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By: lifesadancee
Tommy T's Body Piercing
In all honesty I recommend going to Tommy T's. They have always been so friendly and understanding. I have been coming here for about 3yrs and I've brought many friends here as well. We have always been very pleased with our piercings. The staff is very professional and the shop is clean. I've never had any infections. Today I re pierced my ears and I am beyond happy to know that I will be able to wear regular earrings very soon! I've had a slit in my ear for the longest time and you can't even notice it! I got my tongue pierced and my belly button done at Tommy T's and they are absolutely beautiful and I never had any issues. Just trust me and go to Tommy T's today!!! :) Once again I am back as always and Tommy Ts always takes care of me. I just came and they suggested I get a better quality piece of jewelry and it was about time for me to switch the sizes out since they've been in for so long. They're very personable and make sure they are clean. I will continue to write reviews every time I come in because I love this place so much! I wouldn't go anywhere else! : )
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By: Aly H.
Tommy T's Body Piercing
I love Tommy T's! I have 9 peircings, along with friends with many peircings (I have been with most of my friends when they got their peircings) and this is the best place I have EVER come across. If you're thinking about getting peirced, go to Tommy T's and ask for Lucy. She is the best peircer I have ever met. She knows what she's talking about and is very considerate of an individuals peircing experiences and pain tolerance. She has done 3 of my peircings, and I wish she did all of my others. Lucy is fantastic. I cannot stress how much I love this place. If you want a safe, efficent, and comfortable place to put holes in your body, face or anywhere, go to Tommy T's
By: gl0bug
Tommy T's Body Piercing
Very open friendly place. I never knew there was prestigious kinds of piercing places, but this one is definitely reputable. I was told things I never knew before. Things just about the quality of jewelry conpared to others and that they are part of an association that is very high end when it comes to professionalism and knowledge in the business-all to serve the customer better and keep us in the know and not being taken advantage of. Customer service is awesome. I was with Lucy! So relatable and made me comfortable the whole time. I really trusted her knowledge and experience. She's been working there for 15 years! They know what they're doing. Worth every cent!!
By: bebop669
Tommy T's Body Piercing
i love this place! Everytime I come to Tommy T's, Its like being around family. All the employee's are friendly and nice. They take their time with every decision I make with jewelry, place and just how thepiercing is going to look. They are very professional and have been in the business of piercing for a long time. i always appreciate the help I get from Lucy. She works with me with the different jewelry that can be worked with the piercings i want to get. I highly recommend this place. I have been going to Tommy T's for about 4 years now and have always been pleased and satisfied.
By: darcy.rabago
Tommy T's Body Piercing
Ive gone here every single time ive gotten pierced and it is the best place! They really are good if you are nervous they will reassure you and make you feel great. I just got my nose ring taken out and switched out because i accidently messed it up and Lucy was a great piercer. I was very nervous and thought it would hurt but she made it very painless talking to me and distracting me.I got my tongue piercing done here and it is my favorite piercing ive ever had. I recommend this place to all friends :) They are very professional & nice! :D
By: emillymmartin
Tommy T's Body Piercing
I've gotten all of my piercings here and have been helped by Tommy Lucy and Heather. Everything is very professional and CLEAN which makes you feel super comfortable in the environment you're in. And I've never had problems with my piercings because of the high quality jewelry they sell! I recommend Tommy T's to all of my friends. Everyone who works there is rad and makes you feel totally at ease when getting pierced. I'm going over there right when I'm done with this review :)
By: soccermermaid
Tommy T's Body Piercing
Every time I come in to Tommy T's I've had amazing service. This last trip was an impromtu trip with a friend. I knew I wanted a piercing, but I didn't want one that is "trendy". I wanted something unique. After talking to Lucy I knew exactly what I wanted. My friend and I both got a conch piercing, but Lucy and I added another one to mine. And it's awesome. If you want something unique and want it from an amazing piercer I'd come here!
By: beatles3184
Tommy T's Body Piercing
I regularly take my piercing out for work and this time had left it out for way too long. I was very sad to lose my piercing that I have had for 6 years. I only get my jewlery from Tommy T's and so I decided to come by and see if there is anything I could do to save it. Lucy was sooooooo helpful and stretched my piercing for me. It was so painless! I have had it stretched before and it was horrible, but with Lucy it was a breeze. Im a happy girl!
By: tiar11
Tommy T's Body Piercing
I went to Tommy T's with my friends and got my belly button pierced. They had a great selection with many different types of settings for the jewelry. I WAS SUPER NERVOUS. It hurt while I was getting it done, but after it was finished, I realized it really didn't hurt that bad. Great experience overall! I didn't have enough money to tip the piercer, but I'm going to come back tomorrow and give her a tip. Heather was a great piercer!
By: gretch.opichka
Tommy T's Body Piercing
LOVE THIS PLACE ...... have dermal's in my arm and now 3 in my chest! They rock, everyone is missing out that does not get pierced there. Soooo friendly, fun, INFORMATIVE, CLEAN, and downright respectful. I highlighted my two most important qualities in a place. Also, they have great personalities, and make you feel comfortable. Hit it up people. :) Thank guys!!!!

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