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By: Elizabeth R.
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
THE DEALER IS NOT GOD ------ THEY LIED TO MESo I have a 2010 Chevy Malibu with 156,000 miles on it, I bought this car 2 months ago from a private seller (previously it was a company car used for commuting; all highway miles) the other day I was driving and noticed it started shifting harder into the other gears, so of course I initially took it to Haik Chevrolet to have it checked out, (on the way there it wouldn't even shift out of first gear) so I dropped it off and they said they would look at it and get back to meTHREE weekdays later I CALLED to see what they had found out, well...ALL they did was plug their diagnostic computer in it to see what codes would pop up to tell them what was wrong with it and (ended up charging me $50.00 for this) They said a transmission code popped up and that "it's not what I probably want to hear" but my car would require a new transmission and quoted me $3,800.00 for a new one.... soI had my boyfriend go to Chevy with HIS diagnostic computer to plug it in and see which codes we would get, of course we got a transmission code and also a speed sensor code (in which Chevy didn't tell us about) I wrote them down myself.When I talked with the front desk at Chevy they said they parked the car in the back and was ABOUT to call me and ask if I would like to have one of their transmission specialist drop the transmission pan and drain the transmission fluid to see if there were metal shavings in it; indicating a failed transmission...which would be an additional charge, I told them no thank you, not right away and went home to begin searching for legit transmission shops around townI called lot of transmission shops in Houston and only felt good about one AAMCO TRANSMISSIONS and saw all the great reviews and also saw that they offered the best warranty around town and even offered a $100.00 dollars off coupon on transmission repair (just in case I needed one) which I thought was a great incentive.I spoke with Art, who was very professional and informative right off the bat, he gave me more details about my car over the phone within 5 minutes than Chevy did within three days. So I immediately had my car towed from Haik Chevrolet over to AAMCO TransmissionsWhen I got there I showed Art which codes my boyfriend and I had received on his computer...and explained to Art exactly how my car was running. Art told me quickly that it sounded like it might the speed sensor rather than the transmission but would let me know for sure once he was able to look under the hood. When I received a call back from Art regarding the diagnosis he told me that the speed sensor had become UNPLUGGED. Also, that it needed an oil change and a transmission flush which Art and staff had offered in which I had happily done for my car.I was amazed to think that my car was sitting at Chevy for three days and they didn't even look under the hood, and had already quoted me a cost for a brand new transmission. Art had told me that the speed sensor wasn't something hard to find if they had just looked behind the motorI am so very tankful that I called around and fount Art at AAMCO Transmissions and that I was well taken care of. I am also very thankful for the great and honest service that I received and have already recommended AAMCO Transmissions to multiple friends, family and coworkers.There is no doubt in my mind that you will also be well taken care of if you chose to take your car over to Art. It's definitely my #1 place now that I will take my car to if it acts up again. Thank you AAMCO Transmissions for helping me and my car and treating me with real honesty and respect.You truly are a very professional company...and I will continue referring you to others.
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By: Tiffany J.
My Mobile Mechanic
They don't deserve that this was the worse place ever you all were right I only wish I had read the reviews first. I too saw an ad on Craig's Lost I spoke with Anthony Gee whomever that maybe I never met him the shop is reference in different names I called like 100 times after they picked up my son's 2002 impala that was having some electrical issue from removing the factory radio and installing a pioneer radio of course the shop that installed it didn't want to take the blame. So I reached out to Craig's List and this guy played holyier than thou and talked about how he goes to Joel Osteen church and how the Mexican that installed the radio needed to be deported and he was going to work me out a deal. He would tow it and diagnosis it for free and the most of my repair would cost me was 300.00.He lied that has now become 787.00 and as I type this I'm at this shop with the Harris County Sherrif Dept.Lewis whom I had to call because he put me out the shop told me it was closed doing there normal businesclosedMl l which I'm sure he was taking and removing some parts while the door was closed. Then I had to pay 250.00 to get my car which was highway robbery.I will be talk taking the court with every breath in my body this was and is a nightmare please beware.TJ
By: Brennen F.
Super Premium Transmission
My honda odyssey transmission threw a P0740 or as i called it the odyssey transmission code of death.i have known or better yet been bothering the owner of wilson imports for around 10yrs maybe longer.From my rx7 to my civic steve has always offered his knowledge and honesty without the sugar coating of a salesman. So when the trans code showed i knew exactly who i was going to.what i didn't know was wilson imports teamed up with super premium transmission.I knew steve wouldn't recommend someone he wasn't confident in, Jim and i discussed the issues with my transmission and started talking about the repair.If you own or have ever researched honda odyssey issues i bet they are transmission related.Jims knowledge was amazing not only on the problems with these transmissions but the solutions that are effective in preventing issues from occurring.I gave jim the green light and not only were the repairs finished fast but i know my wife won't be broke down on the side of the road.thanks jim
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By: Marissa F.
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
Everybody hates going to a car repair facility, and I am no different, I saw AAMCO offering a 10 year warranty so we took out Chevy truck in for transmission repair. No 3re gear and revving high not a good thing and we knew we would need a transmission. I called around for my husband he doesn't speak English so well and spoke with Art. Art was helpful and helped me understand that not all transmission shops are alike and I agree as I called around Art really seamed to know his stuff while he would not give me a firm price he gave me the confidence that AAMCO was the right place to get my transmission repaired in Houston. We were in and out in 2 days getting my husband back on the road making money for the family. I appreciate that Art got one oh his mechanics to speak Spanish to my husband and helped him to understand too why AAMCO was the best. Thanks Art and crew we will be back for other services on our cars too. Glad to know you offer tune ups and brakes and the like.
By: legsnobles
Bemer Preventive Maintenance
This has been a truly, remarkable adventure. While on vacation, my husband and I, in our travels to Louisiana for our granddaugher's birthday. Well, not so fast and wouldn't you know it, car trouble. We were between Timpson, TX and Tenaha, TX. We called Julian, late and on a Saturday, he answered the phone. We desperately explained the issues with our X5. The weather conditions were less than par with relentless rain. The clock continued to race forward. We followed Julian's instructions and the car started. Julian asked us to drive the truck back towards the wrecker, or as far (as we felt comfortable). God is good! We made it to Lufkin, TX where we met Dave, to our surprise with Dave was another vehicle. With the interchange now complete. We continued on our vacation and made the birthday party on time.If you haven't heard or seen, Superman lately, he's at 9201 Richmond Avenue and just ask for him by name Julian.Renee and Terry09/28/12
By: Brian T.
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
"Let me start by saying that there are not enough kind words to describe this transmission shop and the employees-- in particular, Art. I needed to have my transmission replaced, (in addition to other work) on my Toyota 4Runner. They proved to be a very honest, reliable and a most gracious place of business!!! Their work was top notch! All repairs were explained to me in detail and I appreciated that effort. They went above and beyond any expectation I could have possibly imagined in workmanship and business ethics. I can never thank this business enough--and as odd as it may sound, it was a pleasure doing business with them! These are not words you hear enough when it comes to auto repair shops, right??? I highly recommend AAMCO Transmissions and Auto Repair and if it were possible, I'd give them 10+ stars. Thanks Art! Thank you so very much."
By: Jermaine S.
Midtown Transmission
I been going to this business for over past year for minor work and they were good. July 2016 I had my timing belt kit replaced at midtown transmission and 7 months later my car stopped on me in the middle of the freeway in dallas. I had car taken to certified mechanic in dallas and he said the pully on my timing belt went out and broke one of the sensors in the engine. He said who ever installed my Timimg belt did a bad job which caused other issues for my car. I called midtown back and of course the denied everything. The guy in dallas gave me picks of my shredded belt and parts the screwed up on. I had to pay $700 again less than a year to have same job completed twice. Stay away from midtown transmission in houston.
By: Sean P.
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
Really Great Service,Price and Warranty best Repair Shop I've been to. Art was to work with. Honest, straight forward and fair prices.It seems that the most tentative location to visit is any auto repair shop. I had some bad experiences in the past and have been ripped off its not a pleasant feeling, but AAMCO Transmission has been really great with communicating exactly what was wrong with my ACURA and only doing work that was approved beforehand.I don't really want the broken parts but they set them out for me to see, and after explanation I got a better Idea of what happened. AAMCO Transmission was great and I am happy I found them. • • •
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By: sdavis456
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
Excellent Customer Service. No pushing about additional services, but they let you know everything they can do to improve the condition of your vehicle. They really know what they are doing. Being an ex-mechanic, I have left many shops because they tried to tell me stuff I knew wasn't true. Not this place. They are straight shooters. Took care of my problem in a jiffy. I will be coming back for more service in the future. This is one of those good places. Very rare now days. See store manager Larry Kirby. He's the best!!!! I highly recommend this shop to anybody looking for honest and dependable service.
By: Carmen E.
Universal Transmission & Auto Repair Westpark
Last month, my car wasnt working right and I needed to take it to a shop, I had one of Universal Transmission flyers so I called to check on the prices and timing, the manager was really nice and he took his time to explained what it could be and he also got my car towed for free and they did the diagnostic for free. When they found out that it was my transmission was bad, the manager gave me a good price and also a warranty! The mechanics and the manager were very professionals and very respectful GREAT SERVICE. I highly recommend this shop!

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