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By: Elissa M.
Presidential Glass Company
I used Presidential Glass a few years ago to replace my cracked windshield and felt like they did a great job and had wonderful customer service! I felt the price was high but we went with them regardless. Recently, I needed another windshield replacement and we decided to go with a company that could come to my office downtown and replace it there. They were also about a quarter of the price. We mainly chose not to go back to Presidential because of their location relative to where we are now and their price but it was nothing against them. While the other company was replacing my windshield (as I stood there watching) they immediately noticed some clip pieces had previously been broken and glued down. We realized this had to have been done by presidential glass since when they replaced it the first time my car was brand new! We called Presidential to inquire and were met with extreme confrontation. I merely wanted to know if our account had any notes referencing the 'glue job' bc I was unaware of any such work. They got very defensive to the point of yelling and said even if they had made that fix they wouldn't have notes on our account to reference it. I was not trying to accuse them of deceiving me but their reaction made me feel maybe they had! I wasn't even trying to get them to make a fix or refund I just wanted information. It was very uncomfortable and inappropriate. They are obviously unaware of how many people I have referred to them bc of my great experience in the past. This will not be the case going forward. I will definitely tell everyone I know about my recent conversation. My family is made up of small business owners so I understand and respect the lifestyle of such, but nothing ever warrants this sort of behavior towards customers. I specifically remember having a great conversation and loving the fact they had dogs in their office when I was there the first time. I've never been treated so rudely as I recently was by them. I felt justified in asking for notes on previous work they had done. That seems like something a well run business would be able to provide with confidence.
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By: Kim O.
Presidential Glass Company
We recently used Presidential Glass for the second time. The first time they replaced my husband's electronic back glass window on his Ford F150 several years ago and we have had no trouble whatsoever with it. This time they replaced the front windshield on my Honda Odyssey. They were very helpful and professional. The only problem we had was when I called to reschedule, I left a message and they never called to let me know that they agreed with the change, so I did have to make an unnecessary trip out there. But, it was an honest mistake and they apologized for it. Thank you for your excellent service.
By: Mr J.
Presidential Glass Company
I've been going there for windshield replacements for more than ten years and on several vehicles. Never once did I have any problems with Presidential Glass. I highly recommend them to all friends and family. Awesome family friendly environment.
Tips & Advices
If you have comprehensive coverage, some - if not all - of the windshield repair and replacement costs are covered by the insurance company. Check with your insurance company to inquire about what they are able to pay. It’s also important to consider the deductible. If the cost of the replacement/repair is greater than the current deductible, the insurance company can cover the difference. But if the repair costs are less than the deductible, you will have to pay the full cost out of pocket.
Generally, most professionals can install a new windshield in around one hour and can make repairs in less than 30 minutes.
Wait 24 hours before entering a car wash with a new or repaired windshield. The high water pressures and cleaning chemicals could damage the windshield adhesive.
Most professional installers advise waiting an hour before driving again with a new or repaired windshield.
The cost of replacing a windshield can vary even more than getting it repaired, because the vehicle’s make and model, not the severity of the crack/chip, determine costs. Newer and higher-end vehicles cost more to have their windshields replaced because certain manufacturers use modified or proprietary glass types.

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