and every time over an anonymous, non-paying, borderline illiterate, internet slanderer!
By: s2mbs2inatl
Royal Funeral Home-
I generally do not write reviews as I feel they are simply a biased opinion based upon brief service experiences. In most cases, they are just emotion... However, in the case of Royal Funeral Home I give my the highest compliment and recommendation. Tiffany at Royal was superb. During my family's difficult time with the loss of our Patriarch, my Grandfather, Tiffany was very understanding, sympathetic, and was the consummate business professional. She took great care to explain the services required and worked with all in involved to ensure that we, the family, had no added pain or stress in the process. Although we made arrangements to secure our own custom casket, there were no issues. In addition, my grandfather looked fabulous which was a comfort to us all. When I look back to the experience I am almost brought to tears how I felt that Tiffany was right there with us even until Grandfather was actually laid to final rest. Her words of encouragement were comforting and assuring. Royal, you get an A+++ for Tiffany just being there as though she was one of the family. If all clients get such personal attention then I must say you are doing EVERYTHING RIGHT! God Bless you Tiffany, God Bless Royal Funeral Home...

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