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By: Bebe B.
Vintage Revival
I was accused of stealing from them just because I walked with a rain coat and a grocery bag from Ermas food store, the owner Harrassed me and made me open my trunk, threw himself inside my car, never apologized instead he cursed me it as I promised never to come back to heir hell hole where their crap is overrated, overpriced, smelly, moldy, stained crap. They are so racccist, I got all this abuse just because I was wearing my workout clothes and because I'm Latin..I can say the owners are a pair of uneducated, money starving idiots who misjudged people because they don't take the time to greet you and help you if they would they would of seen what I walked with, never took the time to acknowledge me inside the store, but they sure did to chased me outside the store, yelled at me, and humiliate me as he just Made himself comfortable in my car to inspect it ... don't waste your time here unless you like overpriced junky crap and mistreatment.
By: Antoinette J.
Consumer Mortgage Company
These people took Nisan Sentra custom made from me after missing one payment. The same day I received a check for 9000.00 dollars. Offerred to pay that payment and 3000.00 more to get my car back and show good faith. I had been late but never missed a payment. They declined, had my car stored in a lot on Hillcroft and highway 90. Allowed me to get my things out of the car. These people are modern day loan sharks, who want to sell the same car over and over to different people,get a new down payment and new payees. This is like a monopoly game where you sell the same pieces to different people. This makes the company prosper but the people suffer. I hope they reap what they sow. Please report them to the better business bureau this way we can help others.
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By: Afolabi B.
This fine and OK for people
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By: Sal.hsalazar@yahoo.com S.
I love Laredo Tacos! But I question the cleanliness. The server wears gloves but no hair net & she scratches her head, wipes her forehead & makes my taco. I refused it. The eating tables need wiping down, floors need sweeping. The Stripes parking lot is trashy with paper, cans & other garbage. The restroom stinks of urine & is dirty. I was afraid to touch anything.
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By: Thia L.
Royalwood Food Mart
I'm a regular to the store. They always have what I'm looking for and if they don't they order it for me. The staff is very polite and friendly.
By: Shelian D.
Consumer Mortgage Company
DO NOT I repeat DO not do business with these people. Very rude staff and total crooks. Paid on a 2010 Nissan Altima for 5 years at 471.00 a month. Payments never seemed to go down. 1 month past due they repoed the car saying I still owe 2800. On top of that I could not trade in or refinance. THEY do not Report to the credit bureau. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By: Na L.
Four Seasons Lounge
Spicy fish pot and Thai spicy hot pot are my favorites here. Also I cant resist the crawfish. Their crawfish is very clean and juicy. I usually go on Happy Hour special. its only $4.99/lb.
By: Shi B.
Mid-Atlantic Finance Co.
This company is horrible. They will hang up in your face not work with you and take your money. If you're smart don't ever do business with them they're horrible no values no morals nothing scam artist
By: Kim S.
Vivaa Technologies
Very bad Customer service, Don't waste your time or money!! will never deal with this company again!! Beware!!
By: Jon G.
Regional Finance
I had a loan for $2700. I paid it back on time and was always months a head of my scheduled payments. I never had a problem with these people. They do charge a lot of interest but that is because the people that get loans through these type of agencies have bad credit or no credit history so that is why you pay a lot of interest. This is why it is good to have good credit. If you have good credit then you would never need to get loan from these guys. The other complaints about them being mean is because you borrowed money from them and they want it back. I would be the same way. If you stopped paying me back I would be pissed. Make your fucking payments on time and you will never have a problem.

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