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By: Eniola K.
Med Fast Pediatric & Family Clinic
Very Good service, clean friendly environment. The doctor is great and very polite. I took my kids to get a checkup and i was very pleased with the service. I think this will be the new clinic my family and i will attend.
By: S M.
Airline Medical Clinic
Made an appointment a week ahead of time for my son to get a quick physical. The cost was stated over the phone, but if you needed shot's or bloodwork that would be xtra. This was Friday 8/11/2017. The wait time was about an hour with two ahead of us and one that came out. We are thinking we are seeing a Doctor, mind you. Finally get in and the FNP who never stated her name or that she was a Family Nurse Practitioner had the worst attitude immediately her bedside manner SUCKED. Interrupted, would not let us state history of patient fully etc. Son needed a refill on his levothyroxine and Ventolin HFA. She stated she would not loose her license by prescribing 90 days!!! That was fine. She questioned the use of the inhaler and son and I stated it was only for allergy season... she asked if he played any sports he said he TEACHES Karate... I put teaches in caps to show he is a teacher of it not all out working out with it..... She went off on that deal stating that sports would bring on Asthma and he needed to use the inhaler 15 min. prior etc. etc. Son and I tried to explain that he had been in Karate for 9 year's and only had to use the inhaler twice and it was during the heavy pollen times, the outdoor pollens and grasses are what led him to use the inhaler twice, not Karate. She did not get that.We had brought three forms that the school district required to fill out for him to carry that inhaler on him... she said she just could not fill them out at this visit.... too much reading to do on them and she could not give us a time when they would be filled out. Maybe Friday night, maybe the weekend... she just did not know. So we ask, would they be ready Monday? Again she could not be exact on when but probably. Mind you there is an area in the middle filled out by the Doctor, that I thought she was!! Well because I was heavy into questioning her and it pi**ed her completely off she walks off and slams the door.... it pop's slightly open and I am certain she only comes back in to do the exam as she heard my Son and I discussing what just took place in complete disbelief. So she waltz's back in worse attitude ready to do the exam.. I ask ok when are the papers going to be done for school so we can pick them up.. I ain't signing them she states, it will cost you more for me to fill them out. At that point I am DONE. I just put out money for the exam and all this BS went down we were there for 2 hours and leave with nothing??? She is like fine we will refund your $$.$$ They did, I expect to see it in my account by Monday. I have refund receipt in hand. I ask the girl behind the desk what that Doctor's name was and she circled the FNP.. Not even a doc at all. While waiting in the waiting room the smell of Mold got both Son and I as we are allergic to it. Started with the runny nose and coughing and slight wheeze. When we left we were fine.Heads up locals... stay away from this place. It is no good especially for your kids. Watch for son's review if he still does it. He is 16 and plans on being a Cardiovascular Surgeon. One good thing this taught him is how to be with a patient. This chick schooled him a real good lesson, guess we owe her some thanks for that. I did not give this place a star, the computer did. It is not even worth disappointing. We had a very short window to get this done before school so we thought with an appointment quick in and all done. Huge mistake, Bad, bad nightmare.We went to another Doctor, in the area after this crisis He not only gave my son the exam he needed. Filled out the school paperwork right in front of us, he also filled the needed prescriptions and allowed us to just walk in without an appointment as this day was the only day we could get this done, he did this all with a smile and socialized with my son at the same time and asked if we needed anything else. And his office visit was cheaper. All of this took under one hour.
user avatar
By: Jayme V.
Fairway Medical Clinic
First of all I had an appointment for 10:45, arrived at 10:15 and then Had to wait over an hour last my appointment time to be seen while a crackhead sat next to me muttering and they were taking walk ins before me even though I scheduled my appointment.I went into the doctor seeking help and he rushed me out of there did not help me at all, and cpulsnt even give me a decent referral 150 dollars later. I have since seen another doctor who actually listened, honored my appointment time and gave me be hell and care I deserved.I would never reccomend anyone with a real problem go there and this is not my first rodeo here every other time I've gone in feeling sick(about three times and I don't go to the doctor until I'm really really sick ever) he dismissed me saying I had a stomach bug or something. I've ended up in the hospital after a misdiagnosis from him before.They do not care at all about their patients they only want to line their pockets with the co-pays if you legitimately have a problem or legitimately feel sick other than routine check up I do not recommend that you go here or take your children here .
By: tracyenglet
Lice Ranger
Took my son to Lice Ranger today. His school sent him home with head lice. I made an appointment the same day and an hour later her was lice free. Thanks so much Lice Ranger!
By: Jerry S.
Meridian Care
It is a very terrible facility, has retarded consumers that are awful and weird people and has a rude boss that is gay as fuck, even raped a retarded kid, the transportation vans smell like piss and African boo boo, food made by niggers even has favoritism. However, they take advantage of disabled retards.
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By: Flore S.
Family Surehealth Clinic
Very Quick and Very affordable.I tell everyone about this clinic!My go to clinic for everything!!!
By: Enrique G.
Clinica Hispana
Pesimo, inventaron que ellos hacen el medicamento y no lo venden fuerathe worst, they told me that just they make that medicine and was not available at a drugstore, never gave it to me any information
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By: Temitope J.
Stedi Clinic
These guys are good at what they do!I didn't have to wait too long to see the provider.And their pricemail is very affordable.
By: G B.
Cullen Family Practice
I am a proud black woman so I try to make a conscience decision to support black owned businesses.... however, in this case, it has been by far the WORST decision I could have ever made. I have been in Houston for 7yrs and this is by far the most unprofessional facility my family and I have visited. I can't really even blame the staff , but they try their best but the issue stems from the head, the doctor. She is down right horrid! Here's an example... I brought my son in for a shot for school, there were only two people ahead of us however it took two complete hours to receive the vaccination. That was the 1st hiccup , but being that there staff is limited we were patient. The young lady that administered the shot promised she would fax the records over, however, when we arrived to his school the next day no one was about to locate the fax--- at the time , I wasn't sure if the young lady hadn't sent the fax or the school just hadn't located it-- so I call the office and apparently the calls are routed to the doctors PERSONAL cell phone when the office is closed .... you guys this lady would not even allow me to fully state my reason for calling or half way offer any concern for the situation, she very rudely cut me off, told me to call back at nine, and hung up in my face!!!!!!! I'm standing at my son's school in utter shock and embarrassment!!! I am a very understanding person and I try my best to never leave negative reviews but this was unacceptable and if I can save someone the hassle that's what I am to do in the review.... DON'T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME VISTING OR CALLING this facility unless you want the headache !!!!!!
By: E. G.
Nasa Health Clinic
I went in today to see the dr because I have a URI and I've been having a difficult breathing. The dr told me that they where gonna have to draw blood and I have a BIG FEAR of needles! I told the nurse (Candy) that was taking blood from me that I was really freaked out about needles and she was really sweet and did everything she could to keep me from thinking about her taking my blood, she talked to me and calmed me down and never lost eye contact with me and before I knew it she had already taken the blood from me and I didn't even feel when she poked me with the needle! I really appreciate how professional she was and it was really refreshing to actually have a nurse that seems as if she cared about her patients! ( Because I know I've been a patient there for a while and some of the past nurses that worked there where very rude and very unprofessional! So much so I was considering looking for a new clinic or Dr until I met Candy.... Y'all should give this girl a raise!)
Tips & Advices
This depends on the facility. Patients should call to find out if they'll need a referral from their physician prior to making an appointment.
Aside from hyperbaric oxygen treatment, most wound care centers offer:
  • Debridement: The removal of dead skin and tissue surrounding the wound. This can be done surgically, using a whirlpool bath, syringes, enzymes that dissolve the tissue, or wet dressings that dry on the wound and absorb the dead tissue.
  • Dressing: Wrapping the wound in a protective film, gauze, gel, or foam.
  • Compression stockings: Tight-fitted fabric sheaths that encourage blood flow.
  • Artificial skin: A covering that is applied to the wound for several days as it heals.
  • Ultrasound: The use of sound waves to promote healing.
  • Growth factor therapy: The use of materials naturally produced by the body to encourage quick cell growth.
  • Negative pressure therapy: Creating a vacuum around a wound to encourage faster blood flow to the area.
Depending on where the treatment is administered, hyperbaric oxygen treatment  can cost $100- $1,000. After insurance is applied, patients may have a copay of $10 -$50 or a coinsurance fee of 10 percent to 50 percent.
Most wounds should heal within two to six weeks. An individual should seek chronic wound treatment if a wound has not begun to heal after two weeks or is not completely healed after six.
Most health insurance plans cover wound care. Patients should check with the clinic and their health insurance provider before seeking treatment to be sure.

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