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By: Jeff S.
Mugg & Bopps
If you value your vehicle and don't want a large repair bill do NOT use this gas station. We filled up our tank with 18.5 gallons (21 gallon tank) of "ultra" gas on 8/25/16. Had to have the car towed to dealership which sampled the gas. It was approximately 50% water. Over $1,800 to repair and the owner refuses to reimburse. BUYER BEWARE....Use a different gas station.
By: Chuck C.
Usa 2 Go
Gas Station is very nice and nice people.But car wash smells nasty, When I go to car wash I want to smell fresh clean soap and wax smell, The water must be used over and over. The water smelled so bad it made the inside of my truck smell for miles and miles. I asked the worker if car wash always smelled like ass and he said yeah but you get use to it. Sorry but car wash should be a clean smelling event.
By: Cynthia P.
Usa 2 Go
I told them that someone hacked into my credit card and pumped gas. They were not very helpful. He just blew it off.
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By: Michele R.
C D Okemos 10
Mugg N Bopps in Gregory has been reopened since 7-4-2015 with a Subway Sign. Still no Subway. the unadilla Store will be open before this subway is
By: Carol G.
Sale prices are bogus, You can find identical items at the same price elsewhere anytime. Their coupons represent misleading advertising. The fine print eliminates 90% of the items in the store even though the bold print says "$x off your regular and sale price purchase of $Y or more. Sale(sic) items are given arbitrary category designations and those are excluded even though the prices are nothing special. Very misleading.
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By: Alen P.
Midway Party Store
absolutely the single WORST store experience in my life.. i was appalled at the words and threats .. literal threats on my life during what i want to be a peaceful store visit .. the man who turned out to be the owner (unreal this man runs anything much less a struggling liquor store that just sells sin and racism it feels like),, during my experience i was told that he would " kick my f**kin a$$" and "im gonna make u leave one way or another." "go the f**k back to NY with all the other JEWS" (i am not Jewish not that there is nothing wrong with the Jewish people i have multiple Jewish friends at school that found his very offensive. so i was extremely distraught at this man racist discrimination .i understand this man may be in his 50's but for it to be 2015 and to still be a racist in this day and age makes me sick and worst of all to even bring Sept 11 into the mix in such a derogatory way like he did i was disgusted and i hope anyone who cares about america, equality for all, and being able to go to the store without being discriminated against and threatened,stays away from this store because i know me and all my friends will be. there are to many place with great hardworking people that aren't racist and badmouth america the country that i love to spend my hard earned dollars on a bigot and someone who talks bad about Sept 11 ive met some horrible people in my life but this is above and beyond i am so sorry for the length of this but im so upset at the way ive been treated here i want to save people from have to deal with the same horrible situation. i will be posting the video of the altercation online for all to see im this day and age to say things like he said and to not realize that everything is recorded at all times it will be on my Google plus page instagram twitter Facebook yelp i will be contacting local papers and television and any other outlet that i can use to get the word out about this man who wouldn't give me his name after all this and hes the store owner . i asked him for his llc number and the name of the store owner today when i came to file a formal discrimination complaint on him for his action the few days prior and he refused and threatened me and thank god i had the camera because his tune changed instantly when i pulled the camera out.and i was calm the whole time and he was cursing at me and threatened me and then proceeded to call the police on me nd wasted tax dollars having the police who by the way the Livingston county sheriffs dept that came there where great guys honestly and they handled the situation in a reasonable way and for that i thank them but having them come and be like hey dude do us a favor and just leave so i did but i will not be silenced because this has to be addressed mabye its just my generation but we will not tolerate this kind of behavior from a old guy who cant change with the time and is amazingly rude and racist .like i said i will be looking for every format and website i can get to get the word out so please once again Do NOT SHOP HERE.!. . the unmitigated gall that he showed made it abundantly clear that he had no contempt for decency.
By: miguel555
Usa 2 Go
Absolutely worst experience ever. The car wash left little beads of wax or something all over my car. Took it back, they ran it through and still there...3 car washes later..STILL THERE! Stay away!
By: Jason H.
Lake Chemung Market
I disagree with both of the reviews given for this store as they are from the owners and employee's. Not only are they biased but untrue as well. If you want to pay the highest price for cigarettes in the state, then by all means shop at this store. Just about everything there is overpriced and they will not accept coupons of any kind. Not even the ones that come from items purchased at this store.
By: sitekm88
Lake Chemung Market
I cannot believe other negative reviews that were written about this store, and neither should you!! The Lake Landing store is better than its ever been!! Diana and Charlie Rencsak have put their blood sweat and tears into making that place the best in can be, and it shows. They are typically there from sun-up until sun-down every, and will always stay open just a little bit later than closing time just in case anyone comes in needing beer or groceries. The people that run this store are a few of the most polite, kind-hearted, generous people I know, and anyone who says otherwise is crazy. The quality of the products they sell is superior, the new custom shelving system is fantastic, and they have an awesome liquor selection. If anyone ever comes in asking for something they don't have, no matter how rare or obscure, it's usually on the shelf within a couple weeks. I encourage everyone in Howell to support this local business, as it is one of the only party stores left in our town that is run by decent, hard working Howell residents.
By: superfork
Lake Chemung Market
I have noticed recent changes taking place at the Lake Landing Market! THESE CHANGES ARE WONDERFUL! The Rencsak family is very welcoming and friendly and they ask for feedback on how to better the business to customer needs. Hence the liquor license that was acquired this year!!! I believe I am speaking for all of the locals, it's nice to be able to drive a short distance for a nice cold beer now that the weather is warming up! Being a local, I live just down the road and this party store was going to be sold either way, I feel the Rencsak family has done a wonderful job thus far and I look forward to seeing where the business goes! I have read the other reviews posted and feel they are INCORRECT!! I know this family and they are the furthest thing from the previous reviews stated. It is obvious the reviews posted were from locals that are not comfortable with the change yet.

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