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By: Steven P.
APM Electronics
My experience with APM Electronics, was great. Even reading the reviews, I took a chance. We as people always have something to say when it doesn’t go our way. I work at Wal-Mart and I know how hard customer service can be. With that said; here is my review. Amazed how clean this shop is, for a repair shop. The people very nice and professional. They did let me know what their service fee is up front & more less how long it would take to look at my receiver. 2 days was not bad at all. I asked about their fee. They said part of that fee would go towards my balance. I didn’t read that information on the reviews. Here is the following I didn’t read on the reviews. They will try to fix part before ordering a part, If needed to order part….. they would search with manufacture first. If not possible they would try other places and their suppliers. Because my unit is a more than a few years old, there might be a possibility that they wouldn’t be able to repair only because the part is not available. They will try by all means to repair it……. So it was my decision to once again to take that chance. I felt comfortable with the information given and the people working in that facility. I told they have been in this same location for over 20 years. That to me, has a lot to say for a company. Long story short. It took 2 months before they gave me the good news. I was also told to call them, because they are trying to turn equipment back to customers on a timely manner, and due to that, they would greatly appreciated if I called them every day if it made me feel better. I am a happy camper. I have my receiver back with the sound that no other would produce. Thank you APM ELECTRONICS, I hope this will help all review readers out there. No one is perfect!
By: rezawebster
Cyberonics Inc
I work there in quality engineering. A few things you need to know if considering to work there. The fellow running operations is extremely micromanager. If they offer you relocation, they will ask you, after you accept the offer- smart !, to sign a contract that if you quit sooner than 24 months, you have to repay them and/or they can take it out of your last paycheck (or may be 401K). I was hired for a position that the guy before in the position was let go due to poor performance after 10 years of service. There was another engineer who was let go for the same reason after 1.5 years of service; all of them in quality. They also load you up with all kinds of work; they are not into work being commensurate with your professional level; for them so long as they meet the productivity number, they have no other concern. I have been averaging 12 hours a day. The guy says since i am high level, have to work more (to justify my wage!). I thought slavery ended centuries ago but obviously not in Texas yet. My advise is that rather than relocation package, try to negotiate a nonrefundable sign on bonus as the enviornment in here is very risky. If you really need a job, go for it; otherwise explore other jobs first. Good luck.
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By: T W.
It took 3 times for this person to get our satellite installation right. He really has no business installing anything in anyone's home. It was as if he had never done this before. What kind of training do these guys get? He couldn't figure it out until a supervisor from another satellite installer came over & helped him. In the over 20 years that I have been having satellites, cables, security systems, Internet, etc installed in different homes I have never had this kind of incompetent service. All he could do was make excuses & tell us what he couldn't do. 3 days of work were missed & damage was done to our roof, patio cover & an inside outlet. So much so that we had to file a damage claim. Really unbelievable. But he did show up on time so I'll give him that. Although it took 5 days for them to come back & repair their mistake & I had to call Directv 3 times to get them to reschedule it because Multiband never returned my calls.
By: Gwen B.
Houston TX High Speed Internet Cable TV Bundle Providers
I had Houston TX high speed internet cable tv service for several years. I was extremely pleased with their bundle service the entire time we were with them. Their connection was consistently stable 24/7. I never had an issue. The cost was comparable to other services, as well. And, the connection speed was great. My only regret is that, when we recently moved, we moved outside their service area. I miss being with them, and I highly recommend them.
By: Sid J.
Houston TX High Speed Internet Cable TV Bundle Providers
So many great channels at a low price. This is a great cable service and it's awesome great channels and everything for one low price. They are always helpful at answering your questions right away. Very well and good indeed. I appreciate their customer service. They are wonderful.
By: Dawn S.
Houston TX High Speed Internet Cable TV Bundle Providers
Awesome experience! quick easy and no hassle and good customer service. If you have to deal with the Cable company, definitely do it through this location.Thumbs up.
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By: Emily H.
Cool Care
Chris was very prompt and took care of my AC problem that day! Great company! Will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs AC work.
By: Alice D.
Houston TX High Speed Internet Cable TV Bundle Providers
The service is great and the team is fantastic! I'd like to express my satisfaction. Very satisfied with the service received. Thank you!
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By: Farrell T.
APM Electronics
Fixed a problem with a pioneer radio. Fast and polite service.It was covered under warranty also.,.....................................
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By: Mariela E.
Unlimited Power Concepts
Great automation system company... The people are very friendly, they always help me out with any question i have about the system.

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