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  • Rick S.

    BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! I am posting this review hoping that it will help other pet owners not make the same mistake that we made. Our experience with AAA Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach was nothing short of a nightmare. Please do not make the same mistake we did. Research the reviews on YELP, Google, YP, BBB and other information available on the internet before taking your pet to this horrible place.

    My daughter took our beloved 2 yr old kitty Nala to AAA to get her spayed. About three days after the procedure Nala stopped eating, drinking and was lethargic. She took Nala to emergency care and was told that Nala is very sick and has a very high fever. They gave Nala fluids and an antibiotic shot and instructed to take her to our vet. the next day (it was late at night and vet. was closed). The vet. examined her and informed both of us that Nala was likely too far gone to save. Instead of having a fever Nala's temperature was now below normal and she was having trouble breathing on her own. We decided to do blood work and the results indicated a very low WBC. The vet. said that Nala was near death and only explanation was an infection from the spay operation.

    It seemed strange to me that a perfectly healthy young cat would die after a routine spay procedure. I did an online search for reviews of AAA and to my horror discovered a long list of negative reviews from pet owners who have had to suffer through experiences similar to ours. Many reviewers reported unsafe and unsanitary conditions, picking up pets that were injured / infected /traumatized while in the care of AAA. Then it got worst. I found a series of documents relating to a City of Costa Mesa investigation of the facility initiated after volunteer workers reported appalling conditions and cruel treatment of animals in their care.

    I urge you to not make the same mistake we did. Please read the reviews BEFORE taking your pet to AAA

  • user avatar
    Jeff R.
    Edited: 05/23/2017

    We can't afford to pay high prices,they are amazing and I won't go anywhere else! Staff is awesome! YES there is a long wait, but well worth it if you cant afford to go anywhere more expensive...besides aren't your pets worth the time?

    Seems like a lot of bad reviews, but my family has had nothing but good things from the staff to Dr. B.

    They are trying their best and deal with a lot of snobs who are not used to waiting and always getting what they want right away and they still treat the owners and animals with care.

    Thank you guys for all that you do for my dogs Bella & Chloe!

  • They are a total rip off and I...
    Edited: 05/08/2017

    They are a total rip off and I have reported them to the ASPCA and PETA for they way they treated my cat. I have been a customer of there since 1998, but since they opened the new building it seems as they are looking to cover the construction cost. I have a Persian cat that requires shaving every year. Since AAA has been in the new building the cost went from 45.00 to 60.00. The quality of service has gone down dramatically.

    My cat was always really good about getting groomed until there groomer shaved his nipples off. it took two days for the bleeding to stop. They called me and told me they needed to sedate him because he was trying to bite the groomer. I would bit someone too if they shaved my nipples off.

    They drugged him so much that he could barley walk for 3 days. I needed to stay with him so that he would fall and hurt himself. (Please see attached Youtube video)

    The girls at the desk assured me that it wouldn't happen again the next time I brought him in. They gave him a milder sedative, but when I picked him up his nipples were shaved off again.

    I called them yesterday and asked if they have a different groomer from the one they had before, they told me that she was no longer with the company so I decided to bring my cat in again. I was very specific that they needed to insure that they would not shave my cats nipples off or drug him excessively. They told me that it would be 160.00 for the grooming which is outrageous since they are the reason the cat is scared of the clippers. Their response " sorry". I do not recommend them to anyone, and if they are doing this to my cat I'm sure that there are many others that share a similar experience. Personally, I think they should be shut down.

  • J N.

    This place gives vague answers, are give misleading information, they give wonderful goodbys if you buy into their scams, and their quoting/pricing practices are shameful. After 3-4 years of taking our pin pin to this business I find this place to be very unprofessional and dishonest. You call them for pricing so you can get an estimate of what the costs may be, then you get the business once your pet is in their hands. Last week a simple ear infection(results from water in the ear) was estimated over the phone to be about $100,once they had my pet their estimate came to almost $500, I reminded the estimator that I called prior to bringing my pet that a ear infection was the case, that the additional fees of $400 was unexceptable, to remove the mumbo jumbo costs, that only a exam, cleaning and antibiotics was needed(I took some vet classes). Wow did I get the cold treatment once I stood up to them and when they brought my pet out to me I saw that his ear was not washed no trace of a cleaning solution used. To not blow my top I took my pet and went home. My pet is 12 years old, day in day out he greats us and family/friends with kindness and affection Im not taking my pet to this place ever again! This place insults my intelligence and short shrifts my pet.

  • BEWARE!!!!!

    THIS PLACE NEARLY KILLED MY CAT!!!...I BROUGHT EM IN TO GET NEUTERED.....The cat was fine before I brought em in....1 day after surgery he's actin kinda funny, so 3 days later I look...He has a huge sore near rectum, loosing hair and blisters on the bottoms of his feet!!!!...He's an indooor cat!...never seen the outside. He was in my bedroom since he was home. In order to have chemical burns he would of had to step on something caustic, my room is carpeted.....They won't own up to it of course...AND WANT TO CHARGE ME $200 MORE DOLLARS!!!..THIS PLACE IS A SCAM THAT PREYS ON PET OWNERS EMOTIONS!!!!...DO NOT...I REPEAT...DO NOT GO TO AAA ANIMAL HOSPITAL...SERIOUS THIEVES!!!!!!

  • my poor puppy :(

    THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE, my poor puppy went through so much pain because of them. pain that could have been avoided if they did their job right. first off before this even happened, i took my puppy in about 3 times telling them something was wrong with her and they said no it was something else. the first time i took her was for the beginning signs of kennel cough and i told them im pretty sure shes getting kennel cough they said no its allergies..guess what 3 days later she had a terrible case of kennel cough. then i took her in 2 different times for really bad diahrea and i told them i thought she had giardia and they said they could do a fecal exam but its just her food being changed so nothing to worry about. i ended up having to take her to a different vet for an emergency a couple days after the second time i took her to aaa and they second i got there they told me she had giardia without even having to test her. she had it for over a month and both times i took her in they said i had nothing to worry about.
    ok now this tops it off!!!!!! i took her there to get her spayed and they used a wire to close her incision and they tied it way too tight so when her belly swelled the wire was literally slicing her stomach!!!! she would run around paniced and screaming in pain so i took her to a different vet and the second they saw it they ran her back to take the wire out and when they did her stomach started gushing blood from where the wire was cutting her belly. they explained to me, the wire is an older way of doing it but when they do it they need to leave some space for when the stomach swells so it doesn't slice her belly. if your a vet, shouldn't you know that?!?!?! my puppy was in so much pain because of their carelessness. I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT GOING HERE TO GET YOUR PUPPY SPAYED!!! unless you dont mind her being in a lot of pain.

  • Incompetent Staff - Lack of concern & attention of Animals

    This place is horrible. I took my cat in for an infection inside of her mouth...I think it was from a rose thorn. When I had her examined, they tried to tell me it was just a sore and would go away on its own...I had to point out the injury again, because they did not even take the time to thouroughly look that there was a huge hole in her gum and what appeared to be a thorn!! I'm not even a vet and I could see she needed treatment. They said ""oh, I see it now"" and decided she needed surgery to remove. Fine. While she was in there, they said she was due to get fixed anyway, so they asked if I wanted to do it at the same time - she would already be under Anesthesia and it would save me money. I thought it was a good idea at the time, I was quoted 300.00 total...but when my cat came home, her stomach was bulging like a gold ball. I took her back and they said it was a hernia, so they put her under and cut her open again. The next day, same thing - huge bulge popped out. Again, I took her back, they said maybe it was an allergic reaction to the stiches. So the out her down AGAIN cut her open a 3rd time, used different stitching material, and still 2 days later the same complication. So 545.00 later, I had no choice but to take her elsewhere...another cat specialist, who mentioned the inscision site looked ""odd"" and she had not seen something like it before. I allowed them to put her down for the 4th and final time...they mentioned a ""sloppy"" job and tremendous scar tissue...but they were able to fix it up, and board her back to help within a week. She healed just FINE...had to pay 700.00 but 100% worth it! Don't take your pet here to save money, you will pay more with the end result. The people at AAA should not have licenses to practice...they should be investigated for malpractice of animals.


    I have had only POSITIVE interactions with AAA and the staff .
    I have a CAT. She was not nervous at all . Her surgery was a success and $200 LESS than anywhere else I checked . I will be bringing all my future pets here as well.

  • Wow...some bad reviews here...
    tina chornomud

    I am writing this because i read so many terrible reviews. I have been taking all of my animals here for at least 7 years now. Every time I go the staff is very friendly, and kind, and seem legitimately interested in my dog and even my 4 year old who comes with me when I go. All of our cats and dogs have been spayed/neutered by this animal hospital and I have never had any of the negative experiences spoken about here. Honestly, I have had at least 10 animals with surgeries here and no bad infections or anything.

    The only reason this facility is not getting five stars is because, my dog Isis had lung cancer (i think) she had gotten an x-ray and they told me she had a huge mass on her back. My dog's lung had collapsed and she couldn't breathe. They charged me to re-inflate her lung and she was hospitalized for 3-4 days. They warned me that it might not permanently fix her problem, and i may want to consider putting her down. I was DEVESTATED. I spent about $1,500 on her surgery and everything. Well VERY unfortunately she got very sick again. I went to the Golden State ""Humane society"" and they refused to put her down (i went there because they only charged 25 dollars as opposed to $250 since she was an 80 lb dog). Her tongue was blue and she was breathing so hard and fast since her lung had collapsed again. She couldn't even lay down. She had been sleeping standing up when i got up that morning; and she would definitely had died that evening. But i couldn't live with myself if she suffered like that another minute. So I drove back to AAA and begged them to please give me a discount. The Vet was very nice and understanding (Dr. Bashai) but he said he could not give me a discount. So i had to pay another $250 dollars. It was very sad, but he was very appropriately solemn and gave me some time alone with my dog when she was gone. And i felt like he was comforting and sympathetic.



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