By: jennifernguyen
Jolly Delux Spa
Hi everyone!!! This is my first time rating sometrhing like this. Jolly Delux Spa!!! What can i say. As a contractor, sometimes you injure yourself and in this case a well deserved massage is usually appreciated. Coming to Jolly delux spa was probably the best investment I've made in health at the present time especially since my right shoulder and lower spine was somewhat in pain after working out and/or sessioning in general. $25.00 an hour for reflexology $45 for whole body massage, Zen music, certified masseuses, sea salt bath for your feet, hot and cold tea as you wish, and massage chair are all the magical elements that allow you to escape into a relaxed environment, temporarily. They worked out even other body parts that had a lot of stress (forearms and calves especially which surprised me). The rest of the spine massage though, was more than I bargained for considering I felt more discomfort (at the pressure directed) rather than relief. But eh, that's just how the body reacts sometimes I guess, the second time i went there for the whole body massage. was eve better then the first time. With $45 you get treated like a celebrity. i got greet with a warm welcome. Start out with a cup of the amazing flower tea. gotta go now i wish i have more time to talk about it . I leave the rest up to you guys. Got to try it at least one time.
By: jlchoney
Serenity Thai Therapy
I have been to most day spa's and massages in Huntington Beach. Serenity Thai Massage is one of the best local massage place I have ever been to. I had back pains fron an accident over a year ago beacause they are aware of each trigger points on your body that they were able to ease my pain..

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