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By: Dj J.
Panzer, Allan J
Below is an email conversation between Dr. Allan Panzer and myself.Dear Dr. Panzer,I pleasurably give you my heart filled thanks for your "on the money" advise and recommendations concerning my decision of LASIK surgery. Obviously your plates full juggling Optometrist practice, expertise in court cases and various travel helping patient's in need.I feel quite honored and appreciative that a gentleman of such exquisite character scheduled time to provide professional but critical advise to me, someone you don't know and never met. Your actions and willingness to help sheds light on the true reason your a Physician, to help people, regardless of monetary gain or public gratitude.Taking your advise and armed with this email of your recommendations, enabled me to locate an Optometrist. His advise mimicked yours to a tee, he said, "with all of your previous issues, you should run not walk from any unnecessary surgery, including LASIK." Sound familiar? It should, you suggested the same, so, eyeglasses and contacts are my only option. Please understand the reason I contacted you, I have an advanced education but, my feeling of apprehension and unease were triggered when three Ophthalmologist assured LASIK was the answer. I truly don't want you to think I was a waste of your time.Doctor, your professionalism is astounding, your open arm policy is refreshing and your attitude is to the point. The Physicians oath you were required to take upon receiving your license to practice, I can honestly say, you walk the walk, not talk the talk. Thank you so much Doctor Panzer for everything. I guess there's no reason for me to call or schedule an appointment, your opinion was the key, I needed someone to trust, and that was you. We thank you again.Regards,S D JohnsonConsulting Editor
By: mca800
Ok went to this place for the first time, mainly because it is a network provider for my insurance and second because it close by.I had my eye exam (got very good service at eye doctor next door, no problems there) well I took my prescription to visionworks. I ordered 6 months of contacts because I planned to get the other 6 months online, had to purchase some at this place in order for my insurance to cover eye exam. The price was ridicoulous and I ended up paying alot more than I expected. well I never received a call telling me they were in, so I went down 10 days later to check on them. When I got them, they were not what I expected. I received 3 boxes, 2 for one eye, and 1 box for the other, very odd, and they were larger boxes, thus the reason for the almost a hundred dollar a box price. And best of all, the one box I got for one eye was the wrong prescription by -100, was supposed to be -250, but I received -350. Not sure what to do since returning the one box that was wrong would probably mess up my insurance or confuse them even more (There were 3 people standing around doing nothing when I got them ), so i'm just going to use the two boxes for both eyes and donate the wrong box.Next year I will be going back to my original optical, Sears
By: Lynn E.
Texas Eye Center
I took my whole family here to have our annual eye exams done and I am beyond impressed! Dr. Moses also did high tech testing on me in particular and until then I had no idea Im in a danger zone for glaucoma. No eye doctor has ever offered me this service before. Also, I was very impressed with the vast variety of frames he has for eyeglasses. My children were able to pick their own personal style and werent forced to chose between 2 or 3 choices. I also loved how patient and professional his staff was. It took me about 30 minutes to get my contact lense in and they were very patient and offered me different tips and tricks to get it right. I will only come to see Dr. Moses at Texas Eye Center and bring my family along as well. Dr. Moses is very thorough, and listens and explains every detail of the exam. Great customer service, variety of designer frames, and excellent staff!!!!!
By: Karen P.
Custom Eyes
I just had the best exam of my entire life! Custom Eyes Memorial is my new go to place for glasses and contacts. The lady in the front, Grace, was so sweet and worked me up super quick. The doctor was SO thorough and attentive. I saw Dr. May, my husband came on Friday and saw Dr. Patel. I brought my son in on Wednesday and he saw Dr. Damani. These 3 partners are amazing. I have Diabetes and Dr. May went into detail on how my condition affects the inside of my eye. She also sent a summary letter to my primary care doctor. That's what I call going the extra mile. Aimee, the optician, was so pleasant and not pushy at all. She helped style me in frames that were perfect for my face. I can't tell you how special everyone in this office made me feel. I will be back!
By: bamagirl24
Texas Eye Center
I have been a patient of Dr. Moses for quite a few years. His new office is GREAT!!! The staff makes you feel at home. I would definately recommend anyone i know who needs eye care to him.And for the guy below TECHNICALLY YOU'RE supposed to know the details about YOUR insurance. If you know you have a high deductible then you should know you have to meet that deductible REGARDLESS before your insurance pays for ANYTHING! Your co-pay kicks in once your deductible has been met! It's your job to always double check anyway i've had my fair share of insurance providing incorrect information at times. I think you're just mad at yourself buddy!
By: Jim L.
Berkeley Eye Center-Memorial
Fantastic! I had gone to Dr Reid (Berkeley on FM 1960) for approx. 40 years. However, I no longer live close to him and decided to try a new doctor close to home. I could not be happier. Dr Groff and her staff, specifically Harriet and Katie, were more than helpful and professional. After wearing contacts for about 35 years I decided to try the “multi-focal” version, with a pretty strong prescription. These, for me, were a little confusing and a bit of trial and error for the right prescription. My prescription is strong and had to be ordered. Everyone was extremely helpful and patient—I genuinely appreciate it!
By: Chrystal L.
Berkeley Eye Center-Memorial
Today was my first eye exam appointment at Berkeley Eye Center-Memorial with Dr. Bertrand to address the need for computer glasses. Dr. Bertrand provided the right lens option for my computer glasses. The entire staff are professional, friendly, timely and patient! Kim and Patrick in the Eye glass side were instrumental in my decision to purchase computer glasses today! They are both knowledgeable and friendly making what prior to Berkeley Eye Center a daunting experience searching for the perfect pair of eyeglasses a FUN experience! Can't wait until my glasses come in! Thank you!!!
By: Teresa H.
Berkeley Eye Center at The Shops Downtown
5 Stars!! Dr. Hollas took his time and explained everything to me and even showed my the internals of my eyes on the new digital readings.. so I highly recommend using the new "no dilation" equipment. Dr. Hollas seems to be an expert on aging eyes and explains what to expect as I get "up in years". The ladies at the front desk are always very friendly and helpful - they work as a team and are very professional.. can't wait to go back to pick up my new progressive eyeglasses! and, hopefully new sunglasses!! Thank you all!
By: April S.
Berkeley Eye Center-Memorial
I have been going to the Memorial City office for over 10 years, and I've gotta say that its the best experience every time. The doctors and staff are always so friendly and understanding. Never have I been disappointed with a visit there. Wait time is never an issue. They get you in and out fairly quickly, while making sure to take care of every concern you may have. Always pleased and amazed by how great this office works. Thanks to everyone at Berkeley Eye Center in Memorial City for always being so wonderful!!!
By: James K.
Berkeley Eye Center-Memorial
My previous visit was about 4 years prior. The safety/reading glasses served me well and were showing signs of wear. On my current visit, Dr. Groff was thorough and well mannered examining my vision needs. This time I requested one set with transition features and a set of sunglasses with similar options for driving and outdoor recreational use. They have made it enjoyable once more and I can see details that I didn't realize I had been missing. Thanks to Holli and Bonnie and the staff
Tips & Advices
To find a professional that fits your needs and wants, look for an optometrist with the proper licensing and compliance with state-specific legalities as well as these qualities: attentiveness, ability to listen, ethics, compassion, ability to communicate effectively and willingness to spend time with patients.
Vision, like dental, is often an additional voluntary cost for employers who provide health care coverage. As a result, it may not be included in basic company-sponsored insurance. Those who do have access to this type of coverage - or Medicare - often only pay for a portion of their eye exam services.
The cost of an appointment with an optometrist varies based on the services required. While a typical eye exam can range from $50 to $250, depending on location. If if glasses or contact lenses are prescribed, or tests are needed, the overall expense of an optometrist visit can increase.
The American Optometric Association recommended that patients have their first eye exam at six months of age, followed by another at 3 years old, and again at school age. At that point, Regular annual exams are recommended.
Ophthalmologists are eye doctors that have received higher levels of training than both opticians and optometrists, and can also perform eye surgery when necessary. Opticians design and fit eyeglasses, frames, and lenses that are prescribed by optometrists and ophthalmologists. They do not perform vision tests or write prescriptions for visual aids. Optometrists fall between ophthalmologists and opticians. Optometrists can detect and treat eye abnormalities, prescribe lenses, and complete eye exams, but cannot perform eye surgery.

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