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By: Tammy S.
Burnett Staffing Specialists
Burnett Specialists at Greenway Plaza is the place you want to register! I interviewed in February 2014 with Susan Stone. I went on several interviews from March to May. I will never forget the call on May 6, 2014. Michelle Waldron, Operations manager called and this is how the conversation went. "Good morning Tammy! Are you ready to start your new Career tomorrow?" I said, "Good morning and really - where?" Michelle began to tell me about the Company I'd begin my assignment with. I said, "Wait - I need to interview." She says, "No, they have chosen your Resume - are you ready to start your new Career?" I was so excited, yet so nervous as I'd never started an assigment prior to interviewing. I hung up the phone with Michelle with such confidence and happiness! Michelle assured me everything would be just fine and the Company would love me. I'm here to tell you after a 5 1/2 month assigment, I received my offer letter and my "NEW Career" has begun! I'm so blessed and thankful for this incredible opportunity and for EVERYTHING Susan Stone, Michelle Waldron and Lindsay Loveland has done for me during this incredible journey!! If you want an incredible future - trust Burnett Specialists!! Thank you Burnett Specialists, Susan Stone, Michelle Waldron and Lindsay Loveland - YOU are AWESOME!!
By: ms.s.l.stafford
Hubbard Mendoza Income Tax Service
After going through the same failed and not to mention costly affect every year of trying to' fix it" on my own or get it fixed, I had to finally take the advice of my cousin (and Glad I did) to join the Hubbard Mendoza team, and I must admit I've never been More! pleased with such a personal part of my life. The kindness, warmth, knowledge, professionalism, & not to mention the one on one attention that catered and tailored to my needs was something that was very outstanding. The rate of service you recieve from the staff there is just impeccable. I not only got through this year tax season but was counseled on prior tax statements and issues and got them resolved. The rates are great! and everything is straight forward. I like it when I can ask questions and get answers.... Who wouldn't.? The team is just Honest andTtrue to what they do and love..... I thank you Mrs. Mendoza you changed my life for the better , because we all know that when your finances are in a shamble your life is too a lot of what we do is all about the money......I'm on board The Hubbard Mendoza Team!!
By: Samantha A.
Burnett Staffing Specialists
I signed on with Burnett’s Downtown (now Greenway) office in the Fall of 2011. There have been very few weeks since then I have not had assignments – sometimes because I have other plans at that time. It was easy to gain a great rapport with my Staffing Manager – I think that is key in getting work. Interview well, perform well and keep a positive attitude and the work will come! I have developed relationships with several clients that now request me for a few days or even a few weeks. I’m still assigned to new ones as well. Burnett is the top provider for convention work in Greater Houston. I am excited to be on the team that serves the sponsoring convention organizations with registration, administrative assistants and other jobs they need done on a temporary bases while they are in our town. I have several friends that have used them for Temp-to-Hire placements and are extremely happy with their jobs. Burnett has been good to me and I have not looked to another temp company for work.
By: Reginald W.
Burnett Staffing Specialists
Burnett Staffing is definitely a wonderful staffing agency to be working for in Houston. I've been apart of the staffing agency for some years, and I've always been treated with respect and honesty. I've been introduced to Michelle Waldron for sometime now, and I have been feeling honored to be networking with her ever since the first day I met her. She is such an awesome person and she is very outgoing when it comes to meeting my needs of finding employment. She has never let me down and has always been professionally honest with me when the job market isn't working out so well. She is very great with responding to emails and returning calls. She has located me a lot of jobs and over the years, and I would like to thank her for her continuos hard work and effort that she display for Burnette Staffing and every other individual that she has assigned to her. She has worked wonders for me and my family. She is definitely someone to keep around.
By: Carol A.
Burnett Specialists
Burnett Staffing knows how to get the job done. I called on a Wednesday, I met my recruiting specialist on Friday, on Monday I was scheduled for my first interview. Jennifer, my recruiter and I hit it the moment we met. She was friendly, funny and got to work immediately. While I was driving home from my first interview she called me and told me about another position, on Tuesday I had another interview, then another one on Wednesday. In making a long story short I now have a full-time job. I would recommend anyone to call Burnett Staffing for their employment needs. Whether part-time or full-time, they get the job done. The staff is professional, pleasant, and interested in your needs. Jennifer promised that she would not stop until she got me a job, and of course she did. I now work for a gas and oil tool inspection company and I love it.Carol Alfred
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By: Erika C.
Burnett Staffing Specialists
When I interviewed for Burnett Specialists at the end of 2013 I was recently unemployed and in need of work. Everyone I came in contact with at the office was very helpful and understanding. They immediately set me up on convention work and always shared any available positions with me to see if I was interested. In my year with them I was treated with nothing but respect and they provided me consistent opportunities for work. Their enthusiasm for finding me a full-time permanent position was very encouraging. Even though you know that they are coordinating opportunities for many other people, it always felt like they were personally looking out for you and invested in your success. Their professionalism does not take away from their approachability. Working with Burnett Specialists was a very good experience and I highly recommend them to anyone willing to work.
By: Keziah M.
Burnett Staffing Specialists
When I went in for my initial interview I was stressed, nervous and in need of immediate placement as my unemployment had abruptly ran out. I was treated with kindness and given AWESOME advice. I kept in contact with my interviewer and it was obvious that she was genuinely working to find a good position for me. I had the privilege of being placed at Rice University by Michelle Waldron, not even, two weeks after my initial interview. I was at Rice, only a short time, when I was offered a full time Position elsewhere. However, my experience there was enjoyable! My take on Burnett is: Out of all of the agencies out there that pretend to have you in mind Burnett actually does and they proved it and came through for me. Pleasant staff and pleasant clients. If I ever find myself in need of a position again they will be my first stop! Thank you Michelle! Keziah M-D
By: Ginger S.
Burnett Specialists
This is the best staffing agency I’ve ever worked for. First of all, they are really nice (Nancy, Patti & Patsy) and care about you, the employee. They always have the best jobs and have connections with many exclusive companies. They’ve been around for a long time and can afford not to deal with bad companies and they’re not going to send you to one. They go out of their way to prepare you for your interview. For instance, if you need help revising your resume or some inside tip about the potential employer you’re about to interview with. I believe they also have software training. You can tell they all love their job and if you choose to try any staffing agency in Houston, go with Burnett. They are not a waste of your time. I work with the one on 290 and Hollister, but they are all over Houston.
By: wynona.jacobs
Hubbard Mendoza Income Tax Service
Deborah has handled our income tax preparation for the past 12 years and has been the sound advise and relevant informant for my business and home. My husband and I have nothing but pleasant expressions to say about the quality of work and the time put into getting the thorough and accurate results with our income taxes. Deborah would go out of her way to ensure the information she would convey was to our understanding and give us helpful tips to make keeping our records in a more organized fashion. We are pleased with the work of Hubbard Mendoza Income Tax Services and will continue to use their services in the future. We have referred family and friends to have a company that does more than just conduct business, Deborah and her company cares about their customers.
By: afremin713
Burnett Staffing Specialists
The staff at Burnett, firstly, were the most approachable yet professional team of people I have worked with so far. I knew right when I walked in that if I was professional and focused on working with then, they felt the same way. Working with some of the finest companies in the industries, Burnett is extremely well known and have a great reputation, I had many interviews with absolutely beautiful companies. Now employed with a great team, I must say I would love to thank Burnett for all they have done for me: including putting together my now exquisite résumé and steering me only in the right direction. I have recommended Burnett to my closest friends and also would recommend them to anyone. Beyond thankful and excited for our future working together.

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